Style 60's in the interior: how to create

Implementing the colorful style of the 60's in the interior is quite easy and simple. It is allowed a combination of 3-4 or more colors. This feature does not limit the owners in creating bright design of living quarters, kitchens, hallways and corridors. An additional advantage is the possibility of combining updated old sets and modern furniture products. Finishing, applicable for referral, is allocated by its budget. Owners do not need to buy expensive flooring or designer wallpaper. Ceilings are recommended simply to align and whitewash. If desired, the usual whitewash can be replaced with materials with a similar texture. Particular attention in creating stylistics owners are encouraged to give details. It is impossible to imagine the direction in question without a bright wall decor, original lamps. Correctly selected interior elements will help to complement the decoration and give it a special charm.

The chosen decor (as well as furniture elements) can have absolutely different colors and shapes. It is important that they are smoothed, bright. The piling up of rooms should be completely excluded: freedom and comfort of movement is an indisputable requirement of this direction.

Mirror over the bedside table Picture on the wall Kitchen furniture in the style of the 60's Red Refrigerator Variant of the interior of a child in the style of the 60's  A room with a green sofa and red armchairs

Color solution

When choosing the optimal coloring patterns for the implementation of stylistics, the owners should determine the best direction used in different countries. For example, the German interior of the last century was more restrained. Its main color was beige, light gray. In the USSR - cream, sand. But in America, the main color finish could be light yellow, and light orange. When selecting auxiliary tones, it is recommended to use this prompt:

For light yellow, light orangeIdeally will be complemented by red and pink. Look good with blue and turquoise. All four auxiliary colors can be combined.
For beige, creamyGood will be combined with yellow, green and orange. Another option is the combination of red with purple and yellow. Accents are allowed with red and blue, purple tones.
For grayHarmoniously combined with purple, yellow and orange. Well complemented by blue, turquoise-white and red-yellow accents.

A bed with a blue veil

Materials and methods of finishing

For wall decoration, it is recommended to choose solid wallpaper and with different patterns. Exceptions are only materials with leafy and floral ornaments. They are unsuitable for this direction. But the wallpaper with repeating abstract elements, combinations of geometric shapes (circles, triangles) will be appropriate. As a floor covering, it is recommended to choose linoleum. In children's rooms and adult bedrooms, it can be replaced with a marmoleum. Foamed material will emphasize the comfort of living. In the bathrooms, toilet and kitchen is better to leave the tile. In spacious rooms, laminate flooring is allowed, but it should have a light brown tint. Otherwise, the harmony of implementation will be disrupted. For ceilings, whitewash is preferred (with or without plasterboard plastering). A good replacement will be the installation of a stretch ceiling with a sateen texture.

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Room in vintage style A room with decoration and furniture in the style of the 60's Orange ceiling Red furniture for the dining area Corner Sofa Sofa with multi-colored pillows

Selectable patterned wallpaper should not have a relief. Traditional for the chosen direction will be even matte materials.

Bedroom с кроватью в стиле 60-х

Lighting and fixtures

In this direction, the fixtures play one of the main roles. They combine the qualities of illuminators and decor. Therefore, in spacious rooms to create the correct light, it is recommended to use floor and table models in addition to ceiling lamps. But wall sconces and spots here will not be appropriate: they should be abandoned. The main ceiling lighting is recommended to create with the help of suspended chandeliers with shades of geometric shapes (in monophonic neutral version).

Painting in vintage style on the living room wall Turquoise sofa with pillows Lighting in a room with an interior in the style of the 60's Turquoise chairs in the kitchen Wallpapers with an ornament in the style of the 60's  Room in red tones

Table lamps with a bright base and shades emphasize stylization. The best solution is to buy products with a base in the form of glass or plastic flasks. Floor lamps are better to choose with long adjustable legs. The models with conical and cylindrical shades of medium, large sizes will look good.

White sofa with yellow pillows

Textiles, decor and accessories

For simple styling of premises in the chosen direction, it is recommended to use colorful textiles. For example, hang curtains to the floor with patterns similar to the decoration of walls. Well complement the design of sofa cushions, small round or oval mats. Relevant are the curtains, which replace the usual interior doors. Wall decor in the form of old "faded" paintings will also be useful in styling. And the usual illustrations can be replaced by unusual posters. For example, hang stylized old-time clippings from newspapers, pin-up images or motivational posters.

Room in white and turquoise colors Table lamps in the style of 60's Bookcase in the corner of the room Mirror in a blue frame over a white table Elements of vintage style in the interior of the living room Poster on the door of the room

Suitable as a decor and old bronze figurines, located on coffee tables, hanging shelves, window sills.

When choosing plants for decoration, it is recommended to give preference to green and dark green potted flowers.

All about furniture of that time

A characteristic feature used in the furniture style in question is its brevity. Large sets in it will be inappropriate. Yes, and individual items (tables, cabinets, cabinets) should be small in size. An important requirement for them is the presence of high legs. This design contributes to the ease of cleaning and maximum visibility of the floor. It allows you to make the room visually more spacious. Virtually all products must be made of wood. It is desirable that the facades are varnished.

Red armchair in the style of the 60's Child with two beds Blue in the interior of the room Two armchairs of yellow color Orange in the interior of the living room Yellow sofa with pillows

As for the sofas, armchairs, beds, their outstanding quality is the presence of smoothed corners. Minor rounded backs, thin wooden armrests allow creating a comfortable environment. In this case, it is not necessary to install sets of products in one room. A sofa and a pair of armchairs can be decorated not only in different colors, but also have completely different shapes.

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Bright interior items in the design of rooms

Interior of a modern apartment in the style of the 60's

When decorating modern apartments and houses in a retro direction, it is not necessary to completely follow all the requirements of the old style. For example, headsets or individual furniture units, covered with varnish, can be replaced with products with painted glossy facades. Such substitution will contribute to the stylish appearance of the premises without compromising comfort. As for the design of the finishes and furnishings, they should at least partially meet the requirements of the direction. Therefore, owners are advised to combine painting (or gluing monophonic wallpaper) with patterned wallpaper.

Houseplant on a glass coffee table Yellow and turquoise in the interior of rooms Torscher went up the chairs  Blue ottomans of unusual design Design of a room with an interior in the style of the 60's Green sofa

In modern furniture stores, owners can easily find the right chairs, sofas and beds. A lot of designers create bright models with rounded corners. They will fit perfectly into the general appearance of the premises. Finding the right writing, coffee or dining tables to create the required atmosphere is also not a problem.

Living room

The stylish decoration of the living rooms, as in the sixties, involves the creation of a beautiful and relaxing environment. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately determine the recreation area, which will be the main one in the spacious hall. It should install a sofa, in front of him put a round coffee table. Will complement the zone and 2-3 bright chairs, located next to the sofa and near the table. It is recommended to put a bright solid mat under the table. Opposite the recreation area, you can install a small log storage cabinet. TV owners can put on the wall or hang on the wall. Several paintings made in the same style (for example, depicting stylized animals for people), beautifully underlined the general appearance of the living room.

Style 60's in the interior of the modern living room

As a decoration it is recommended to choose a combination of monophonic and wallpaper with a repeating ornament (it is better not geometric). Patterned wallpaper suitable for wall decoration in front of the recreation area. Also complement the stylization will help unusual floor lamps, table lamp.

Yellow kitchen Room in vintage style с большим окном Blue armchairs to the will of a coffee table Turquoise sofa with pillows Wallpapers with a print in the style of the 60's


The attractiveness of the kitchens, designed in the style in question, is their positivity. It is here that family, friendly feasts are held. To finish the walls in this room it is recommended to paint. Washable surfaces are much easier to keep clean. They can be light, pastel or bright. A kitchen apron is allowed to be tiled in a similar color. On the floor it is recommended to put a tile of two colors. The most common option is to lay it diagonally in a checkerboard pattern. You can replace the two-tone tile with a tile with a two-tone geometric pattern.

Modern kitchen in the style of the 60's

It is recommended to choose a set in color contrasting with walls. Ideal will be models with monochrome glossy blind facades, simple handles and rails. Harmoniously, it will fit into the refrigerator (for example, blue, orange, yellow) with rounded corners and a convex door. As a dining group it is recommended to install a round table and chairs with a simple wooden or chrome frame and soft seats.

Dining room with 60's style interior Room in orange colors Round chandelier Elements of decor in the style of 60's in the interior Furniture in the style of 60's in the interior of the living room


Creating the situation in the bedroom, as in the Soviet living rooms of the fifties, you need to immediately zoning the premises. Near the bed is recommended to install a pair of bedside tables on high legs. They are recommended to supplement with stylized table lights. A pair of lava lamps will also be appropriate. The sleeping bed itself should be equipped with high legs and do not have a drawer. Along the wall opposite the bed, you need to install a dressing table or a spacious cabinet, a low chest of drawers. If necessary, allocate a working area, you can install a small written, computer desk. In one corner of the room it is recommended to put a double-winged cabinet with rounded corners.

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Modern bedroom in the style of the 60's

When choosing the optimal finish of the room should be considered solid wallpaper. They can glue all or only 3 walls. One of them (located behind the headband or opposite the bed) is recommended to stylize wallpaper with a repeating pattern or foam panels with a protruding ornament (for example, with circles or squares).

Furniture in the style of 60's in the interior of the living room Brown-beige corner sofa with bright pillows Bright accents in the interior Armchair of unusual color Blue wallpapers

Entrance hall

If earlier in the days of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the hallway a small heap was welcomed (storage of skis, off-season clothing), then in modern housing this should be avoided. To accommodate all unnecessary things will help a spacious cabinet with rounded corners. Next to it you can place a spacious curb or shoe on high legs. To ensure the comfort of the re-training will help a small sofa or a pair of armchairs with monophonic upholstery. Addition to the design of a large wall mirror in a bronze frame.

Entrance hall в стиле 60-х

An open hanger must be an obligatory element of the hallway. It can be a wall suspended model or be combined with a cabinet and a shoe. As a finish of the room, plain wallpaper and linoleum of high wear resistance with geometric patterns are perfect.

Gray sofa Purple sofa in front of a coffee table Orange sofa and gray armchairs Large bright room Bright wallpaper in the style of 60's in the design of the bedroom


Styling the bath in the direction in question requires a significant investment of funds. The reason for this - the high cost of suitable plumbing. For a room it is recommended to buy a bathroom on legs with a brass or bronze faucet and a shower. It can be located under the wall or in the center of the room. Stand-alone models are ideal for spacious bathrooms. The shell is recommended to be bought with a tulip foot. True, it must be strict (products with figured or polyhedral pedestals will look inappropriate). Above the sink is recommended to hang a simple locker with a mirror. The very decoration of the walls of the room can be carried out with a single-tone tile. But stylistically correct solution will be painting the walls. As a floor covering it is necessary to use a small tile. It should be monophonic.

Vinyl plates as an element of the room's decor Room in black and red tones Yellow chair near the double bed Multicolored wallpaper Carpet with bright colors

Using advice and recommendations for the design of an apartment, a house in an old style, you can easily transform any area of ​​housing. Particular attention should be paid to the chosen finish: it will set the tone and help to create an optimal situation much easier. Also with special diligence it is recommended to select lamps and decor. They will give a nondescript chic finish and will allow you to simply perform the necessary styling of living rooms and other rooms. As for textiles, its quality can be anything. The main thing is that the selected curtains, rugs, pillows and bedspreads correspond to the specified color scheme. It should be remembered that the use of many different colors can disrupt the harmonious design. Therefore, it is initially necessary to determine 3-4 desired tones and be guided by them when decorating and decorating rooms.