Beautiful bathrooms - 30 photo interior design

Looking for ideas on how beautifully to make a bathroom? Unusually emphasize the design, bring to the interior an element of luxury or coziness? It is for you in this article Dekorin gathered the most beautiful bathrooms in different styles for 30 photos. Small and large, restrained and luxurious, they all have their secret of successful design. These secrets we will consider today, so that you can apply them when decorating the bathroom in your apartment or private house.

Idea 1. Beautiful tiles in the bathroom - 4 options with a photo

The design of the bathroom, like any other interior, depends largely on the coverings of the walls, floor and ceiling. Due to the high humidity in the bathroom, tiles are almost always used for these purposes. Fashionable in 2017, a beautiful bathroom tile can stand out:

  • Geometric and ethnic patterns;
  • An unusual way of laying;
  • Bright coloring or contrasting combination of tile colors;
  • Imitation of the texture of stone, marble or other material.

How beautiful tiles can look in the bathroom - see below in the photo. More options for inspiration you will get in our article 33 ideas for tile design in the bathroom.

Beautiful tile in the bathroom - photos of ideas 2017 Beautiful tile for a bathroom with a pattern - photo in the interiorBeautiful bathroom design with unusually laid tiles The most beautiful bathrooms - photo selection of 2017

2. Beautiful mirrors and furniture in the bathroom design

Stylish modern plumbing, made in non-traditional shades, materials or shape, will make the interior of your bathroom unforgettable, pretty devastating your wallet. Mirrors and furniture are an alternative and much less expensive way to give the bathroom a touch of chic and emphasize your taste. Below you will see 3 examples in the photo, how beautifully to make a bathroom, installing in it unusual furniture and mirrors of irregular shape.

How beautiful to make a bathroom - photos of furniture and mirrors in the interior Beautiful interiors of bathrooms with stylish furniture Beautiful bathroom - photo design in the style of Provence

Please note that today in fashion, matte furniture, which, combined with the glitter of tiles and sanitary ware, creates a very pleasant and interesting contrast. Soft pastel shades of cabinets and pedestals bring comfort, warmth and charm to the bathroom, which is only emphasized with soft lights and metal accessories of golden tones.

3. The most beautiful bathrooms - with natural materials

Since modern bathrooms are not only for bathing, but also for relaxation, it has become popular to use natural materials. Of course, finishing with a stone or wood with a special waterproof impregnation is very expensive. But you can buy for your bathroom a bedside table under the sink with imitation of the texture of wood, ceramic tiles under the stone, wicker baskets or even just houseplants. Let the following beautiful interiors of bathrooms serve you as inspiration!

Beautiful bathrooms - photo with a shower and a big curbstone Beautiful small bathrooms with bathtub How beautifully to make a bathroom - photo in eco style Beautiful bathrooms - photos of wood and stone decoration

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4. Elements of coziness in the interior of the bathroom

If you are not going to do the bathroom repair, but want to somehow decorate or update its design, then use the usual decor for it, which you would use for the kitchen, living room, bedroom or any other room in the house. Many of the most beautiful bathrooms (including those in the photo below) differ from others with interesting curtains, paintings on walls and shelves, carpets on the floor, comfortable chairs and flower vases.

Beautiful bathrooms - eclectic style photos Beautiful bathroom - photo design with wallpaper in stripes Beautiful design of the bathroom in pastel colors The most beautiful bathrooms - luxurious design in red

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5. How beautiful to make a bathroom in bright colors (4 photos)

Choose for the walls of the bathroom a bright tile, wallpaper or paint, and she will certainly get a bold and spectacular look! Since the interior of the bathrooms is a prominent place occupied by mirrors, white plumbing, other shiny and reflective surfaces, then you should not be afraid to overdo it. Alternatively, you can combine bright walls with light floor coverings etc. A beautiful bathroom design in bright colors is presented to you on these 4 photos:

How beautifully to make a bathroom - photo of a red tile Beautiful interiors of bathrooms - a photo of a bathroom in mint-green colorBeautiful small bathroom - photo in white and pink color Beautiful bathrooms - photo in dark blue color

6. The role of lighting in a beautiful bathroom design

Built-in LED lighting will make the bathroom transformed into a modern or minimalist style, while luxurious chandeliers and sconces will bring a luxury feel to the classic design. Rate 3 photos, where beautiful bathrooms deserve to be considered as such due to unusual lighting.

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Beautiful bathroom - photo design in high-tech style Beautiful bathroom design with built-in LED backlightThe most beautiful bathrooms in the classic style

Beautiful bathrooms in private houses: 4 design ideas

Finally, we would like to give a few more examples of how today there are beautiful bathrooms. Private homes not only allow you to make the bathroom more, but give it an important feature in the form of a window. This element opens up unlimited design possibilities, from the placement of the bath at the window and ending with the installation of curvy curtains.

We suggest you enjoy these stunning real photos, which feature beautiful bathrooms in private houses.

How beautifully to make a bathroom - a photo of a fireplace in the interior Beautiful bathrooms - private houses real photos Beautiful bathrooms in private houses in a modern style Interior of the bathroom in the design of a private house - photo 2017

Beautiful bathrooms in the apartment (4 more photos)

Despite the smaller size, the beautiful bathrooms in the apartment are by no means a rarity. To save space, interior designers resort to compact and minimalist furniture, as well as more radical steps - uniting the bathroom with a toilet, using a shower instead of a bath. In the rest you can apply the above ideas and for the design of the bathroom in the apartment. How can a beautiful little bathroom look like - look at the last 4 photos in this article.

Beautiful bathrooms in modern style - photo in the apartment Beautiful small bathroom - high tech photo Beautiful small bathrooms - a photo in white and blue Beautiful bathrooms - photo of a combined bathroom in the apartment