Crafts for children with their own hands: a selection of 50

To decorate various handicrafts for children with their own hands with their child is an exciting activity that significantly contributes not only to the development of the child, but also to strengthening your relationships with him. Any child will be very happy if he has the opportunity to do something beautiful with his parents. Therefore, even in the most dense schedule, try to allocate a piece of time to devote to his studies with children. The sections of this article will provide useful recommendations on how to make your own craft from different materials, taking into account the age characteristics of the children.

Crafts for children from paper

The most frequently used material of applied art is, of course, paper. And, it is necessary to pay attention not only to usual color sets, but also its other kinds: corrugated, velvet, designer. Create crafts for your children from paper can be flat (applications), as well as voluminous, using a variety of techniques. For example, having learned to fold a flower with origami technique, to form a beautiful bouquet of tulips.

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The most simple handicrafts for the beginners

For those who are just beginning to teach their child to applied art, we recommend starting with the simplest solutions, making light crafts for children with their own hands. Perhaps you will like examples of caterpillars from paper rings, applique from colorful fish or funny mice on a piece of cheese.

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Crafts made of cardboard for children

Cardboard is an easily accessible material that cuts well, bends, is painted, it is often used in children's creative works. In addition to the set of cardboard purchased in the store, cardboard boxes, disposable dishes, packages from cereals, egg "honeycombs", as well as sleeves from toilet paper are used. In our photo-catalog you will see what handmade articles made of cardboard for children are made by craftsmen. For example, a stand for pencils, funny little animals, caskets.

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Crafting a house with your own hands

Cardboard houses are made at the request of any size - it all depends on their purpose. Perhaps it will be a big construction with a child's growth, a "home" for dolls or a hand-crafted "house", made as a New Year's decoration, gift wrapping. In any case, the manufacturing technology is the same, the differences will be in size, design. We have prepared some sketches, according to which we can make blanks. If you make small designs, there is enough PVA glue and scotch that holds the parts together. When building a large house, it is better to use a thermo-pistol for reliability. New hack "house" with their hands complement the decor that simulates snow on the roof (wool, foam balls), and gift packaging must have at least one opening leaf, for example, door, roof slope.

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How to make a craft yourself with a cloth

Wonderful hand-made toys are sewn by hand using fabric. And, not only an integral cut, but various scraps, household napkins and even socks. Look at the photo, is not it, the cute bunny was made of a sock? A child over will do it on his own, and the baby will have to help. Make necessary cuts and stitches, and instruct the child to tightly fill the figure, and draw a muzzle.

You can also make crafts for children with your own hands, which will not only be an ornament, a toy, but also a useful thing, for example, a large soft duck-ottoman, whose photo is in our catalog, a pillow-star.

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Children's crafts made of felt

Feather - a wonderful comfortable fabric, which has a bright palette of flowers. He allows you to sew a variety of handicrafts for your children, and then decorate their children's room. Replacement cloth will help household napkins (usually they are sold in a set of four colors). Such handmade toys are sewn by hand, without the help of a sewing machine, by hand.

Children's crafts for the New Year with their own hands

On the eve of New Year's holidays, children's matinees, everywhere decorate the premises, the magnificent Christmas trees are dressed up. Mass of interesting symbolic add-ons can be done by yourself without spending money on purchases. It can be the most original balls on the Christmas tree, garlands, other ornaments, which are quite possible to make a child.

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Making a snowman with your own hands

Snowman - a kind of symbol of winter and, of course, his presence for the New Year's interior will be just in time. In the photos of our selection, we present options for how to make such hand-made articles in stages, using foam plastic balls, socks, pompons. To a kindergarten matinee, a larger figure, decorated with a thread, balloons, glue, is suitable. Inflate five balls of different sizes (two are the same for pens). Each of them wind the thread, soaked in glue (PVA is quite suitable). When the blanks are completely dry, the balls need to burst, get inside. Finished balls are fastened together. The handiwork "snowman" with his own hands, in fact, is ready. It will remain to decorate the eyes (beads, buttons), mouth of thread, nose-carrot (sew from tissue). Traditionally, the head is supplemented with a bucket, the neck is made with a scarf.

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Father Frost homemaking with his own hands

In the New Year's interior, Santa Claus can not do without. The easiest way is to make it from thick paper (cardboard). Use a ready-made template, or make a cone-shaped shape from the sheet, which then, using colored paper, "dress", decorating your face, beard, pens. Similar children's hand-made articles for the New Year with their own hands, using cloth (we have examples of patterns), plastic bottles, other improvised means.

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Crafts for a kindergarten

Various creative works for young children of kindergarten age should be distinguished by simpler techniques, materials. The child is just beginning to learn how to do something beautiful on his own, so you need to find the simplest, but interesting options.

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Crafts for kindergarten children by their own hands: appliqués

The most common way to teach children to create pictures is to use an applique. Such hand-made articles in the kindergarten with their own hands (photos are shown below) can be designed not only using colored paper, they also take dense fabric, artificial leather, velvet paper, improvised materials (cotton wool discs, cereals, etc.), natural raw materials (leaves, seeds) . Children of older groups can start voluminous work, for example, make an application in the box "aquarium" with suspended representatives of the aquatic world.

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Crafts with your own hands in the garden of natural material

Often, especially in autumn, exhibitions of works are held, demonstrating crafts for the kindergarten with their own hands from natural components. Chestnuts, acorns, cones, sunflower seeds, pumpkins, colorful autumn foliage - all this gives a great deal of ground for the development of children's imagination. To make various figures, compositions are additionally used clay, fastening details or forming a base. Pictures of handicrafts with their own hands using natural raw materials are represented by our photo-selection. Feel free to try using them, making a chestnut caterpillar, hedgehog, as well as other samples.

Crafts for the school

Schoolwork is difficult. If crafts in primary school have simple forms, high school students with enough skills are able to decorate more complex compositions, for example, a bouquet of roses from maple leaves, a cardboard town or a paper basket with asters.

Crafts in the school with their own hands, the photos of which are located below, suggest using a large selection of raw materials, including all sorts of handy tools (plastic utensils, DVDs, matches, buttons).

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Crafts for school children with their own hands

Facing is quite an entertaining creative process that suits children of different ages. It allows you to create "fluffy" pictures that will decorate the room, as well as an original gift to the family. Crafts in elementary school with their own hands have simplified options, until the child gets certain skills. For example, in this way you can draw only the contours of the picture.

To make a magnificent application you will need corrugated paper, scissors, glue, match or toothpick with a blunt end, sketch drawing on cardboard. Before you make a craft yourself, cut the paper into small squares (0.5 cm), which we sort by colors. The sketch is greased with glue. We put the match in the center of the square, turn it (so that the corrugation is fixed on it), then glue it to the sketch. Thus, we make out the whole drawing, applying the necessary colors of the corrugated squares.

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To teach you how to create beauty yourself is the best way to develop the creative abilities of a child. Children's crafts themselves greatly develop imagination, giving the joy of an interesting pastime with adults.