33 ideas for decorating a coffee table

The coffee table is the central object of almost any living room, which means that it should pleasantly please the eye and interest guests at home, creating topics for conversation. However, as a rule, these tables are decorated with either old magazines or by chance accumulated things. The exception is beautifully decorated surfaces, which you will see in the photo in this article. They obviously prove that even with the help of improvised elements and the simplest strategy your coffee table can get a chic, stylish and tempting look.

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Ways to design tables

The standard formula for decorating a coffee table is the sum of the following items:

  1. Something high (a vase, a houseplant, a figurine);
  2. Something low (casket, candlesticks);
  3. Something old or textural (a piece of coral, shell, stone, antique lantern - any thing that has a special character);
  4. A stack of books (usually used as a stand).

If your table has a small surface or you are more inclined to minimalism, then you can put on the table only 1-2 large beautiful objects that will impressively look on a free background. And if you are worried about the fact that different details on the table do not turn into a mess, then try to organize them on a beautiful tray.

We present you 33 wonderful examples of applying different strategies and ideas for decorating a coffee table, using and combining them when decorating with your own hands, you can get an excellent result at the output. Techniques and techniques that are demonstrated below, can also be useful in working with more complex pieces of furniture and interior, because the design of the table - an excellent beginning of practice in this direction.

Decoration of a coffee table (photo):

White and green decor on the table Pile of books as a desktop decor Skull as a decoration of the room Black and white decor in bright living room Yellow tulips in the interior Decor on a beautiful lodge A stack of books with decor on the table Decoration of a small living room Also read: Ideas for the living room: what to replace the coffee table

Tray with decor on the table Decor with animals Two white coffee tables Two small tables in the living room Books on a coffee table with a different decor Large decoration on the table Beautiful minimalist decor Sea decor on the table Cozy interior in neutral colors Simple and beautiful decoration for the table Luxurious decoration of a coffee table Luxurious interior with modern decor Old flashlight on a coffee table Glass bottles as decor Two items on a coffee table Dry branches and candles as decor for the living room Candles in the bank as decor Mini terrarium in interior decoration

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Tray with decor on a soft table Decoration of a low coffee table Cozy living room with stylish decor Branches with berries in the interior Bright accents in the design of the living room Winter decor for the living room Golden decor in the blue living room