Paintings for interior in loft style

Paintings for interior in loft style

To decorate the dwelling with paintings by mankind came up with so many years ago. To transfer visual images, thoughts, emotions to the canvas with the help of paints and brushes began literally at the beginning of the last millennium, while drawings on the walls with the help of improvised tools were performed by cavemen.

The paintings of this era did not pretend to create a radically new style of painting or graphics, but as brightly reflected the surrounding reality, the attitude of various artists to it. The vast majority of canvases are characterized by the coldness of the colors, the severity of the lines, the absence of unnecessary details. Many of them also fit neatly into the minimalist interior. It is important that what is depicted in the picture does not create a dissonance with objects located in the interior itself, it was not "superfluous" here.

Interior in loft style with paintings

Other features of the design of canvases in the loft style:

  • colors predominantly light, cold, but as single contrasts, certain bright compositions are allowed;
  • for a black and white interior, a portrait in red-brown tones will suit, and gray-beige abstractions will organically surround the walls of red bricks, refreshing it;
  • paintings should be in harmony with other loft decor - ceiling oak beams, shining pipes, numerous wires, concrete walls, panoramic mirrors in simple frames;
  • minimalism in design - the less on the canvas of lines, colors, details, the more primitive the image, the better, the detailed paintings of realist artists here are completely out of place.

The location of each element of the interior must be carefully planned - all unnecessary should be immediately removed.

Shelves along the wall  Concrete walls in the living room  Pot with a flower by the window  Armchair by the window  Deer above the fireplace

Canvas variants

Paintings for the loft interior are made on almost any materials:

  • on traditional linen canvas;
  • roughly processed or completely smooth board;
  • any fabric stretched on the frame;
  • on a transparent, frosted glass;
  • conventional or photographic paper;
  • on the remains of wallpaper;
  • on primed cardboard, fiberboard, chipboard.

Many variants of paintings are easy to make by themselves, even without being an artist. Collages of slices of glossy magazines, children's drawings, framed in a self-made frame, abstractions of threads and nails stuffed in a certain contour, colored stamps and close-up decorate the interior in the loft style.

Painting on boards

Selecting pictures

Art canvases are chosen depending on the taste preferences of the owners of the house, apartment and set the mood for the whole room, periodically updated, being replaced by others. When choosing interior paintings by size, one should take into account the area of ​​the dwelling - not everyone can boast of hundreds of square meters, ceilings, as in the palace. The smaller the dwelling, the more small objects of decor in it place, but very tiny pictures do not look very much to the point.

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There are no excessively strict rules, but it is preferable that the paintings create a vivid contrast with the surrounding space. Since the basic colors of the interior in the loft style are white, gray, brick-brown, they can easily accommodate a huge variety of art paintings, almost any posters. The main thing is not to overload the interior with unnecessary details, especially small ones, not too expressive.

Paintings in the interior in the loft style

Retro, vintage, baroque - paintings of these styles look very shocking in the standard "post-Soviet" interiors. Nevertheless, individual elements in the design of the loft of paintings will come very close to the place. Volumetric paintings of iron parts, remnants of motorcycles, pipelines, alarm clocks are often very advantageous, especially in rooms of sufficient area.

Living room combined with kitchen  Pipes on the wall  Beams on the ceiling  Lamp over the sofa  Dining table by the septum


Most often these are reproductions of famous artists of the middle of the last century, such as:

  • Kazimir Malevich;
  • Marc Chagall;
  • Pablo Picasso;
  • Gustav Klimt;
  • Vincent van Gogh;
  • Frida Kalo;
  • Salvador Dali;
  • Zinaida Serebryakova;
  • Paul Gauguin.

Kazimir Malevich

Many portraits created by modern hyperrealists or amateur artists will also come up in the topic. It can be a large-format image of a person or a part of it, belt portraits or full-length, including group. Suitable photos of household members and just some beautiful people within.

Marc Chagall  Pablo Picasso  Gustav Klimt  Vincent van Gogh  Frida Kalo

Graphic arts

From the graphics, including photo images, the following motives are suitable:

  • Modern metropolis in gray-blue tones;
  • black and white contours of trees, silhouettes of people, animals, birds;
  • contrasting geometric shapes, chess, stripes, zigzags;
  • letters, numbers, inscriptions, slogans;
  • pointers, logos within the framework;
  • images of cartoon heroes;
  • fragments of the safety instructions with pictures;
  • Soviet propaganda posters;
  • pin-up photos;
  • widescreen multiplication table, black and white test bench;
  • works by artists Robert Banksy and Andy Warhol.

Graphic arts

Large bright posters depicting famous rock musicians, pop stars, politicians will be very appropriate. Silk screen printing, screen printing will complement the interior in an original way.

Lev  Elephant  Cat  Falcon  Face


Colorful or black and white simple abstraction is easy to draw yourself by simply selecting the colors that you like. This may be an uneven gradient transition from one bright color to another, a heap of cubes, balls, curls, diffuse faces that overlap each other. Under the concept of abstraction in the interior, one way or another, fit some pictures of famous Cubists, Fauves,

From reproductions of paintings of artists the following are suitable:

  • "The Black Square" by K. Malevich;
  • "Yellow-red-blue" by V. Kandinsky;
  • "Fiery Evening" by P. Klee;
  • "Painting" by H. Miro;
  • "Harlequin with a guitar" J. Marriage;
  • "Island" D. Ismailov;
  • "Loving figures" by D. Ball.

Paintings, in all colors depicting the working mechanisms in detail, various textures, cosmic plots, also look good.

    Painting by H. Miro   

Modular pictures

Segmented or modular paintings are gaining popularity every day. They consist of several parts, the same or different size, shape, representing diptychs, triptychs or polyptychs. To create them, any image is "broken up" into several separate fragments. On the wall the parts are mounted at equal distance from each other or slightly chaotic, but the image should still be guessed.

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Modular pictures

Very popular diptychs and triptychs, imitating rusty metal canvases.

Wave  Sakura  Orchid  Lake  Dolphin

Image maps

A modern or ancient geographical map of the world will decorate the central part of the wall. The card is printed from an old book or the Internet using a laser printer, attached to a wall on a double-sided adhesive tape, or inserted into a frame. It is interesting to look at the map, where the texture of the continents and islands is made of brick. Modular, abstract maps of the world, of individual countries, continents, "Middle Earth" or "Seven Kingdoms" lands, bright, slightly shabby "antique" will perfectly fit into the industrial interior.

A star chart is also a good solution. It is performed on a single canvas, from individual modules, in the form of two separate hemispheres - the southern and northern skies.


Wooden Paintings

Paintings on wood are made by the method of decoupage, string-art, burning, drawing with pencils and paints, UV printing. Such images do not require frames, and the quality of wood does not necessarily have to choose good. The canvas, whipped down from the boards of old euro pallets, will look even more organic than a well-grounded fragment of the array.

Объемные резные панно, раскрашенные вручную, с изображением индустриальных, космических сюжетов, также выглядят уместно. Modular pictures с резными орнаментами создадут гармоничный ансамбль с деревянной мебелью. Их также можно слегка искусственно состарить.

Painting from wood

The image on the wooden surface of the world map, for a complete match to the interior, is made "under the old days" - pale, with missing fragments, on cracked, eaten-up bugs.

Ukraine  Desert  Indian  Forest  Horses

Pictures for the kitchen

In the kitchen one bright canvas, a whole series of pictures form the dining area. They are placed above the dining table on the wall, suspended shelves. If there is such a complicated element in the kitchen as a vent box, which will be in the order of things for loft style, one or two pictures adorn it. It can be images of vegetables, fruits, bouquets, various fences, pasted on a cloth or a board.

Paintings in the kitchen in the loft style

Empty frames, contrasting with walls, can also be an independent element of decor. As an option - insert clean sheets of paper in them or stretch the shiny contrasting fabric.

Chandelier over the table  Table-island in the kitchen  Tile under the stone on the wall  Kitchen with dining room  Shelf on the wall in the work area

For the living room interior

In the interior of the living room the most appropriate are the large canvases. A colorful diptych will become a bright frame for a flat screen TV, and a series of small paintings will decorate a mantelpiece. Around the sofa you can hang colorful photos, pictures in the shape of an oval, a rectangle, an abstract figure.

All images are located at the eye level of a person standing or sitting - the middle of the work is then located at an altitude of about one and a half meters. If they are hung in a row, then align the upper or lower edge. Large canvases are illuminated with individual lamps, LED strip.

Picture in the living room in the loft style

Huge floor paintings will perfectly decorate the interior, but they should be placed so that it is convenient to look from a distance equal to at least one diagonal of the canvas - for this, the room should not be too cramped to stand not in the "prick" to the wall. When floor structures are not fixed, their safe placement should also be taken into account. If possible, everything that should not be excessively mobile is strengthened with the help of specialists.

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Design in the loft style often provides a fireplace. Most often, it happens to be "fake", but some amateurs are equipped with fully capable. Fireplace shelf in most interiors is quite roomy - here you can find black-and-white photographs of the family within the framework, as well as photos of the last years from the best resorts in the world.

Pillows on the floor

If there are mirrors in the room, you should avoid repeatedly reflecting the pictures in them - this results in a tremendous reduction in space.

Sofa under the window  Brick wall in the living room  Suitcases in the interior  Vases on the floor  Corner sofa in the living room

Selecting pictures в спальню

In the bedroom it is not advisable to place many pictures, especially those executed in aggressive tones - red-green, yellow-violet, black-orange, giving preference to pastel shades, monochrome compositions, sepia.

A large cloth is placed above the head of the bed. If this is the bed of the newlyweds, the theme of the painting should concern love - colorful hearts, verbal confessions in different languages, graphic images of a pair of swans, parrots-inseparers.

Pictures in the bedroom in the loft style

In the bedroom there is often a dressing room - a small room, a niche behind the partition. This screen also usually has its own, combined with a common background pattern, but the pictures on the outside of it are also chosen contrasting.

It is desirable to have pictures in places inaccessible to the sun, otherwise they have a chance to burn out too quickly.

Lamps on the floor  Armchair by the bed  Skin on the floor  Puffy at the window  Indoor sapling in the interior

For children

Children's room in the loft style, in terms of selecting paintings, gives a huge scope for creativity. Picture decor here can be made not only beautiful, but also functional. A realistic, detailed map of the world, posters with letters and syllables, for learning toddlers, multiplication table or road signs will be relevant here. The brightest children's drawings, panels of cones and chamomiles are inserted in a frame, placed on a shelf, and collages of pieces of glossy magazines - on the back of a bunk bed. Interior can be supplemented with silhouettes of heroes of your favorite cartoons or large black and white photos of children themselves.

Paintings in children's loft style Pot with a flower on the window  Toys on the shelf  The lamp on the tumbocke in the roof  Red chandelier in white interior  Work desk by the window

Variants of the location of pictures

To place pictures, posters, photo collages can be anywhere, it is important that they do not clutter the interior, preventing normal movement. The most convenient places for this purpose are:

  • shelves - fit any: wall, in cabinets, shelves, over the fireplace. They will accommodate not too large images within the framework. It is possible to place a whole conceptual series;
  • walls - in any rooms, corridors, above stairs;
  • ceiling - here is placed a large-format image of the starry sky or any discreet abstraction;
  • protrusions, niches - canvases within the framework of simply put there or mount on a wall;
  • floor - huge images in heavy frames are placed on the floor, in a position leaning against the wall.

Paintings on the walls in the interior in the loft style

It is not recommended to place them where there is a chance to hit and drop, for example, in the hallway, the nursery.

Hammock in the office  Painting over the sofa  Red chest of drawers in the bedroom  Bicycle on the wall  Motorcycle in the living room


Any house, a city apartment, decorated with at least a few paintings, looks very cozy, which is especially important in the spacious premises of the lofty terriers. Abstract, picturesque, graphic canvases, if properly chosen, create a unique charm, giving the design a complete look.

It is also important to observe the conceived color scheme. Selecting the coloring for the rooms, with windows facing north or north-west, you should choose warm, bright colors. When it comes to windows to the south, south-east, cold, light or moderate-dark colors are acceptable, not violating the overall harmony of the interior.