Designing a private house with your own hands: decorating

If you want to build a private house from scratch, then start reading from our previous article: Designing a house.

The layout of the rooms is thought out, but how do you make them look like a glossy magazine? Speaking of magazines. If you are going to design a private house with your own hands, then for sure you already have a collection of magazine clippings or saved photo interiors from sites like Pinterest or maybe even Dekorin))) If not - then it's time to start collecting them. Have you decided to decorate some of the rooms in style, for example, Provence? Then select the best photos of the interiors in this style and see which of these ideas you want to embody in your home.

Why make such a collection of house designs? Everything is extremely simple - at the subsequent stages of project implementation, it will be much easier for you to formulate an idea, the very concept of a residential space at home. Of course, do not blindly copy these interiors, the task is to have a foothold, from it and you need to push off.

Well, here we have prepared for you several secrets of interior design of a private home that will be useful to you on the path of realizing your dream.

Designing a private house with your own hands: tips and photos

1. Drawing up a color scheme: use 3-4 basic shades

When you create a design for a private house with your own hands, you must take into account how you are influenced by different tones and shades. Color creates a mood inside of us, it is able to inspire or tire, regardless of whether you like it or not. Look at your photo collection of private house interiors - what colors are most noticeable here?

We will not tell you which colors to choose - it's a personal matter for everyone, but we advise you to try a mixture of 3-4 favorite shades. One of them is the main color of your walls, the other is the color for large elements, such as curtains, an armchair or a sofa, and the third and fourth colors of small accessories such as pillows and other knick-knacks.

The most universal are the color schemes, which are based on some neutral or pastel shade, and the most vivid or favorite tone is chosen for large parts.

The design of a private house: the choice of color for the interior Repair and design of a private house with your own hands Interior design of a private house photo of a living room

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2. Add texture to smooth surfaces

If you do not want to focus on an interesting color scheme, then try to create a spectacular design of a private house with your own hands by comparing smooth and textured surfaces. Your bedroom can be framed in monochromatic scales, but at the same time look fascinating, thanks to the contrast between the fur cover and mirror tables. A bright living room in the Scandinavian style can inspire a combination of white linen curtains and crocheted upholstery with wicker chairs and roughly tied ottomans. One single textural stroke is able to revive the most boring interior design.

Wood in a stylish interior design Design bedroom private house in the style of luxuryDesign of the living room of a private house in Scandinavian styleDifferent textures in the stylish design of a private houseModern design of a private house inside

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3. Less is better

If you have a large room, this does not mean that it will need more furniture and decor. Simplicity is the highest level of complexity. You can make the interior with decor, shelves, side tables and indoor plants, and it will seem nice. But truly stylish spaces surprise with their elegance and beauty with minimal use of objects. Therefore it is recommended to use multifunctional furniture in small rooms, and in large rooms - large items.

As for the decor, the comparison of large and small elements works best here. This creates a cheerful and animating effect, while the use of exceptionally large accessories can make the interior raw and uncomfortable, but only small - too flashy and inexpressive.

Large living room in minimalist styleModern minimalist interior design of a private houseBedroom design of a private house with your own hands

Design of a private house in a classic style

Ideas for the design of a private house with their own hands The style of minimalism with the interior of a private house

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4. Create illusions with mirrors

Mirrors can give an unusual effect to any interior. Today it has become very fashionable to put high floor mirrors to visually increase the size of the room, or hang them on the walls so that they reflect beautifully the ceiling and wall lights. You can also find the original shape of a mirror or mirror in an unusual frame when you do not know what to decorate with a dark corner, an empty section of the wall or other uncomfortable place.

Mirrors in the design of a bedroom in a private house Beautiful mirrors in the design of the living room of a private house Large mirror for the hallway

5. Use dramatic lighting

The expressive shape of lamps and chandeliers can make the interior unusually spectacular and stylish. Is your room decorated in dark or bright colors? Add to them a sparkling chandelier for a glamorous effect! In the interior of a lot of wood? Emphasize its beauty with industrial lamps! And about the decorative possibilities of LED tape and say nothing! Think of lamps as a finishing touch, which is designed to add to the room exactly what it lacks.

Dining room of a private house with your own hands Ceiling lamp in kitchen design Lamps in interior design of a private houseWe use beautiful lamps in interior design Glamorous design of a private house with your own handsStylish design of the bedroom of a private house with your own hands

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6. Organize the decor

Even if you like, when various interior items look "accidentally" left. Bezdelitsy have an amazing property to accumulate, even if you are not a shopaholic. Souvenirs, brought from the holidays, gifts of friends for the New Year, books etc. things have to find their own place in your already thought out interior design. Use decorative shelves, trays, bowls and baskets to organize the storage of all these decor collections in a proper way. For greater effect, decorate them with threads of beads, frames with photos, candles, stones and other pleasant trifles.

Chandelier from the horn in the design of the living roomDecorating the living room with your own hands Wall shelves for decor in the interiorWe decorate a private house with our own handsUseful ideas for the design of a private house with their own hands

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7. Create a unique atmosphere

Creating a chic design of a private house with your own hands, do not forget that you still have to live here. Your dwelling should not look like a cold soulless exhibition center, and for this you will find useful indoor plants, fresh flowers in vases, romantic candles, aroma lamps and other items that help you relax and inspire.

Candles in the design of a private house Interior decoration of indoor plants Unusual winter design of the living room of a private house How to create a living room design with your own hands Flowers and other materials in the design of the living room and dining room

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8. Keep it clean

This is our last and, perhaps, the most important advice. You can spend a lot of time designing and creating a stylish design of a private house with your own hands, but if you do not keep it fresh, it can not bring joy to you or your loved ones.

Cleanliness and order in the design of a private house with their own hands Ideas for design and decoration of small rooms

All these little tips and tricks work perfectly together and will certainly help you create a beautiful, cozy and well thought out house. If you are not sure of the final result you achieved, then try to take a picture. Photo interiors will allow you to see the design of a private home from a different perspective and to consider where something went wrong.

Do you have any design tips that you would like to share?