Etchikol in the interior of the apartment and house

Eco style in the living room

Increasingly there are inscriptions "bio", "organic" on food, household chemicals, clothing. "Green" and natural - the trend of modern life. Why not take a step forward to nature - create eco-style in the interior of the house. As a result, get a real oasis, a personal protected area, where you can relax, calm down, feel the inner harmony. The decoration is ideal for urban residents, creative individuals, lovers of living plants, just not indifferent to environmental problems, the more there is the opportunity to find a solution for any budget.


  • Natural materials. No synthetics, plastics, chemical products;
  • Healthy microclimate. Live plants will help;
  • Creative freedom;
  • Possibility of self-expression;
  • Antispasmodic atmosphere;
  • Conceptual interior.

Use of wood in decoration

Color performance

The choice of colors used is suggested by nature itself. Excluded sharp color combinations, "acid" shades.

Wooden mobile partition

Primary colors:

  • Green. Each shade resembles the plant world: grass, tree crowns.
  • Blue. The color of the cloudless sky will fill with freshness. Better to use at the top of the room, accents - it's a cool tone.
  • Terracotta. The original, juicy color includes natural shades of red-brown. Using the palette is an absolute indicator of style.
  • Brown is the color of the earth, the texture of the wood.
  • Beige - shades of sand color, straw create a background space.
  • Yellow - sunny bunnies, creating accents.
  • White is an analog of the first snow, a special purity, an excellent background for plants.

Brick and wood in eco-style

Exclude black color - in its pure form it does not exist in nature.

Wooden beams and furniture in eco style kitchen

Popular thematic design, based on a specific landscape: forest, jungle, birch grove, ocean. White color, modifications (milky shades, ivory, sea foam) are often taken as a basis, diluting, for example, green, brown (forest theme).

Bathroom in eco-style

Surface Finishing

Walls are finished with natural materials of different price category:

  • Paper wallpaper (monophonic, plant motifs);
  •  Water-based paint;
  • Tile - imitation of natural stone;
  • Plaster;
  • Cork, wooden panels;
  • Stone slabs;
  • Wallpaper: sisal, jute, bamboo.

Living room with double windows in eco style

The best effect is achieved by a harmonious combination of several types of finishes. Wall-paper with the image of the nature - an effective exit of budgetary registration. Pros: lack of joints when gluing, environmentally friendly raw materials. The collages are especially original: macrophotographs of foliage, flower, stone, butterfly wing. As for ornaments, smooth vertical lines resembling stems and leaves. Eliminate straight lines, geometric ornaments.

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Wall from a tree in the living room

For small rooms, the simplicity of the execution of the ceiling, whitewashed, wallpaper for painting, matt tension structures is optimal. The ceiling is quite high, the area of ​​the room is substantial - it is allowed to finish with wooden panels, beams, play levels, create a dome. The coffered ceiling with characteristic cells - the recesses of wood looks ecologically, but at the same time respectable. Style direction will set the ceiling coating with the technique of photo printing: clouds, starry sky, most importantly, in moderate quantities.

Growing flowers on the wall in an eco-style interior

The correct flooring a la nature is made by wood: a parquet, an array of various breeds. A popular cork coating will add extra comfort, comfort. Possible the use of stone slabs, the budget option - ceramic tiles. The final touches will be a carpet imitating a green lawn, mats, matting made of natural components: straw, hemp, bamboo, the softest coconut mats.

Bedroom for ekostyle


For furniture, eco design makes quite clear requirements:

MaterialNatural: wood, vine, bamboo, rattan.
The formSimple (regular geometric); Natural: (smooth, modeling natural curves).
The sizeEnough massive.
InvoiceMinimally processed, polished.

Wooden chairs and a table from solid wood

For small rooms - elegant wicker furniture, for example, the original dining set. In bold design decisions, emphasis is placed on scuffs, faded parts, scratches, and other signs of recycling. Upholstered furniture should have a covering of natural fabric upholstery: wool, chintz, linen, satin.

Kitchen in ekostile for antiquity

Actual trend: a bed or a rest area made of round bar, complemented with mattresses, necessary for comfort textile accessories.

Bed of untreated wood

Etchikol does not allow the use of plastic, metal furniture. Method: put on linen canvas covers on chairs. Let's say transparent plastic (chairs, tables). The "disappearing" furniture dissolves and does not violate the concept of open space. Glass is also widely used, in particular - countertops.

Wooden decor objects for eco-style

To achieve the necessary space will help low furniture for storage of things: replace the lockers with classical cabinets, leaving the upper part of the room open; Choose furniture with a mirror, white front wall; the location is opposite the window.

Dining room in eco-style in the house

Significance of windows in lighting

For eco-style, natural lighting is actual. Often, designers offer the inclusion of zaokonnogo space in the created interior, especially when planning individual houses. Use any opportunity to make the largest panoramic windows possible, for example, by adding a loggia, emphasizing the eco-style of the interior of the apartment. Minimize the number of partitions of the window frame construction. The optimal material is wood, a good plastic imitation.

Natural lighting in the living room in eco-style

When natural light is not enough - add an artificial light. Restrained natural interior perfectly fit inconspicuous built-in lamps, halogen lighting. Popular lamps with lampshades from vines, rice paper, textiles; exotic - elements of animal horns. To make the light soft, use energy-saving lamps of warm light, the total number of which corresponds to the functionality of the room. The creation of a good light will help the light surfaces of the ceiling, the floor, reflecting the surface. Implement the eco-concept will help control lighting modes, adjustable brightness.

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Etchichil in the interior of the living room

To achieve maximum light penetration, classical curtain options are replaced by roll, Japanese curtains, bamboo shutters, wooden blinds; fully folded at the appropriate opportunity.

Hall in ekostyle


Finish the image of the eco will help decor. In the natural environment there are no unnecessary excesses, it is worth sticking to some minimalism when decorating the room. If the components of the decor bear the semantic load, then the true harmony is close. Wicker baskets, chests are convenient places for storing things; homespun mats - floor insulation.

Stools and table with legs from tree trunks

An expressive ecological composition will be made up of original paintings of stone, wood, wicker vases with fruit, pebbles in a glass vase. All kinds of pillows will soften the interior, if necessary zoning will come to the rescue of lightweight bamboo partitions. Ceramic, glass, clay vases should have a simple shape, a special natural flavor will give bouquets of dried flowers.

Luminaire in eco-style

The main advantage of the style is the possibility to make an exclusive decor, a piece of furniture from improvised materials absolutely free of charge, with your own hands: a chandelier made of birch branches, a panel of shells. Sea pebbles (available for sale) draw up shelves, niches. You can achieve natural entourage with the help of huge floor cushions resembling boulders - just do it yourself.

Bedside table of birch logs

A perfect fitting addition will be a fireplace. There were modern systems with a natural, living flame, working on safe biological smokeless fuel. The logs, folded together, emphasize the proximity to nature. The area is limited - decorate the fireplace area with wooden spills. There are a lot of options: imitating a woodpile, laid out chaotically, observing an ornament. Wooden spils are a great way to zoning different rooms.

Wooden bedside tables in the bedroom

The aquarium will harmoniously fit into the marine stylistics of the room. His presence is beaten with hemp tows, imitating ship ropes, various shells, shells. A large aquarium is the main central accent.


Green decoration

In lovers of indoor plants, there is a unique opportunity to make a fascination with a recognizable feature characterizing the natural style. A living greened wall is a sign of a high class of natural style. But I have to invest a lot of energy, time, money. The equipment consists of a special design with landing tanks, a set of systems: irrigation, drainage, lighting, the combined operation of which will enable the growth of plants. Looking at the greens, you will get not only aesthetic pleasure, but also fresh, oxygen-filled air.

Plants in the interior of the bedroom

If you are new to floriculture, are afraid to take responsibility for such a global project, reduce the scope. The wall, which hypothetically see landscaped, paint with light paint, make local areas occupied by greenery - phytoparticles; then easily converted to a full-sized living wall. Use a special stabilized moss, creating an indescribable effect of depth. Does not require special maintenance, except for spraying.

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Living room in eco-style

Throughout the world, the idea of ​​microsaturation and micro-cities is gaining popularity: more and more city dwellers are deprived of the opportunity to have full-fledged summer cottages. The advanced direction of these ideas implies the combination of enjoyable with useful - the cultivation of green for consumption in food. In the eco-kitchen plant parsley, dill, basil in beautiful miniature boxes: fulfill the condition of style direction and provide spices.

Green area in the kitchen for eco-style

Specificity of the Incarnation

The effect of uniqueness of eco-style: principles can be used partially in other interiors, for example in minimalism, country, loft, other modern styles. It is difficult to combine it with ethnic or historical: Empire, Provence. Eco is applicable not only for the construction of innovative houses that fit into the landscape design, but also to standard rooms for different purposes of an ordinary apartment.

In the living room, all the prerequisites for the embodiment of eco-style are created, because he does not tolerate confusion, crowdedness. The volume of the room will allow to introduce beams from natural wood, to install massive soft furniture.

Loft in ekostyle

Bedroom ekostyle will make a place of relaxation, full rest. Soft cream colors harmoniously combined with the furnishing. Sheathing of wooden boards, covered with clear varnish, in the head area, bedside tables of the same material - bedroom set created. A large bed with a bamboo, wooden skeleton looks organic.

Bedroom in bright colors

In the kitchen, the principle of minimalism is often the most urgent: they will help out the laconic options of eco-design. It's easiest to add accents that simultaneously separate functional areas: lamps, wooden spills. Glass will give the room lightness, airiness - a table, an apron with a vegetable pattern. For absolute comfort, use a terracotta color that resembles a hearth: it causes a desire to cook food, stimulates appetite. Option: painted walls or surfaces of countertops, milk color is the basis. A small kitchen in this version will look dark - terracotta is used as accents (dishes, tablecloth, textiles of the dining table area).

Kitchen with a vertical garden

For the correct design of the bathroom you need space, light, concise forms of sanitary ware. A suitable facing material, ceramic granite tiles, reliably simulates the tree in a "wet zone". Add color accents - towels. The only detail in the form of a stone sink, tub-tubing can make a style.

Kitchen loft with eco-style

Unity with nature

Undoubtedly, you need a fantasy, a sincere love for nature, certain time costs, to create a real eco-style. But you will not get a template, but a truly exclusive design, especially with your own efforts to create decor items and furnishings. This is an opportunity to declare yourself as a stylish person, simultaneously taking care of nature, carefully using her gifts. Give a chance to a piece of wildlife to settle in the interior and your heart, and the house will become truly animate.