Stylish decor with your own hands: crafts made of concrete

Believe it or not, but concrete is a very versatile material that looks attractive in any interiors and can be used to create a stylish decor with your own hands. Looking at the following selection of crafts from the site Dekorin, you will be convinced that you can make concrete pots, lamps, candlesticks and other attractive things for your house yourself and using the simplest tools.

Combining such an opportunity as decorating with your own hands with unique properties of concrete, you can achieve stunning results when decorating an interior design of a particular room. It is only necessary to include a little imagination, as new ideas will not take long to wait, just manage to implement.

Try to make such decor yourself?

Home decor: home accessories from concrete

Concrete is considered a rough material and therefore before it was little used in interior decoration. In many ways, thanks to this, today the decor of concrete looks very unusual and original; it turned out that he has an amazing ability to emphasize the beauty of other materials - wood, metal, textiles etc.

Below we have collected some of the most interesting accessories for the house, which can be manufactured by you yourself. Meet - charming concrete decor with your own hands!

How to make candlesticks with your own hands Beautiful decor with own hands made of concrete Stylish homemade decor for the garden Instructions for creating a decor by yourself Crafts for home made of concrete by own hands Pot for a houseplant with your own hands Stylish pots for plants with their own hands Do it yourself: a stylish flower vase Decor for table decoration or shelves of concrete Useful articles of cement Concrete stand under the tablet with your own hands

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Beautiful lamp with your own hands Homemade pendant lamps made of concrete Homemade table lamp made of cement Garden lights with own hands made of concrete

Self-made concrete tables and tables

Perhaps, homemade tables, coffee tables and countertops made of concrete are the easiest to make.

As you could see above, the most necessary for the creation of a concrete decor with your own hands is the form into which a grout is poured. In the manufacture of small interior accessories, plastic bottles, glasses and containers, as well as dense cardboard - materials, which can be easily removed from the surface after hardening of concrete, can act as this form. But in order to produce such a dimensional object as a table, you may need more serious efforts. However, the result is worth it. Homemade concrete tables can have this kind and function that you need.

Homemade table made of concrete and wood Table in the living room with your own hands Stylish decor with their own hands: a coffee table Concrete tables with their own hands Homemade table on wheels Crafts for the home: beautiful table Beautiful homemade tables and decor for home Homemade kitchen countertop made of cement

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