Beautiful kitchen 2015: trends and photos

At the end of last year, we prepared for you material about the expected trends in kitchen design for 2015 (read the article here). Now that it is in full swing, it's time to look at the latest work of interior designers and evaluate what they really are - fashionable and beautiful kitchens of 2015.

Main trends in kitchen design 2015

Tendencies do not have to dictate the appearance of your kitchen, especially since each person has his favorite and unloved design styles and color combinations. At the same time, a moderate following of some of the trends will give your kitchen a new and stylish look that will not get bored with the years. The main thing that you need to do for this is to find the perfect balance between the elements of fashion and timeless classics. In this article you will see 50 photos of beautiful cuisines of 2015, in which such a balance was observed and which you can use as an example for inspiration.

But before proceeding to review our collection, pay attention to the main trends in kitchen design in 2015, so that later you can see how they were used in kitchens of different sizes and styles.

Trend 1. Luxurious wooden kitchen furniture

In the context of this trend, it is also worth noting that today furniture of dark, almost black shades, as well as unpainted wood covered with a protective layer, is becoming more popular. Elegant dark furniture for the kitchen is perfectly combined with the decor of rich red, lilac, golden and other rich tones, while natural shades of wood have become fashionable to combine with smooth and cold surfaces.

Beautiful Kitchen 2015 - a selection of 50 photosUnpainted wood and marble - kitchen design 2015

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Trend 2. Decor of warm metallic shades

Cold shades of metal go to the background, while the colors of gold, copper and bronze break forth and become the main trend of this year. Looking through the photos, you will see that the most beautiful kitchens of 2015 include lamps, fittings, dishes, tiles, mixers or other decorative elements of these tones. This trend, like the first, tells us that the kitchen ceases to be a "work area" and its stylish design is no less important than the design of the living room and other rooms in the house.

Shades of gold in kitchen design 2015Open shelves of copper tableware in kitchen design

Other popular trends:

  • Industrial fixtures в стиле лофт, красивые люстры или большие подвесные лампы — неважно, в каком стиле будут ваши кухонные fixtures, главное — чтобы они обращали на себя внимание вас и ваших гостей;

Кухонная мебель в стиле шейкер и яркие fixtures

  • Grey colour - it turns out, it just perfectly combines with cherry, orange, purple and other bright tones, and also helps to make any cuisine unique and fresh;

Beautiful Gray Kitchen 2015

  • Reception areas - Why do we need beautiful kitchens, if we just cook them? One of the most popular trends, not only in 2015, but in general in recent years, is the creation of cozy zones in the kitchen, where you can have fun with friends over a glass of wine. A soft kitchenette or a chic bar - the choice is yours!

Kitchen and dining room - interior design 2015

  • Minimalism and shaker-style — отличающиеся своей практичностью и простотой, эти стили никогда не выходят из моды и прекрасно вписываются в любые форматы. Использование этих стилей особенно рекомендуется для маленьких кухонь, ну, а чтобы сделать их более выразительными и интересными используйте золотистый декор и красивые fixtures!

Built-in sink and gray furniture in kitchen design 2015

  • Open shelves, functional dividers for kitchen cabinets, smart gadgets etc. Today it is fashionable to take care of intelligent and rational use of space!

Smart kitchen furniture with many sections

With the main trends, you are now familiar, so you can proceed to view a new collection of photos - beautiful kitchens of 2015. Thank you for reading Dekorin!

Beautiful Kitchen 2015 (photo)

Beautiful dark kitchen furniture Kitchen design in Moorish style Tiered ceilings in kitchen design 2015 Wood in kitchen design 2015Design of small kitchen in loft style

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Black walls and ceiling in the kitchen Kitchen design with bar counter 2015 Idea for a comfortable kitchen with a bar counter Simple kitchen in minimalism style Window in the interior - kitchen design 2015 A spacious kitchen in the style of a shaker Modern kitchen in loft style 2015 White modern kitchen in minimal styleKitchen design in blue 2015

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Kitchen design in black and dark colors Beautiful kitchen 2015 in the color of Marsala Beautiful kitchen design 2015 Fashionable loft-style kitchen with open shelves Beautiful kitchen in the style of luxury minimalizm Kitchen in Scandinavian style with a luxurious chandelier and decor Small kitchen in black color Шикарная мебель и fixtures для кухни 2015 Fashionable gray color in kitchen design Soft corner in kitchen design 2015 A small bar and red bar chairs Unusual furniture and bright decor in the design of the kitchen Luxurious kitchen with stone decoration 2015 Gray Kitchen Furniture 2015 Grey colour в дизайне кухни 2015

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Modern beautiful kitchens of 2015 Bold modern kitchen design Grey colour кухни с элементами марсала 2015 Kitchen in gray and shaker style Light kitchen in Scandinavian style 2015 Шикарные fixtures в дизайне кухни Furniture accessories for gold in kitchen design Mirror Floor Tiles in Kitchen Design Cheerful and colorful kitchen design 2015 Stylish design for the big kitchen 2015 Narrow small kitchen 2015 Copper frying pans in kitchen design 2015