Interior of the living room in a private house - 50 photos

Living room in a country house

Responsible process - arrangement of the main room in the house, because the multifunctional load should not interfere with originality and correlate with the general view of the structure and site. In the modern world, the concept of luxury design includes its own perfection for a particular owner, the opportunity to create a comfortable living room interior in a private house that corresponds to a lifestyle. It can be different, simple or defiant, rude or elegant, elegant or brutal, but making it memorable is not so difficult. Look for inspiration can be among the photos, at the same time acquainted with the most famous solutions and the latest innovations.

  • Modern. Contrasting combinations of natural tones, like soft cream and chocolate, perhaps monochrome. Black-and-white variants use an accent wall. Glass, shiny surfaces, designer modern furniture enhance the effect.

Hall in a modern style

  • Loft. Unplastered walls, wooden ceiling beams, emphasized industriality are adapted by designers for maximum comfort from the feeling of a private house. Interesting are wall panels with an unusual relief for bricks or clinker of unusual colors for the accent wall.

Combination of bricks and wood

Many of these styles allow making art objects not only furniture, but also hobbies, hobbies of owners: collections from travels, books, car models, non-standard prints, gallery light. But they are not able to bring so much warmth into the interior of the country house lounge, how many styles that were born not in the urban period.

Brick wall in the interior of the living room

Made for each other

There are interior solutions that will use the entire space of the house and around it for a single whole. Muted shades of nature, clean lines, eco-friendly materials create such different, as can be seen from the photo, but natural styles:

  • Scandinavian. Something close and understandable, simple and concise interior diluted with bright accents on an extremely bright background. Enjoy the view of the large windows that let in a lot of light. All used finishing materials, contribute to harmony, special purity.

Living room in Scandinavian style

  • Country. The degree of integration does not know the limits. It can only be a hint: the facing of the fireplace, or the ceiling rough beams, the finishing of the wall surfaces with boards. Alternating wood of different breeds and tones brings comfort. Strengthens the decor in the form of expressive chandeliers, metal objects, leather furniture, masonry.
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Style кантри в интерьере

  • Rustic. Some private houses are simply created for use in the interior of the living room of the main characteristic elements - log walls, beams. Simple shelving, wooden chests, open shelves from boards, interesting accessories from stumps and twigs - will enhance the effect.

Style рустик в интерьере гостиной

Classics - different and fashionable

The ability to perform the interior of the living room in such a time-tested, but from this no less relevant direction, than ever in a private house, rather than a standard apartment. Modern materials and a more moderate, although recognizable decor, adapted to the actual needs of furnishing, somewhat facilitated classicism. Adding innovative items no longer seems out of place. It is an ideal choice of connoisseurs of the past, but not ready to give up the achievements of the present.

Classic interior of the living room in a private house

Called neoclassic, the style is recognized in the furnishings, decor, features:

  • massive sofas with chic upholstery;
  • chairs with "ears";
  • luxurious chandeliers;
  • stucco stains are dosed;
  • arches, columns, gradation;
  • mirrors;
  • moldings, sometimes contrasted.

Living room with fireplace

But all this classic splendor looks especially good when the living room in a private house is deservedly considered to be great:

  • spacious from 30-36 square meters. m;
  • height of ceilings from 3 m;
  • has large windows, preferably high.

Large windows in the living room

The correct light range with good lighting adds space. This does not work in the opposite direction: too modest volumes of the hall are not welcome.

The cozy interior of the living room with sofas

Only color can add softness, subtlety: a palette of warm, natural shades. Among them, designers have recently identified a combination of light and gray-brown, olive. The introduction of accents in the general background such as purple, dark blue, purple, gold, silver, wine, turquoise should be moderate and limited to 2-3 combined tones.

Light colors in the finish

Textiles, upholstery, curtains - everything is precisely verified and can produce a stunning effect. Wall decoration is preferable to a combination of plaster, wallpapers, which are also capable of expressiveness - lincrust, murals. Strict lines of the floor and ceiling, their expressiveness, will emphasize the splendor of the main room.

Curtains in the interior of the hall

StyleIncreased spaceFull fusion with the exteriorStandard color saturation

Organically inscribed in the interior fireplace

The magic of wooden

The tree in the interior of any country house will always be in place: it is used for premises of any size, influencing color on perception.

Wood Wall Decoration

Can be different:

  • A few ancient designs in the form of carved rails, beams, bars, furnishings will give comfort, warmth in any weather.
  • But modern styles also widely use wood - bleached for chic and elegance. The living room of a light tree will always look festive. Modern furniture and novelties in lighting solutions will allow the interior to become memorable.
  • Designers like expressive ideas - do not be afraid to add stone, glass, metal, so that at the confluence of contrasts, emphasize the influence and picturesqueness of the main room.
  • The tree is able to set the geometry of the entire space and not allow the surfaces to look monotonous.
  • Wooden accessories will enhance expression without conflict. For example, an impressive shelf for the TV-zone living room in the form of a beam is perfectly in harmony with the wooden surface of the lining.
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Wooden beams on the ceiling

Wood is an eco-friendly material, the most conceptual for a private house as an opportunity to merge with nature. It is perfectly permissible to use imitations, partial (like replacing a parquet on a laminate) or full (linoleum). But then do not get important characteristics that some owners will appreciate - the opportunity to enjoy the special texture of the tree, its smell and the feeling that the house is as environmentally friendly as possible. This feeling is not possible to experience in an apartment.

Massive beams


Fireplace in the living room of the house - not only for comfort, heating, it is also a certain indicator of the interior's modesty, its decoration. It becomes a central reference point: near it is a soft zone in the form of a G or P-configuration. Then the TV zone does not attract attention, hiding behind special screens.

Fireplace-fireplace in the center of the room

Fireplaces for the interiors of living rooms, close to the classics or retro, look significant, noticeable elements. Help:

  • all kinds of portals;
  • products from ceramics, porcelain on it and next;
  • a large mirror in a beautiful baguette;
  • lepenka and oblivovka.

Fireplace with chamfered pipe

Or the fireplace modestly merges with the wall: one chair is located, making this place a private corner. Wood burning fireplace can not be allowed in the apartment - this is a definite plus. The original island fireplaces look stylish, but the design implies a large living room in the house.

Fireplace as accent in the living room

Closed types of fireplaces or even electrical versions can help to avoid some problems when installing and decorating the fireplace zone, because many species imply inclusion in the project at the construction stage.

Living room in a private house with stairs

Significant influence in this zone is concentrated on the drovnitse, accompanying accessories, wrought iron grating. For rural, authentic style, the presence of characteristic signs of the home - wooden beams, natural stone for the fireplace zone is desirable.

Living room with exposed beams on the ceiling and a fireplace

Comfortable to live you will not forbid

When the rhythm of life is high, the design of the living room in the house must necessarily help restore the balance of power, emotional and physical. Nothing is capable of giving an opportunity to rest as the last pieces of furniture.

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Modern furniture set for the living room

International annual exhibitions, fresh photos of design projects suggest replacing the standard favorite chair for an advanced version:

  • Chaise lounge - suggest a modern laconic style. Anatomical forms - in special respect.
  • Armchair with footrest - adapted variation. With wood, leather upholstery, suede - for a special New York style.
  • Large floor cushions are a recognizable symbol free from the conventions of design, a bright noticeable accent for owners who feel young and active.

Interior with bright colors

The location of soft surfaces should not interfere with communication - sofas, armchairs are not placed on the walls, and they use the center of the living room at its impressive size.

U-shaped sofa

Furniture groups have long ceased to look like a template in new collections. More and more consumers appreciate the modularity or rounded shape of a large sofa to enjoy conversations and watching a home theater. If the area allows, it is permissible to single out the lounge zone with an open layout, using the podium and special finishing of nubuck, fur, carpet.

Sofa with a low back

Final touches

Sometimes the iconic objects of decoration, interesting objects are able to give a little more general impression of the result.

Living room with dining room

Interesting solutions and trends:

  • Shutters - for different styles. With swivel slats like shutters - the most functional (by the way, color) or in a rustic spirit, specially aged.
  • Russian farmstead. Without any pretensions to the authenticity of the objects of decor will bring a special charm in a suitable interior. Decorative plates on the wall of the dining room, fireplace zone, cozy curtains, tapestry elements, birch bark products.
  • Textiles are designed to give tactile pleasure, and not only to please the eye, because a country house is impossible without decorative pillows, blankets.
  • Lamps floor on a high, refined leg; spots on the bar - will add individual lighting in the evening.
  • Diversify rectangular, square room - supplemented with round, oval objects: coffee tables, puffs, pillows.

Living room in loft style

The main rule for the living room is the provided storage systems. They will help the necessary things to be at hand, without cluttering and not distracting from the created design. Low cabinets and chests of drawers will separate the space if zoning is necessary, and in case of arrival, guests will be able to quickly remove unnecessary, which is important when there are young children in the house. Among the many solutions, it's not difficult to find one that, reflecting all the needs, will create the most beautiful living room.

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