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Inscription above the bed

The house is not just a man's fortress, where he can spend time with his family, relax after a day's work. He, like clothes, is able to express the inner essence of personality, thanks to certain decorative elements, interior solutions and findings. A popular trend that has become popular due to European designers, in the form of voluminous letters for the interior, as well as other typographic elements will be appropriate in every home. Thanks to a wide choice of options, it is possible to create a unique decoration of letters that will emphasize good taste, personality traits of the owner.

Letters above the shelf Decor of letters on the wall  Original decor in the room  Letters on the walls of the room  Wooden letters under the mirror  Alphabet on the wall

How to arrange the inscription?

Among the variants of the arrangement of voluminous letters in the interior are the following:

  • asymmetrical method. With this arrangement, an unusual composition is produced, in which letters of different shapes, colors, sizes are used. Such decorative letters for the interior are usually arranged in an arbitrary order, according to the tastes of the owner of the room. Experts advise not to get involved in the abundance of color solutions. It is best to use no more than four colors throughout the composition. Otherwise, the whole picture may lose some integrity;
  • alphabetical arrangement. Such decisions are especially relevant for the children's room as a teaching aid. Making the space more cheerful, colorful, they will develop, teach the kid, familiarize him with letters from an early age;
  • the arrangement of capital letters, individual phrases and long expressions. Such a decor will personalize the house, distinguish it from the homes of other people. In the child's room, you can also use whole words in the interior. Above the bed, on the door or above the table, you can place the name of the owner of the room. Favorite phrases, utterances, letters of names of each inhabitant will give an emotional coloring, promote the unity of all members of the family.

Attention, do not use in the voluminous letters of the bedroom or other room more than four colors.

Letters above the bed Photo on the shelf  Dark letters on a light wall  Painting and figurine on the floor  Multi-colored letters above a cot  Unusual chair in the interior

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How to make a similar decor?

Interior letters are made of a variety of materials, so that they can satisfy everyone's tastes. They can be created even independently, possessing any improvised material. To create letters for the interior you can use leather, plastic, wood, suede, foam rubber, metal, and also combine these materials with each other. The simplest in the manufacture option is a flat letter or an inscription on the wall. The volumetric elements are more complicated and require a lot of time. Original wall inscriptions from thick wire look original. Such an accessory can be supplemented with colored threads, beads, ribbons.

Letters on the cupboard

Also, the letter decor can be made of fabric. To sew a soft pillow in the form of a letter you will need only the initial knowledge of sewing, the ability to create a pattern and sew a fairly simple product. Another kind of letter decor is the inscriptions on the walls. The element is executed using a marker, paint, and using a stencil. They can be performed in different languages, combining them with each other and creating creative combinations. An interesting addition will be words and phrases made of buttons, different laces, braids, varieties of sea shells, beautiful pebbles.

Letter with illumination Letters of paper  Mirrored letters  The decor of the letters in the bedroom  Pillows and letters on the wall  Beautiful decor of letters

Where to place the letter decor?

Letters on the wall in the interior can be used, first of all, to bind to the owner of this or that space. Among such elements, you can use the capital letters of the family name, own name, letters of the child's name. Also, the use of wooden letters in the interior, which form words and various winged phrases, has become common. Such additions will be relevant not only on walls, ceiling. They are placed in the room of any functional. They are good for the following locations:

  • coffee table;
  • shelves;
  • fireplace;
  • Chest surface;
  • window sill;
  • steps of the stairs.

Thus, the interior letters will be an ornament for the living room, bedroom, children's room, study, kitchen, corridor, hallway.

Interesting design of letters White furniture and blue walls  Hanger with letters  Multi-colored letters on the wall in the bedroom  Letters with bows  Shelf with letters

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Using an alphabetic decor in the living room and study

For a similar kind of art in the living room you can select a whole wall. They can be combined with photos in frames, creating fashionable design solutions in any style. From this spacious apartments will look more bright and original. Letters from soft materials can be decomposed on the floor, sofa. During family film screenings or gatherings with friends, these elements will act as pillows, creating additional comfort.

Pictures and letters on the living room wall

In such a strict room as an office, you can use words from a tree in the interior. They will look expensive, original, emphasizing the unusual taste of the owner. Motivating phrases over the workplace will inspire the desire to work, fight fatigue.

Modern interior of the living room Pictures and letters on the living room wall  Fashionable design of the living room  Chest of drawers with letters  The letters above the table  Creative design of the living room

The use of letters in the kitchen and in the interior of the bedroom

In order to create a similar decor on the wall of tile, you will need products of photo printing. Very unusual look kitchen accessories, made in the form of letters for decor. In this form, various packagings for cereals, saltcellars, peppermints can be presented. On the refrigerator you can place letters-magnets, and to create a harmonious interior add a table with cups with prints. You can also decorate the textiles of the kitchen with the inscriptions. They will look appropriate on aprons, curtains, tablecloths. With the help of such decorative extras, you can update the appearance of chairs, potholders, kitchen towels.

Letters at the head of the bed

In the bedroom, an alphabetic element creates a home comfort, charges with a positive. Here you can find not only words on the wall in the interior, but also on the ceiling. Various neon phrases placed in the ceiling area will create an unusual highlight that will perform a decorative function. At the head of the bed will look beautiful names, affectionate words, pleasant expressions.

Pictures and letter above the bed Letters illuminated on the bedroom wall  Original armchair and lamps near the bed  Tree in the interior of the bedroom  Letter above the bed  Beautiful bedroom decoration Letters on the wall at the table  Wall for brick in the kitchen  Original chandelier in the interior  Bar stools in the kitchen  Letters with illumination in the interior

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Decorating a nursery with the help of letter accessories, decor

Being one of the most popular rooms for decorating with the help of interior letters, the children's room allows to embody any imagination and creative idea. Above the crib of a small child you can put his name, and the work area of ​​the first grader to decorate the alphabet. In this case, for better memorization, you can use the English version. Letters will help to divide the room space into zones. This is suitable for apartments where two children live in one nursery. Older children will find it interesting, together with adults, to participate in the decoration of their room. The child can choose colors, add ornament, peas, flowers to the letter elements.

Letters above the bed в детской Letters above a cot  Letters with bows на стене  Letters with illumination in the nursery  Bright children's design  Wooden horse at a cot

Accessories with letters and pieces of furniture form letters

In addition to the usual placement of letters on the shelves or the wall, today you can choose more original options for placing this type of decor. They can be found in the form of furniture, made in the form of letters. Among such products are various shelves, cabinets, cabinets. They will give originality to any apartment or house, suitable for premises in the style of Provence, avant-garde, futurism, classical and others.

Shelves for books in the form of letters Original shelf  Locker in the shape of a letter  Plates in the form of letters  Heart and letters on the couch  Name of the pillow letters

Of accessories, soft pads with prints, decorative plates and other dishes with letters, frames for photos, book stands, record boards, lamps are very popular. Refresh the appearance of any style of room will help wallpaper with letter design and original print in the form of inscriptions, romantic phrases, winged expressions in different languages.