Aquarium in the interior - ideas and accommodation options

Armchairs and table near the aquarium

Aquadizayn in the interior design - this is one of the fashion trends. But ordinary equipment, traditional selection of fish is not impressive. Designers are trying to combine the composition of the aquarium with the overall style of the room, where it is planned to arrange it, and sometimes, on the contrary, try to create an accent on such a non-standard subject.

The underwater realm of a single apartment imitates the urban atmosphere of a modern city or natural mountain landscapes, scenery in the spirit of Japanese minimalism. Under the water there is an entire ancient city with ancient ruins, sculptural groups, sunken ships.

Original interior with aquarium

Before buying an aquarium, you need to think about its harmonious arrangement in the room, the internal content of the structure. The size, the form, the place where it is planned to put it are important. To select fish and floristry, it may be necessary to consult an aquarist, the question must be studied in depth. Do not save on equipment. Choosing the type of aquarium, guided by the number, type of inhabitants, the role of this object in the conceived interior.

Aquarium on the whole wall in the bedroom Sofas opposite the aquarium  Aquarium in the septum  A backlit aquarium in the kitchen  Dining room with aquarium  Chic aquarium in the living room

Corner structures

The aquarium, located in the corner, looks good, is compact, has an excellent view. With the help of a triangular form, the problem of a small space is rationally solved. L-shaped structures are used for zoning, a trapezoidal vessel in a small room on a bedside table or table will fill an angle. Concave or convex glass will visually make a house with water inhabitants larger. Cleverly selected scenery with a small occupied area will create the illusion of space.

Vases on the floor near the aquarium

A small angular aquarium is placed on a table or stand. It is more suitable for medium-sized schooling fish. If the aquarium is able to hold up to 500 liters, then there will be no problem for larger specimens to inhabit, it is installed on a powerful base. The curbstone should be integrated with the rest of the furniture. 500-700-liter aquariums require extensive space, should be clearly visible.

The correct decorating techniques, competently selected fish and plants will make a corner aquarium decorating the room.

White interior with angular aquarium Paintings on the wall near the aquarium  Aquarium in the corner of the room  Beautiful aquarium  Shelves next to the aquarium  Aquarium on the mound

Built-in constructions

One of the fashion trends is built-in aquariums, which used to decorate spaces exclusively for business centers, restaurants, offices. Now with their help enliven the space of the living quarters, give it a unique variety.

One of the main rules - to plan the placement of the container still at the stage of construction or redevelopment. Since the bottom is under heavy load, the base must be perfectly level. Consider the material used in the construction. If this is a brick, no reinforcement is required, but the gypsum board structure is equipped with welded steel frames.

Partition with built-in aquarium

There are several options for installation, including the integration of the aquarium into the interior wall. With this arrangement, it can be seen through. Enhanced filtration is required, ultraviolet sterilization is desirable, because The slightest turbidity of water can neutralize the effect. From this point of view, it is much more profitable to install an aquarium with a closed rear edge. Another design is installed on the pedestal or as a balcony, on a slab protruding from the wall.

It is important to ensure the availability of the aquarium for care, provide space for the location of communications, equipment. Maintenance will be convenient if the rear wall is closed or zadekorirovana.

Cabinet with aquarium

Built-in models attract special attention, carry live energy, contribute to the maximum relaxation of the hosts and guests of the house.

Armchairs and table near the aquarium Grand piano in the room  Aquarium in the kitchen  Partition with aquarium  Cabinet with aquarium  Beautiful interior with built-in aquarium

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Custom shapes

To the category of non-standard, include any containers with individual characteristics for keeping fish and other marine animals. These are aquariums located inside niches or openings, aquariums-pictures or cylinders, high, low, small and giant, round, triangular, multi-section.

The volume of such a product reaches 1000 liters, so they are made of silicate glass, which hides the joints and seams, from acrylic glass, which is easy to heat any shape. The number, size of the stiffeners, screeds are determined individually each time. For a precise calculation of the required thickness of the glass, a special calculator is used, and the configuration and size of the object also affect the choice.

Aquarium in the form of a column

To non-standard are considered aquariums:

  • with unusual lighting, decor elements;
  • models of unusual shape;
  • author's products, capable of supporting the life activity of the inhabitants autonomously.

For all creativity, such an aquarium must meet the basic requirements: comfort of living creatures, ease of maintenance.

Table-aquarium in the office Suspended aquarium  Bar counter with aquarium  Aquarium in the form of a jug  Watch with aquarium  Table-aquarium near the sofa

In the design of rooms

The forms and options for the location of aquariums are very diverse. They are placed on supports, built in, suspended, which saves space, creates a unique color. They are irregular in shape, there may be several, they can be combined, placed in the living room or dining room, bathroom, serve as a partition between the two rooms.

Large aquarium in the living room

Aquaristics does not welcome extravagant design solutions that do not contribute to the comfortable life of fish and are burdensome in maintenance. Therefore, when choosing an aquarium, the optimal one will be one that will combine a correspondence with a certain set of principles:

  • Security requires reliable support.
  • Classic rectangular shapes are more preferable, do not distort space, and for larger ones it is easier to care for than for small ones.
  • It is important the presence of lighting and flow, which is provided by special lamps, pumps. Favorable environment will help create ozonizers, UV-emitters, etc. Water should have standards of temperature, density, salinity, hydrogen and oxygen.
  • For the arrangement and creation of a favorable environment for the inhabitants, one has to think about the acquisition of living stones, coral sand, shells, all kinds of artificial scenery.

Aquarium in the septum

The aquarium will fit into the housing space, if its shape, location, well-groomed inhabitants will meet the requirements.

Beautiful aquarium в гостиной Aquarium in the interior of the dining room  Aquarium on the nightstand  Interior made of wood with aquarium  Partition with aquariums  Locker with aquarium

Living room

In the living room, this object will be the center of attention. Here it will become an independent element of the interior or serve as a separator of zones. This room is suitable for installing the aquarium perfectly, where it will become the dominant detail. It is only necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room.

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the hall is the most suitable place for an aquarium, here it will attract success and prosperity, especially if it is located on the east or south-east side.

Beautiful interior of the living room with an aquarium

Do not place the object near the window, the sun's rays have a bad effect on the state of water and fish. Undesirable places with drafts, placing the front side to the window.

The interior of the living room with a wall or suspended aquarium will become a universal option, especially if the room is not large.

Wood in the living room decoration Beautiful living room design  Photographs above the sofa  Beautiful aquarium в гостиной  Wall under the brick in the interior of the living room  Aquarium with illumination in the interior of the living room


In a room that usually does not abound in decor, the aquarium will become a bright detail, and in the heating season will balance the humidity.

From the point of view of Feng Shui, the aquarium in the bedroom is inadmissible, because introduces cooling into the relationship of spouses, and the continuous movement of fish increases nervousness. Excessive employment, untimely cleaning of the reservoir will affect the freshness of the atmosphere and health.

Aquarium in the interior of the bedroom

If the need to admire the aquarium before going to bed does not let go, then there is a reasonable compromise: a dry aquarium. It is filled with shells, starfish, corals. Melting of fish in this case will not bother. Another Japanese direction, Wabi-Kusa, will give the bedroom an exotic. The vessel is filled with water not to the brim, the fish do not swim there, and the plants are both under the water and from above.

Aquarium at the head of the bed


How will the aquarium look here depends on what size the room is, in what zone it will stand. A container made of acrylic, rather than glass, is desirable, this is a safer option, although it requires careful care.

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Common models for the nursery - floor, which are located directly on the floor or on a stand, at a height appropriate to the level of the eyes, or tabletop, the size of "mini". Such a gift with a single living inhabitant will revive the interior, give it a twist. The child will be interested in watching live from close range, feed the fish, take care of the turtles themselves.

The suspension version looks original. It does not clutter a small room. The model should not be very wide, not heavy.

Aquarium in the room of a teenager

Well look aquariums, built into a niche or located in the wall, with a thematic decorative background created in the background.

If the room is spacious and requires zoning, an aquarium-partition that will separate the bed from the working and play area is suitable.

Before installing the original interior solution, you need to make sure that the child is not allergic to fish food, that the capacity in which they will live is safe. When planning the arrangement of the room, you can arrange a family council, where the child will take part. For clarity, the planned interior changes can be imagined in the photo.

Interior of a nursery with an aquarium


Modern kitchens, equipped with technologies and functions, often become a place where households spend a lot of time. Aquariums also become part of the interior of this room, to which they add mobility and light. Therefore, there are furniture brands, catalogs of which represent built-in aquariums.

Feng Shui has his point of view and insists that the elements of water and the element of fire (to which the kitchen belongs) are incompatible. But if you really want ...

Bar counter with aquarium на кухне

Accommodation of the aquarium in the kitchen is convenient, because it is easy to organize a system of supply and outflow of water, problems with cleaning the tank will be much less. It is only necessary to think in advance of the system of communications, safety of supply of current, ventilation of furniture. For water coming to the tank, it is better to install a multi-level cleaning, because air in the kitchen is getting worse.

The type of aquarium depends on the size of the kitchen. A large room will contain a reservoir, which will not be part of the space, but the space itself. With it, you can separate the functional and dining areas. If it is placed inside the facades of furniture or walls, then the dimensions should be more modest.

Effectively beat the location of light sources, which will be controlled in a timer or remotely. With their help it will be possible to create an original atmosphere of the kitchen space.

Partition with aquarium в интерьере Aquarium in the septum на кухне  Table-island in the kitchen  Suspended chandeliers above the table  Kitchen с белым интерьером  Beautiful design room with aquarium


For organic integration of the aquarium into the interior, it is better not to use ready-made forms, but to make the right model to order.

The aquarium-partition in the design of the house or office is just perfect. Creates the illusion of privacy, simultaneously expands the space, makes it light, the light freely penetrates to any corner of the room.

Thanks to the transparent partition, the opposite part of the room will be visible. In the interior, where there is a similar aquarium, a piece of real nature is brought in. With his help separate the kitchen from the hallway or living room, enliven the faded color range, even replace them with a work of art.

Aquarium with the design of wood Aquarium as a partition in the interior  Zoning the room with an aquarium  Partition with aquarium в интерьере  Bright aquarium in the septum  Septum from aquariums

Aquariums built into the wall

This type of aquarium is the most popular, organic for any room, not excluding the dining room and the kitchen.

If the tank is equipped with lighting, then the glow will be a pleasant addition, and also play the role of a night lamp. A large aquarium, reminiscent of a TV screen, will make the interior more alive.

Aquarium in the hallway wall

Built-in aquarium requires planning even at the stage of creating a design project, in order to determine in advance which side will be serviced, what occupants will occupy it. If the reservoir is located between rooms where transparency is not required, it is populated with thick algae.

If the glass is damaged, it will be more difficult to replace it than in a detached structure.

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Modern interior with aquarium in the wall Aquarium in the wall  Wall with aquarium  Beautiful aquarium в интерьере  Beautiful wall decoration with aquarium  Large aquarium in the interior of the dining room

Unusual aquariums

Since aquariums are popular interior items, they help owners to show greatness, to stand out. And although unusual outwardly vessels are not always useful to fish, designers, decorators create an unbroken creative form.

Aquarium above the bed Beautiful interior with an original aquarium  TV-Aquarium  The original aquarium  Aquarium on a carriage with sea horses  Cabinet with aquarium

Glass table, the basis of which is the aquarium. It can be rectangular or in the form of a hemisphere. Will make a dinner or dinner exclusive, will stir up to dialogue on an interesting subject.


The aquarium in the form of a wall will separate the working area of ​​the kitchen from the dining room, the corridor with the entrance door from the open space of the studio apartment.

Aquarium as a decorative wall

The sink may not be ceramic, but of durable glass. The vessel under the thick upper lid will be inhabited by real algae and fish.

Aquarium-sink Sink with aquarium Beautiful shell-aquarium

Space under the stairs often do not know how to use. A good solution is to arrange an aquarium with colorful living inhabitants.

Beautiful interior with aquarium  Aquarium under the stairs  Cabinet with aquarium  Round aquarium under the stairs  Aquarium in the wall

Inside the aesthetic aquarium, a pet can retire, take up a favorite toy, take a nap.

Aquarium in the form of a booth

A single system consists of several separate containers, connected by peculiar "transitions" at different levels. Fishes travel, people contemplate, relax, think of the eternal.

Aquarium with Transitions

Throughout the perimeter of the bathroom is a wall in the form of an aquarium. The walls of the room with water greenery and inhabitants will create the illusion of immersion.

Aquarium in the walls of the bathroom

Combining the two arguing dominants around the fireplace is not an easy task. Not every designer will support such an idea, but there is a demand for it. Especially among those who, for lack of square meters, strive to use the space to the maximum, to place in the interior two dreams at once.

Aquarium with fireplace in the living room

It is clear that the aquarium will be rather big. The project must take into account its mass, provide for nuances of electrical wiring, as much as possible to isolate two environments.

With a large volume of the aquarium from the short work of the fireplace, water will not warm up, the animals will be in the comfort zone. For absolute safety, it is advisable to install non-wood fireplaces instead of wood-burning fireplaces. Simulating the flame will create an aquarium illumination effect.

Aquarium around the fireplace

The electric fence makes it possible to regulate or completely turn off the heating with the visual effect of combustion. Near such a "relaxation complex" it will be cozy to relax at any time of the year and watch the scurrying guppies, cichlids, shrimps.

Sofas and a table opposite the aquarium with a fireplace

Inside furniture or interior items

The desire to fill the dwelling with exotic leads to unexpected solutions. You can buy a special tube to accommodate a large aquarium, but it looks cumbersome, requires a scarce space. An excellent option will be aquariums built into walls and furniture.

An island table in the kitchen, at the same time being an aquarium, is unlikely to require additional decoration. The aquarium is an apron in the kitchen. From there fish will observe the manipulations of the hostess on the desktop.

Table-aquarium in the kitchen

Coffee table-aquarium in the living room does not take much space, will help to relax after a hard day. Equally original will be the armrests of the sofa, which built in tanks with seaweed and scurrying fish.

Coffee table-aquarium

Beautifully look aquarium arches, which have not only on the border of two rooms, but also at the head of the bed.

Aquarium at the head of the bed

In the living room aquariums are mounted in the wall, on both sides of the TV. From time to time, distracting from the dynamic action on the screen, you can relax, looking at the underwater world. The aquarium arranges from the TV itself, taking out the stuffing from the old box and inserting a flask with marine inhabitants in its place. A kind of "video" for the rest of home and guests.

Aquarium for TV

For lovers of wildlife and minimalistic forms, you can offer to combine the aquarium with a flower pot. In this house there will live a room flower and a fish. In the aquarium, the base of the table lamp is easily converted, even the toilet bowl.

Aquarium with a flower pot

Any of the options will create an atmosphere of appeasement, help restore the nervous system.