Unusual small apartment in a combination of modern and

Unusual small apartment от студии Flussocreativo

Unusual small apartment

Unusual small apartment в одном из городков Италии. После полной реконструкции она превратилась в современное элегантное жилье с неким старинным шармом.

The architects from the Flussocreativo studio connected the main residential areas: the kitchen and the living area, which provided an abundance of light and free space flow, and then, thanks to smooth, delicate textures and colors, elegant and functional fittings and furniture created a truly hospitable modern home.

Unusual small apartment в пастельных тонах

Playing Flowers

Small apartment in pastel colors

Attractive interior

The eclectic interior design of the apartment combines the latest trends of fashion (most of the furniture) and design elements with delicate vintage additions (new soft chairs of the 60s). Favorable highlight this light colors with fresh green inserts. Such a picture creates a sense of ancient warmth in combination with the modern functionality of the room.

The combination of beige and green in the interior

Interesting stylistic combinations

Small kitchen in pastel colors

Stylish kitchen

This kind of duality game is also visible in the materials palette. Magnificent natural wooden floors are complemented by innovative material surfaces (mainly in the kitchen), which are functional and easy to clean. Vintage spirit impregnated all the decoration, organically combined with furniture.

Small apartment in pastel colors с зелёными акцентами

General layout of the apartment

Modern kitchen in vintage style

Vintage-modern kitchen

Synthesis of modernity and antiquity - one of the most popular trends of design ideas for today. Furniture, materials, decoration - every detail should harmoniously complement the other, creating a stylish unusual design.