A small studio apartment: the comfort of a small dwelling

Living room in white

Today we will virtually move to New York, where there is a small studio apartment, whose amazing interior was created by studio StudioMDA. In the design of its premises only modern trends and trends are used. The main concept of decorating a room is the creation of a small shelter consisting of separate isolated spaces, such a peculiar realization of a childhood dream - when there are many small secret places in which you can hide from the surrounding world.

The apartment has a spacious living room with a large sofa, a drum set, a music center and two white globe-shaped armchairs. This room is designed for big noisy parties, which you can invite a real rock band. Or play by yourself. Here is located the largest in the whole apartment window, overlooking the streets of New York. It is thanks to him that the room becomes very light.

Golden sofa in the white living room Golden sofa in the white living room

The apartment is very impressive kitchen, which is both a dining room, and has a large dining table for ten seats. There is a cutting table with a white table-top and a niche with bookshelves. The room is made in white color. In this color walls, a floor and a ceiling which visually expand a space are executed. In the wall between the kitchen and the living room, painted in gray, there is a depression: a kind of cocoon, in which you can relax and read, or retire, running away from a noisy party, or just hide from the world.

Niche for relaxing in the wall

Around the niches are cabinets for storing things. Opposite the niches - the subject of contemporary art - is a big picture. On the sides of the picture, like a frame for her, black columns are made. It looks very fresh and stylish.

Cabinets for storage around the recess for rest

The bedroom floors and windows are dark, almost black, color, which gives the interior a special mystery and depth. The apartment also has a bathroom, made in a similar white color and modernly equipped. The walls are decorated with paintings by contemporary artists and designer paintings. 

Bedroom interior in white color Small bedside table A bathroom in the bedroom A bathroom in the bedroom Bathroom and shower after glass Black marble bath