Cassette roller blinds - how to make the right choice

Cassette roller blinds can be called an alternative to traditional curtains. They fit well into any interior, give the room a cozy and sun-proof. Decorating the windows in this way, you will not go wrong: it's style, comfort and an indicator of excellent taste. Today, Dekorin introduces you to the modifications of roller blinds, and a colorful photo-selection in this will help us.

Types of cassette roller blinds - about zebras and not only

Roll-blinds can be divided into several types, depending on the fabric used in them. Analyze the possibilities and select the most relevant for yourself option:

Transparent and translucent

The first in properties are similar to the usual tulle. They let in a lot of natural light. More often used in combination with classic curtains. The latter block access to the direct rays of the sun, providing a soft, diffused light.

casseted roller blinds, photo 1cassette system of roller blinds for windows, photo 2casseted roller blinds, photo 3

Zebra cassette and roller blinds

The feature of "zebra" is a clever fabric with alternating transparent and opaque bands. The curtain consists of two layers of this fabric. Shifting bands on two canvases relative to each other allows you to gently adjust the luminous flux: from good light to full light insulation. Very similar to the usual blinds!

zebra curtain roller blinds, photo 4cassette blind zebra curtains, photo 5zebra curtains, photo 6cassette blind zebra curtains, photo 7cassette blind zebra curtains, photo 8

Cassette Roll-blind Blackout

Absolutely lightproof fabric and tight fitting to the window 100% overlap the street light access to the room. With them, your sleep will not be disturbed by flashing traffic lights, or night lights.

From the outside they can be additionally equipped with a special reflective layer, which will not allow the room to overheat in the summer.

cassette roller blinds blackout, photo 9cassette roller blinds blackout, photo 10cassette roller blinds blackout, photo 11cassette blinds blackout, photo 12

Roll system of curtains "Day-Night"

It consists of two rolls of fabric (light transparent and dense), each of which is equipped with an independent lifting mechanism. You can omit the translucent curtain during the day and hide behind a thick curtain at night.

cassette roller blinds blackout, photo 13

The difference between roll and cassette curtains - we understand mechanics

Roller blinds

The standard and simplest roller blind is a cloth that is wound on a roller. It can easily be fixed not only on the window, but also on the wall, doors and even on the ceiling. The weighting agent in the lower part of the web provides good tension. Roller blind is the basic model, it is the basis for other options.

cassette roller blinds for windows without drilling, photo 14cassette roller blinds with spring mechanism, photo 15cassette roller blinds with photo printing, photo 16cassette roller blinds by hand, photo 17

Roller blinds кассетного типа

More advanced models are supplemented by a so-called cassette. This is a special box made of aluminum or plastic, which closes both the curtain roll and the mechanism that drives it. Such a system looks very neat and protects the folded fabric from dust.

cassette roller blinds uni on plastic windows, photo 18cassette roller blinds uni, photo 19ready-made cassette roller blinds for plastic windows, photo 20cassette roller blinds uni 2, photo 21

Cassette roller blinds with side guides

Guides are special profiles that are attached to the sides of the window frame on a double-sided scotch. They allow you to lock the curtains close to the glass. Systems with guides are particularly convenient for inclined windows. They also help to achieve full insulation of the premises in conjunction with a cloth blackout.

cassette roller blinds with guides, photo 22cassette roller blinds with guides, photo 23cassette roller blinds with guides, photo 24cassette roller blinds with guides, photo 25

Cassette roller blinds with spring mechanism

Cassettes of this type can be fixed not only in the upper, but also in the lower part of the window. The spring mechanism allows you to close the shade in the direction from the bottom up, and also fix it in the semi-open position at the correct height. Priceless find for those who live on the ground floor and wants to protect the apartment from prying eyes from the street.

cassette roller blinds, photo 26cassette roller blinds with spring, photo 27

Cassette roller blinds on plastic windows - mini or uni?

Systems of roller blinds, which are mounted directly on plastic windows and doors, enjoy, perhaps, the greatest love and popularity. After all, they are the most compact: they close the glass, but leave the window sill open. You can safely use it as a table or grow flowers there, curtains do not interfere with convenient access.

cassette roller blinds for plastic windows, photo 28ready-made cassette roller blinds for plastic windows, photo 29plastic casseted roller blinds, photo 30

A separate system is attached to each leaf. This makes it convenient and easy to open the window even with the curtains lowered.

Small and standard-sized windows can be installed without drilling a double-glazed unit. Double-sided tape is able to reliably hold the light structure.

uni cassette blinds for plastic windows, photo 31cassette roller blinds on plastic windows photo, photo 32

Let us consider the main varieties of such models.

Roller blinds мини

Mini - the most economical option for roller blinds. They dispense with a cassette-box and without guides. For a more snug fit to the window, especially when opening, the bottom of the curtain can be fixed by a magnet. The same principle of fixing the mini-curtain canvas is also used for inclined plastic windows.

mini cassette roller blinds, photo 33cassette roller blinds for plastic windows, photo 34mini cassette roller blinds, photo 35cassette roller blinds for plastic windows, photo 36

Cassette roller blinds UNI

UNI is a recognized favorite among cassette roll systems. The box and guides are obligatory here. A wide range of colors allows you to choose them under the color of the window frame, so that all this will look like a single whole. A spring mechanism can also be installed in the system, the merits of which we spoke above.

cassette roller blinds uni, photo 37cassette roller blinds uni 2, photo 38cassette roller blinds uni 1, photo 39roller blinds cassette system, photo 40

Produced in the UNI-1 and UNI-2 versions, which have a number of important differences.

  1. In both cases, the blind is hidden in the cassette, but UNI-1 has a more compact one. The base of the UNI-2 cassette has a substrate with a width of 10 mm. Accordingly, the profile of the guides has a different shape: flat in the first case and convex in the second.cassette blinds uni, photo 41
  2. The UNI-1 system is fixed to the glazing beads of the window: the cassette is on the upper bezel, the guides are on the side. Therefore, it is demanding on the size and shape of the glazing bead. It must necessarily be rectangular, with a width of at least 10 mm. On the shtapiki of a different size and shape (figured, rounded, inclined, etc.), it is physically impossible to install a uni-1 system! UNI-2 is attached to the frame of the plastic window, so the width and shape of the glazing beads do not matter, they can not interfere with the installation of the system. Uni-2 can be installed on any plastic window.
  3. UNI-1 reduces the size of the light opening: the cassette is approximately 45 mm, and the side guides - 20 mm on each side. For small windows, this can be a significant loss. UNI-2 is outside the glass, so the size of the light opening is not affected.cassette roller blinds, photo 42
  4. In UNI-1, due to the place of its attachment and the flat form of the guides, the fabric web moves next to the glass. When condensation forms, it can become wet and adhere to the glass. This threatens to damage the lifting mechanism. In UNI-2, the cloth is insured against direct contact with glass.cassette roller blinds uni 1, photo 43
  5. In closed form, the lower bar of the UNI-1 system closely approaches the lower bead. If the window has problems with geometry, a gap is formed through which light penetrates. For curtains, blackout is an extremely undesirable flaw. The lower bar of UNI-2 covers the lower bead, ensuring reliable light insulation of even not too flat windows.roll and cassette blinds, photo 44
  6. But the volume cassette of the system uni-2 to a greater extent prevents the opening of the window, leaning against a slope. This difference is 11 degrees.cassette roller blinds blackout, photo 45

Summing up: UNI-1 is first of all compact, and UNI-2 - universality. We hope that our comparative survey will help you make the right choice!

Tip: let all the measurements for the installation of the uni-system be made by a specialist who then conducts its installation. This is especially important for non-standard sized windows. So you will be insured from annoying miscalculations and get a qualitative result.

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Cassette system of roller blinds for windows: advantages and features of care

If you are still in doubt, do you need roller shutters in your cassette system in your home, take into account their undoubted merits. So, they are:

  • Very compact. Therefore, they often put on the plastic and wooden euro windows windows in small rooms to save space.
  • Suitable to any size of the window and to any interior.
  • Surprisingly simple and understandable in the installation. Self-cut screws are used for mounting models, while others are fixed using double-sided tape. Ready-made cassette roller blinds for plastic windows in standard sizes can be easily installed independently.
  • Can have a special coating that protects from burnout, repels dust and does not absorb odors. The latter is ideal for the kitchen with its persistent food flavors.
  • To erase and especially to iron roll curtains it is not necessary. Once a week, vacuum clean them gently with a soft nozzle and periodically wipe with a semi-dry sponge.

Important: the wet cloth should never be rolled! Be sure to let it dry in a straightened form, otherwise the system can be spoiled.

Can be used alone or in combination with traditional curtains.

cassette roller blinds blackout, photo 46zebra curtain roller blinds, photo 47zebra curtain roller blinds, photo 48cassette roller blinds uni, photo 49cassette roller blinds uni 1, photo 50

Design of roller blinds - limitless possibilities

It's an unforgivable mistake to think that a roller blind is like a piece of plastic that closes a window. The design of the roller blinds is able to satisfy the most demanding and whimsical taste.

К вашим услугам широкая цветовая палитра — однотонная или с выразительными принтами. Различные ткани — от скромного льна до имитации драгоценного жаккарда или утонченного кружева — позволят подобрать модель для интерьера в любом стиле. Roller blinds уместны и органичны в любом помещении от кухни до детской, спальни или гостиной.

cassette roller blinds uni 1, photo 51cassette roller blinds uni 1, photo 52cassette roller blinds uni 1, photo 53cassette roller blinds uni 2, photo 54cassette roller blinds uni 2, photo 55roller blinds of cassette type, photo 56cassette system of roller blinds for windows, photo 57cassette roller blinds, photo 58cassette roller blinds, photo 59cassette roller blinds for windows without drilling, photo 60

Fans of original solutions will like the roll of curtains with photo printing. Especially spectacular it looks on fabrics like blackout. Dull look from the window you are not happy? Replace it with the landscape of your dreams! A print with a 3D effect will "open" your window to another world. The panorama of New York, the tropics or snowy peaks will become close and quite real. Feel free to "cancel" bad weather, create yourself a great mood and gladly surprise guests!

cassette roller blinds with spring mechanism, photo 61cassette roller blinds with photo printing, photo 62cassette roller blinds by own hands, photo 63cassette roller blinds uni, photo 64cassette roller blinds uni 3, photo 65roller blinds cassette system, photo 66roller blinds of cassette type, photo 67cassette system of roller blinds for windows, photo 68cassette roller blinds, photo 69cassette roller blinds blackout, photo 70cassette roller blinds on windows without drilling, photo 71cassette roller blinds with spring mechanism, photo 72cassette roller blinds with photo printing, photo 73cassette roller blinds by own hands, photo 74cassette roller blinds uni, photo 75cassette roller blinds, photo 76roller blinds cassette system, photo 77roller blinds, cassette type, photo 78cassette roller blinds, photo 79

So our little trip to the world of cassette roller blinds ended. We hope that it was useful for you. Choose the best along with Dekorin!