Kitchen design in a wooden house - 60 examples of interior

Dining room and kitchen in one room

A tree is a universal material. With its help you can build all kinds of structures: from modest country cottages to upscale estates from a log house. However, regardless of the exterior of the wooden house, its atmosphere inside must meet all the requirements of coziness and comfort. And that the interior resembled a family nest, you should carefully choose the stylistic design. For example, the design of the kitchen in a wooden house can be performed in both vintage country style and in ultra-modern minimalism. It is recommended that starting a home is begun with a study of the recommendations of professionals, since this is a labor-intensive work. Consider the main aspects of the design of the kitchen.

This is important in the context of engineering communications. If the construction does not hide the pipes in special boxes, and hold them inside wooden walls, then such an experiment can result in an unpleasant break. It is better to use the open method and design masking of the wiring.

Finishing works must be carried out only after all the surfaces have dried, so that the fungus can not settle in the same wood. Glued beam in this regard is more protected.

Also it is worth remembering the banal rules of security. Since the wood material is combustible, all household heaters need to be located at a certain distance. For insurance, you can use insulation and fire retardants. An original method of protection can be a decorative stone. This natural material is in perfect harmony with the tree.

Stairs in the kitchen Suspended chandeliers in the kitchen  Plate in the middle of the kitchen  Light kitchen in wood  Fireplace in the kitchen  Beautiful kitchen decoration

Interior wall decoration

The most organic option for the interior decoration of a wooden house will be the same finish. This will create an image of clean environment for housing. Only here it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of a damp kitchen microclimate, which is disastrous for untreated wood material. The most popular options for finishing are the following:

  • Painting;
  • Gypsum board with decorative inserts;
  • Use of wall panels;
  • Use of natural stone in combination with wood.

Let's consider each of them separately:

  • Painting

Refers to budgetary methods for finishing planes. To take advantage of this simple variant of wall protection, it is necessary to properly prepare the surface. Clean it, sand it to a shine, then treat it with a primer and a special impregnation. Carry out the painting procedure better with a sprayer. When the surface dries, it can be covered with several layers of paint and varnish.

Council. It is recommended to use transparent materials to preserve the natural shade of wood. If the treated surface is characterized by spots, then the choice can be stopped on the tinting varnish.

Experienced designers can use several shades of a color palette to decorate a stylish kitchen. But even in this case, you can not do without the impregnation of wood antiseptic.

Paintings on the kitchen wall

  • Gypsum boardboarding

When there is no possibility or desire to bring internal planes in order, then in such cases resort to the aid of gypsum board. The use of this material is possible without necessarily leveling the surfaces. For the cladding, only the installation of a strong frame or profile is required. In the future, gipsokartonnye sheets can be covered with various finishes: from plaster or paint - to decorative tiles. In this case, a practical material can be used not only for walls, but also for a ceiling surface. It reliably conceals communications, heat and soundproof materials.

The ceiling of plasterboard in the kitchen

  • Wall panels
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To save the wood in the interior of the kitchen, you can use the usual lining. Also on the frame can be attached and panels from MDF. Their advantage over gypsum plasterboard is that these materials do not need finishing finish. They are initially self-sufficient, since they have a characteristic wood texture. The combination of the painted material with the texture of natural wood will also look stylish. However, some owners replace wooden products with modern PVC panels. This allows you to save on repairs, and at the same time to ease your life. For plastic panels are easily cut even with a conventional knife, easy to maintain. They are also able to imitate the texture of natural wood.

White kitchen furniture

  • Wood and stone

The use of beams or wooden boards for wall sheathing is strongly welcomed in the event that the kitchen boasts a large area. When there is no need to win every sector. Popular is the block house, which causes nostalgia for the village. Its advantage over the frame is the prevention of the occurrence of various cracks. Modern products are pre-equipped with a spike-groove system, which makes installation easy and simple.

To correctly place the accents in the kitchen, you can select a site near the heating appliances. For this it is recommended to use some kind of stone. It can be both natural and artificial material. Among the stylistic variants of the decor, mosaic and painting are popular.

Stone in the interior of the kitchen Stone wall and wooden ceiling in the kitchen  Kitchen made of stone and wood  Chandeliers with candles above the table  Fireplace in the kitchen  Bar counter in stone

Floor and ceiling finishing

The issue with the floor covering is quite simple. Suitable as a laminate or parquet, and carefully planed boards. The tile with the imitation of natural stone will also look good. The ceiling is somewhat more complicated, since it is necessary to mask the wiring. An open way to install it in the kitchen is not worth doing, as this room is quite an aggressive environment for communications. It is better to hide in a corrugated pipe or behind a trim on a frame. This may be the already mentioned drywall or cladding.

The combination of dark and light wood Beams on the ceiling  White furniture in the kitchen  Luxury furniture in the kitchen  Bar counter with chairs in the interior  Tile on the kitchen floor

Delimitation of space

Features of the construction of natural wood can safely experiment with space. Depending on the size of the area, you can combine the kitchen with a large dining room or a cozy living room. The first option is possible in large mansions, and the second is easy to equip in any house. To do this, you only need to leave the room without an interior wall. The remaining functional zones can be visually emphasized with the help of competent design. Consider zoning on specific examples:

  • Bar counter. Here you can use many options for optimal zoning. Suitable as a narrow table top, often used in urban apartments, and a three-dimensional bar counter in the form of an island in the kitchen. The latter is more functional because it serves simultaneously as a table and working surface. To it it is possible to put high bar stools, to provide drawers. A cutting surface and a decorative bar with alcoholic beverages will also fit here. The volumetric counter should be facing the attractive side to the living room. In every way, the finishing of this element of the interior with natural stone is welcomed.
  • Furniture partitions. Another option to differentiate the usable area is the original arrangement of pieces of furniture. Designate the boundaries can sofas, tables, kitchen islands with their large lockers. It's all up to the owners. There are no restrictions, except for the dependence on the chosen decor style.
  • Gradation in height. An interesting solution may be arranging the podium. Elevation visually divides the zones into functional segments. To supplement the high floor can be a ceiling beam or a change in the level of the ceiling itself. Also, the use of "deceptions" is allowed. When the hosts get by with a decorative carpet with a long nap in the living area, and the work area is decorated with beams from a slab or flat moldings made of wood. If after the construction of the house there are unused elements of glued beams, they can also be allowed to create a gradation in the interior. The contrast of rough material with a soft carpet convincingly delimits the kitchen space combined with the living room.
  • Colors and lighting. When there is no desire to set up obvious boundaries, you can use more subtle design techniques. This is done with the help of finishing materials and lighting fixtures. Local lighting for functional areas of the kitchen-living room allows you to decorate the surfaces in different shades. If the dining area is suitable for a massive chandelier, then for the working area it is better to use directional lamps. If instead of a dinner table in a recreation area there is a cozy sofa, its comfort can be emphasized by a nice floor lamp or sconce.

Very important! Knowing the basics of color combination will come in handy. After all, finishing materials must be selected harmoniously. It can be the use of gradations in the color of one gamut or play on contrasts.

  • Varying the intensity of color and light, you can create an amazing atmosphere of comfort. And that the contrast is not too conspicuous, it should be smoothed with unifying elements: an accent wall, colorful ornaments, and effective moldings.
  • Use of textiles. Tissue partitions are also appropriate in a log house. The kitchen design with their help becomes airy and atmospheric. Depending on the density of the material, the decor of the textile can provide an intimate coziness or present a feeling of lightness. Effective drapery can easily become a substitute for the usual door leaves between rooms. Sliding panels guarantee privacy, and stylish curtains adorn window openings. To textile material lasted as long as possible in the kitchen, it is recommended to supplement it with artificial fibers. Natural curtains made of weightless organza can hardly survive for a long time at constant temperature changes. It is better to use alternative materials for curtains, since caring for them is much easier.
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Wooden poles in the interior Glass doors in the room  Stairs to the attic  TV in the partition  Curtains between bedroom and living room  Partition behind the sofa

Design of a small kitchen

If the owners own a small summer residence, the arrangement of the kitchen-living room does not make much sense. Often the preparation of dishes is carried out in the open air with the help of a brazier. Consider some recommendations for decorating the kitchen:

  1. It is better to do without a massive finish, because in a small kitchen this will look too cumbersome. Elements of the block house are more suitable for spacious rooms;
  2. The amount of furniture is also worth checking, so as not to turn the kitchenette into a pantry. It is better to place a wide table-top with capacious curbstones, a stylish wash bowl and open shelves;
  3. Some elements of the furniture set should be decorated in the style of "handmade", as it is extremely appropriate in wooden buildings;
  4. To compensate for a tight space, you can use a transformable headset. These include sliding tables, roll-out shelving and cabinets.

The dimensions of each element must be correlated with the conditions of its operation. If the cottage is used only for rare visits on weekends or holidays, then part of the home appliances can be abandoned altogether. It will be enough to have a single-chamber refrigerator and a small hob. Unless you can leave a compact dishwasher, so that the owners do not have to clean up the kitchen on the day off. Thoughtful design gives the opportunity to restore order in no time. And since the style is the basis of a cozy interior, we will next consider the most popular options.

Paintings on the log wall of the kitchen An unusual lamp on the ceiling of the kitchen  White ceiling in the kitchen  Lamp above the window  The original chandelier above the table  Shelves on the kitchen wall

Stylistics of the kitchen interior

A competent selection of a furniture set, decoration materials and decorative accessories directly depends on the style of the future interior. Despite the features of wooden surfaces, in this house you can plan absolutely any design. It can be a pompous and artsy baroque, ultra-modern Scandinavian minimalism and even a technological high-tech. However, professionals strongly recommend to emphasize the merits of the natural material from which the house is made. They say that it's better to think about the spectacular supply of wood texture than to hide it under a heavy finish. Let's give several examples for an example.

Kitchen with light furniture Painting on a wooden wall  Wood and stone на кухне  Firewood by the fireplace  Table with chairs in the middle of the kitchen  Picture above the window


The natural atmosphere of a country villa will undoubtedly emphasize the ecological design. In addition, natural materials in the form of a log or glued beam are already available. The arrangement of an eco-style involves the following aspects:

  • Using an array for a furniture set;
  • The use of natural stone (stone sink);
  • The color palette is expressed in pastel, muted tones (for example, from cream to terracotta);
  • Use of plant materials for wall decoration (bamboo, jute);
  • Finishing the work area with ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware or wild stone;
  • Absence of variegated patterns and complex combinations of materials;
  • Using a game of different textures.
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Manufacture of self-made design elements is also strongly encouraged. It can be products from a variety of materials: rattan, vines, clay, decorative boards, dried flowers, etc. Stools of spills, racks of exotic wood and compositions from dried branches decorate the ecological interior of the building. Live vegetation is also allowed to participate in the creation of decor. It can be a green wall, dividing functional areas, landing onions, an exclusive vase with rare plants. Interesting are paintings from spices, crafts made of burnt clay, etc.

Kitchen with beams on the ceiling Table and green chairs by the window  Unusual chairs in the kitchen  Original chandelier in the kitchen  Kitchen with brick walls  Wood in the interior of the kitchen


Getting the country style to the point of no one is in doubt. This kind of interior design provides an abundance of natural wood, harmoniously blending into the overall decor. A cozy atmosphere is emphasized by the contrast of the rough texture of furniture and modern matte-tone technology. A sense of home comfort can supplement even the visible flaws in the finishing work. A natural crack in the woods will look like a certain highlight of the decor.

The advantage of the country is a lot of stylistic branches. To such, for example, include the American, French and Scandinavian variants.

  • In the first case, the emphasis is on the principles of ergonomics. Finishing materials are characterized by a light palette with wood inserts, and kitchen equipment - aesthetics of functionality. The area of ​​the room should be as spacious as possible. A typical variant of this decor is a kitchen with an island in the middle, combined with a dining room. Strict rules are not available here.
  • The French version of the village decor is also called Provence. He means an abundance of air and light. To provide a similar comfort, designers use a variety of light textiles, aged wood, various accessories from woven and forged materials. The furniture set is decorated with elegant curtains, and window openings - with exquisite frames. Often you can find paintings depicting rural life, clay products with characteristic figures of domestic animals.
  • In the Scandinavian country model, the severe influence of the local climate is felt. Laconic design is characterized by a combination of wood texture with a brick, metal elements. Untreated plaster gives color to the room, if its color is properly selected. At the same time, textiles play a secondary role, if not at all. This is due to the fact that the lighting from the windows should be unimpeded to enter the room. The furniture set is completed according to the principle of contrast: if everything is strictly and functionally in the work area, then in the rest zone you can find a lot of comfortable chairs and soft sofas. It is important to remember about the symmetry of the location of all attributes. Then they can accommodate the whole family.

Some experts separately distinguish the style of the chalet. See it as an alpine branch of the country. The main features of this design are often called the huge panoramic windows and colorful fireplaces. Therefore, the ceilings in the houses must be high, and the space of the rooms is maximally spacious.

The buffalo's head in the interior of the kitchen Beautiful furniture in the kitchen  Kitchen in country style  Original chandelier in the kitchen  Lamp on the ceiling of the kitchen  Beams in the interior of the kitchen

Vintage Fusion

Eclectic stylistics was able to absorb most of the known models of decor. Thanks to the principle of shebbie-chic, even modern products are artificially aged. The emphasis is on vintage furniture, worn wood surfaces, enamel paints. Many accessories of unique retro dishes or ethnic textiles will complement the romantic fusion atmosphere. In contrast to the Scandinavian laconicism, all kinds of details and extravagant antique accessories are welcomed here. It is important to remember about the harmony of the elements. It is necessary to play neatly with the colors and texture of all materials in order to combine the individual strokes into one composition.

Outrigger in the kitchen Lamps on the ceiling of the kitchen  Spacious kitchen in fusion style  Chandelier with light bulbs in the form of candles in the kitchen  Wall for brick in the kitchen  Unusual clock on the window


The development of a design project for a kitchen in a wooden house can bring immense pleasure to its owners. The room can be made in the most unpredictable style. The use of exclusive materials, emphasis on the natural origin of design, convenient delineation of functional areas - all this will be appreciated by the friends of the owners. The room can be made as a cozy corner for evening gatherings, and a luxurious reception area. It is enough only to "forget" to install a room wall with a living room. If the design skills or time is not enough, you can always turn to professionals.