Interior of a country house in the role of a love nest

Interior of a country house in two levels

Interior of a country house with a mezzanine level

We often consider the interior of a suburban house of compact dimensions from the point of view of aesthetics, first of all evaluating the external attractiveness of one or another of its components. But there is one important question that visits many, but rarely sounds out loud, and it concerns the most intimate sphere of a person's life.

So is it possible to enjoy intimacy with your beloved (or beloved) in a small house, or in reality, closeness only contributes to the dissociation of partners?

We are sure of one thing: no one is ready to give up sexual pleasures only because of the modest dimensions of his home. Consoles it that there are a lot of happy couples in all respects who live in small and even very small houses. They know for sure that one must creatively approach a certain process and find ways to organize it outside the sleeping bed.

Electronic fireplace under the stairs in a small country house

Just imagine what interesting opportunities are opened before enthusiastic lover ladder, strengthened handrails and hammocks!

Of course, the design of the bed is also worth considering. The lifting bed will provide space saving, while the mezzanine on the mezzanine is a more private option.

Here, however, there is something to think about, because the romantic mood will disappear instantly, if one of the partners in the heat of passion hit his head on the low ceiling. But people experienced in these issues believe that you need to be able to adapt to existing conditions in order to be able to have fun in any situation.

Interior of a country house with a pull-out bed Bedroom under the ceiling in a small country house Small bedroom under the ceiling

But let's not forget that the relationship between partners is not just sex. The scarcity of square meters forces people to develop communication skills, adjust themselves to each other and adjust their regimes. This reason, along with the need to be resourceful in love pleasures, allows, according to many psychologists, to avoid quarrels and alienation between spouses.

In the end, buying a large mansion in a mortgage can lead to the collapse of not only the family budget, but also family relations. And this is especially true for young couples. Currently, more than 30% of divorces in America are due to disagreements over financial matters.

On the other hand, a person who has built a house for living together with his own hands acquires a special sexual attraction in the eyes of his partner. Even if it is a very modest monastery.

A small country house on wheels Porch at a small country house Building a small country house

Perhaps, this concept will not be accepted by all. However, conscious abandonment of visible comfort often results in greater financial freedom and strengthening of relations. After all, good sex is just one of the components of a life together, albeit very tasty.

Do you agree that love is especially hot in crowded surroundings?