Interior of a wooden house: colors, materials, decor

Interior of a wooden house

To develop the interior of a wooden house is an interesting task for those who do not think of suburban life without binding to nature, appreciate ecological materials, take care of the health of the family, consider the time spent in the forest as the best rest, and the most useful air is that impregnated with wood volatile compounds.

Spacious living room in the houseA spacious living room in the house of the Vikings

Wood finish - solid imitation of timber or logs, wooden overhead, set of panels from valuable wood species, oak wall panels, building of a parquet board through the wall to the ceiling - allow to realize the interior in any of the conceived steels from imitation of Old Russian to modern mixed styles or pure natural minimalism.

Wooden beams in the ceilingWooden beams in the ceiling

The interior interior of a wooden house can be created in a building built of other materials that are not subject to shrinkage.

Modern living room in bright colors

Dark wood on the ceiling and walls

Light touch of antiquity

If the people's style is chosen as a reference point for the interior, then it is necessary to pay special attention to the dominant colors, to give time to careful elaboration of details emphasizing the "Russian spirit". A large bleached or tiled glazed oven will immerse the room in the atmosphere of a fairy tale. The vaulted ceilings of the historical analogue (chambers, churches, light-boxes), because of the complexity of the design calculations and the high cost of reproduction, should be replaced by sloping, upward-lying planes in the premises of turrets, bay windows, tops of the towers.

Timber under antiquity

A real work of art will be the ceiling, painted in the Old Russian style. Thin interlacing flowers, patterns, leaves on a light or contrasting background (crimson, emerald-grass, azure), and in the children's room - heroes of folk tales, stars and smiling heavenly luminaries painted with bright natural colors and gold - these picturesque motifs, impressions from murals of objects of ancient Russian architecture, spread out like a luxurious silk tent, from which it is impossible to look away. Such a reception is very rare, requires the true skill of the artist, but causes indescribable delight in everyone who sees this perfection.

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Mixing styles in the house

Light wood in the combined living room and kitchen

Fashionable rustic: basic techniques

The modern rustic style contains not a direct and total, screaming in every detail, but a barely perceptible hint of love for the village, manifested through the use of wood, natural fabrics consistent with the style of colors.

House of logs with fireplaceHouse of logs with fireplace

The variation of the style "Russian North" implies the use of a tree, as if covered with hoarfrost. Fine woodcarving, a special tar flavor, filling the room with an invigorating spirit - that's what a wooden house is so much appreciated for. Silvery-gray, as if ironed by time and frost, a bleached canvas of curtains and furniture upholstery, laconic dishes of light colors - this range of materials used in the interior of a wooden house, inside creates a sense of purity, restraint, laconic friendliness, fully characterizing the owners. If the wooden variant of the Provence style is filled with solar heat, then the northern style can be defined as refined and cool.

Kitchen in the tree

In the "dacha" version the design of the wooden house is thoughtfully connected with the beginning of the last century or the time of the 60-70's. It was then that the word "dacha" acquired the importance of an easy, creative, happy life. Lace curtains with a large pattern, bouquets of dried flowers, wild flowers in opaque glass or ceramic vases, collections of amulets, iron irons, horseshoes, samovars will add color to the interior of the house in a rustic style and all this can be done by one's own hands.

Painted wood in the kitchen

Bathroom - a combination of wood and tiles

The tree is dark, the tree is light

The interior of the wooden house, emphasizing the material of manufacture, - rounded or oskurennoe log, glued or ordinary beam, their imitation over the frame structure, is performed in two versions - light and dark.

Kitchen with wooden ceiling

Bright living room

In most cases, owners of lumber or chopped houses prefer not to cover the "living" tree with leveling materials, but only to reveal the natural texture of the tree with tinting or colorless protective compounds. The palette of such compositions is extremely wide. To choose a shade corresponding to the owner's ideas about what the house should be like inside, follows by covering pieces of wood in several layers. Spruce, pine, cedar, larch, oak have a different color of wood, a light tone on the reddish cedar and gray-green oak will look different. Golden pine is most tolerant to coloring agents, gives an undistorted coloristic result.

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Living room with panoramic windows

Light dense color is used to give more decorative elements, if you paint with a matte paint of the logs of the walls in a dark color, they will resemble plastic cylinders, which immediately "make the interior cheaper".

Cozy small living room

Bathroom with gray wooden wallsBathroom with gray wooden walls and white ceiling

If you purchased an old wooden house where it is impossible to carry out restoration work and reveal the noble structure of a tree to emphasize the countryside atmosphere, try closing the walls with a gyro, and then decorating them to your liking.

Living room in minimalist style


Windows and textiles

The windows of the wooden house open the view of the surrounding landscape, ensure the unity of man with nature, so closing them with multi-layered curtain designs is sacrilege. When choosing a project, it should be tied to the terrain, oriented on the sides so that from all the premises you can observe the change of natural seasons, the time of day, enjoy the living greens and the colors of the garden. If the house is inscribed in a pine forest or stands on a hill on the shore of the bay, then the windows should be opened to meet the beauty of the world - otherwise, why did you choose such a site?

Solid glazing instead of walls

Projects of wooden houses with floor-to-ceiling glazing, a cubical style of Baltic design, minimalism, trimmed from the outside by vertical or horizontal wood paneling is an opportunity to build an eco-friendly house in a modern arrangement. "Walls" of energy-saving insulating glass make it possible to create the feeling that the owners live inside the forest, dissolving in it, receiving daily energy feeding. Such windows require only a minimal frame. Optimum use of roller blinds with automatic drive, closing the interior from the bright sun, protecting them from overheating, and decor objects from fading, creating a cozy evening atmosphere during the white nights.

Panoramic windows in the bedroom

Textile interior design of the house is selected depending on the overall tone of the finish. Cloths with deep folds look good against the background of the walls, if they contrast. In a bright interior, the "naive" prints (fine flower, peas, thin stripes) look beautiful and make possible the use of the Provence style inside the wooden house. On the whitewashed tree are appropriate cotton fabrics with a blue pattern. Depending on the style and purpose of the room, it can be English roses, Dutch genre walls, gzhel patterns, seafront prints or graphic ornaments.

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Wood with wood trim

Interesting decorating techniques and furniture

When choosing a decor, you must remember that the best companion for wood, if the design of the house is made in a calm style, are materials that have inherently natural components - clay, stone, leather, glass, metal. They will look good against the background of the log walls, while emphasizing the naturalness, the solidity of well-ground wood.

Biocamin in the mistBiocamin in a wall room

A few decorator tips:

  • a clear rhythm of the wooden logs is muffled by the one-color velvet upholstery of upholstered furniture, the rigidity of the wood massif of the floorboard is a deep pile of the voluminous carpet;
  • The dark matte wood is perfectly combined with the implicit glitter of leather upholstery;
  • open wiring, made in the form of twisted cords with rotary or push-button switches - "buttons" will add a special color to the interior of the house in retro style;
  • Decorating edging for joints of a round log can be a jute rope or a cotton rope of small diameter.
A bright spot in the form of a red chairClassic interior in the house with a bright spot in the design of the living room

Kitchen overlooking the nature

An interesting device decorating a wooden house inside can be a staircase with glass steps floating on floors between the floors. The combination of natural textures and materials created by man gives an unusual, extravagant appearance to modern eclecticism.

White wood in the living room

Selecting fixtures for a light interior of the house, prefer models made of dark metal with milk shades.

White hall in a wooden house

The glass ceiling lamps of the upper chandelier can be decorated with paintings, duplicate the wallpaper design or textile design. Side lamps of a similar design are better made monophonic, without patterns, so as not to break up interior spaces in small strokes.

Fireplace in a wooden houseFireplace in a wooden house A tiny wooden houseSmall wooden house

Living room in a wooden house Round walls and ceiling