Beige color and its combinations with other colors in the

Beige Bedroom

Increasingly, in the creation of interiors, the tendency is to approach quieter, more neutral tones. Basically, this is observed in styles, using natural materials of light shades where, often preference is given to beige. A modern person needs a comfortable, cozy place every day, excellent if this place is a house, with its embodiment of a home environment of balance, harmony.

  • Variety of colors
  • Wall decoration
  • Special features of the bedroom decoration
  • Registration of a children's room
  • Kitchen decoration
  • Decoration of the living room
  • What colors are combined

Variety of colors

In order to achieve harmony with your inner world, being in this or that room, you must strictly follow certain rules of the most acceptable combination of beige in the interior. The house, as a single organism, uniting all rooms that differ in specific features, represents one general trend, as a single harmoniously, detached, holistic system.

Stylish beige bedroom

To represent a diverse range of primary colors, as well as the options for combining them, it is enough to analyze the data from the table, which clearly shows not only the variety of colors, but also their natural influence on the human body. It is impossible not to notice that they all open the interior in beige tones.

Sofa in the living room

Wall decoration

I wanted to note the importance of decorating the walls, as the main, main background, relatively brighter and more saturated colors.

Consider the possible combination of a combination of the main palette of beige wallpapers:

  • combining with black, slightly can gravitate towards dullness and boredom, if accentuation on the walls will be aggressive to have a character;
  • a combination with golden, will look more simply and thoroughly, it is characteristic for stylization under the classics;
  • Combination with brown, typical for the selection of several walls;
  • combination with gray, require the addition of additional shades, bright colors;
  • Combination with the blue, acceptable to any in the meaning of the room, excessive supersaturation of paints can significantly cool the room.
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Minimalistic bedroom

In the selection of beige wallpapers, you should take into account all sorts of differences, the design of different in the thematic sense of the room. A good example would be wallpaper for the hall or living room, which carry a triumph and dynamics, where the topic with patterns will become relevant.

Light bedroom

But the feature of beige walls for the kitchen is the absence of dullness and boredom, for it is for this to bring into the monophonic relief more saturated and contrastive inserts, as a variant of an excellent combination with bright curtains. Strict and restrained wallpaper will emphasize the functional simplicity of the hallway or bathroom.

Bejeva cuisine

Special features of the bedroom decoration

Comfort, harmony and coziness carry beige tones, and it is in the bedroom that can undoubtedly fulfill its direct sphere of influence on man, least of all it is necessary to violate the carrier simplicity and versatility of the decorating options.

Beige Bedroom

It is possible to make the bedroom monophonic, or, as an option, dilute with bright inserts, and to avoid monotony, and the monotony can add a picture.

Interior in the bedroom

No less important in the design of the bedroom is the color of the furniture, which also should not disturb the relaxed atmosphere of relaxation. If the interior items are sufficiently massive, dark and saturated, simply can not harmoniously blend. Bright and sometimes white colors soften and add to the interior of the finest raisins, soothing tenderness. Curtains can be offered in any color, the only feature can be a resonance with the styling of the interior.

Decorating ZoloTam

Registration of a children's room

The main feature of the design of the children's room, in beige color, will be permissive uniformity, because when the child is still very small, and the main idea of ​​the room for crumbs is calm and pacification, absolute peace and a sound sleep.

Beige baby

Patterns can also take place, and absolutely combined with the image of fairy-tale characters, cartoon characters, motifs of floristry and cosmos.

Beige walls in the nursery

Kitchen decoration

In the kitchen, too light walls will get dirty, the presence of steam and moisture will have a devastating effect on wall coverings.

Beige Bedroom

Walls in beige tones can and even need to be combined with bright and juicy shades, giving this a fresh and lively atmosphere. In the combination, you can combine light green, blue, or pink.

Modern kitchen

To balance the color gamut, you need to set the general tone of the kitchen in a more saturated way.

Spacious kitchen

Decoration of the living room

Various decorations will skillfully complement the beige background of the living room. In this case, you can use photo wallpaper as a drawing, bright accents, glitter, inserts, floral compositions. The whole picture is a pretentious solemnity, bright decor elements, dotted compositions, various elements.

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Beige drawing room

Concerning the tone of the beige walls, a direct pattern comes from the dimensions of the room: for a relatively small room, only light shades will suit, dark ones will be pumped and made painful and sullen.

Beige drawing room When decorating a room, it is important to remember that whatever the room, living room or bedroom, children's or kitchen, in beige shades, it will be good enough, since this color affects a person with a certain magical power, the most important thing is that this is not an exception any room.

Cozy living room

Dull, actually monotonous, will be the interior, if the absolute beige is not combined, because you can feel this magic only through the right combination of shades. Thus, it can be noted that beige, together with a range of shades, is absolutely not simple and boring, as a false impression is initially formed.

Large Beige Living Room

If you resort a little to history, you should remember that the word "beige" itself is derived from a variety of unpainted cotton. In fact, this color can be attributed to the natural color, and highlight the following halftones: red, yellow, green, orange, pink. Possibilities of variations of a beige shade, from a pale cream color, to, actually brown.

Open living room

This color can be varied from light brown to sandy, or caramel color, gray. Its neutrality is manifested in the fact that it is neither cold nor warm, and as mentioned earlier, it introduces a kind of tenderness into the interior.

Cozy living room

This shade is characteristic of all traditional styles, and it also has a tendency to manifest in all new trends and manifestations. How this composition, as a result, will look, depends on the features of lighting and architecture.

Curtains in a natural

It is desirable, of course, to stick to the main points:

  • combine use with metals, gold, copper, bronze serve as an excellent example;
  • make bright accents on separate elements, an interesting lamp, an original decorated picture, the same unusual carpet with an intricate pattern. Any contrast will perfectly fit into the whole picture, make the beige shade play much more attractive.
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Beige drawing room

Correctly analyzing how the beige color in the interior will look, one can distinguish the following advantages of a shade in the interior:

  1. Actual expansion of real space, a source of additional color and freshness.
  2. Versatility, used in all types of premises, is suitable in fact for everything.
  3. An excellent result for a relaxing break from fussy everyday life.
  4. The variant of beige furniture perfectly fits into any previously formed thematic direction, guarantees an accurate connection with any colors of the walls.
  5. If we are talking about beige accessories, then it is already possible to breed excessive liveliness precisely with the help of these parts.
  6. It is quite affordable in the market of building materials, which will allow not to worry especially if there is a necessary replacement of one of the elements, or by adding to existing parts.

Beige living room

What colors are combined

Color mainCombination with flowersDo not combine with flowersHas influenceCombination with beige
GrayBlue, pink, yellow brown, blue, lilac, red, blackOrange, greenThe room becomes gloomy, dull, sad+
LilacChestnut, gray, light purpleBlack, brown, yellow, orange, red.Magical, incomprehensible, hidden, mysterious+
PurpleYellow, orange, golden, light green.Red, brown, gray, dark greenPeace and tranquility, wisdom and stability.+
PinkBrown, gray, bardYellow, orange, blackRomance and mystery+
BrownGolden, beige, gray, pink, yellowChestnut, burgundy, lilacCauses drooping depressed, depressed, with prolonged exposure+
BlueRed, gray, bard, goldenBrown, сиреневый, зеленыйSlightly not cozy space, coldness+
BlueLight purple, blue, red, orangeGolden, bard, yellowNot coziness, coldness, piercing sharpness+
GreenRed, yellow, bard, yellow, orangeBlue, фиолетовый, серыйSlightly relaxing effect+
YellowGray, фиолетовый, коричневый, зеленый, черныйBlue, сиреневый, бардовый, черныйArtificial saturation with sunlight+
RedBlue, серый, зеленый, золотистый, желтый, черныйBrown, каштановый, фиолетовыйExcites emotional filling. +
WhiteAny, contains all the spectra of colorsThere are no suchFeeling of elevation, refers to the cold+
The blackRed, серый, белый, желтый, зеленыйPink, сиреневый, бежевыйThe mystery of the room, and conditional narrowing.+