Women's look at the style of provence - sophisticated

Purple accents in the interior of studio apartments

And again the site about small interiors is glad to welcome its regular readers. Today we will talk about the beautiful Provence style, settled in one of the small apartments.

The design was handled by the hostess herself. The spectacular arrangement of her nest took about a year. She began her work with the redevelopment of the apartments - kitchen combined with the living room, which slightly reduced the area of ​​the bedroom.

Purple accents in the interior of studio apartments

For her small apartment the author chose the exquisite Provence style: spectacular harmony of beige and violet shades in the kitchen, a lavender-colored sofa, white brickwork immersed in the beauty of French country and fill the space with elusive romantic notes.

Purple accents in the interior of studio apartments Storage in the kitchen

The original wicker baskets for dishes and other small items that are necessary in the household, as well as an elegant hood, painted by hand, are all characteristic features inherent in this refined style.

Purple accents in the interior of the kitchen Purple accents in the interior of the kitchen

In the apartments every centimeter of the square is involved, including in the balcony area. He was equipped as a small home gym.

Gymnasium on the balcony

In such a small apartment, the best solution would be to change the usual spacious bed to a folding bed for sleeping, but this choice did not suit the hostess. The output was found - the bed was "lifted" to a level of about one meter, and under it were roomy storage systems.

Sleeper on the podium Sleeper on the podium

In the sleeping area, the useful area was increased thanks to the window sill, which became the place of creativity of the hostess. The woman is engaged in needlework and has long dreamed of organizing a private corner in the apartment for work. Under it on both sides of the battery attached functional baskets for storage of accessories and accessories.

Instead of cumbersome cabinets, a comfortable dressing room was installed. To organize in the bathroom a cozy place for a washing machine, we had to slightly push the boundaries of the room.

Curtains in the style of Provence Bathroom in Provence style Bathroom in Provence style Openwork wall clock Pendant lamps under the antiquity Storage in the kitchen Coffee grinder on the shelf Bouquet of flowers in the bathroom Flowers in pots on the windowsill