Bedroom interior with a sofa instead of a bed (20 фото)

Sofa bed with side rear seatbacks

In every house there is a secret place - a bedroom. To repair, construction of it must be approached very carefully, carefully. Depending on how you arrange your rest room, the mood and desire to return will depend. Unfortunately not every family has an opportunity to distinguish a sleeping area from a rest zone. There is a large spacious room, where there is no constraint of household fantasies, and a small compact one. In such rooms, the bedroom design ideas are used with a sofa instead of a bed. Let's try to figure out how you can combine the hall with the bedroom, with the greatest benefit use the available space. For a small bedroom there is a rich selection of options, ideas for accommodation.

And have a soothing effect. This range of colors is used in almost all styles. Bright colors are no exception. Bright accents can emphasize the individual elements of the bedroom interior with a sofa. Particularly bright and noticeable will look coral, light green, a combination of white and yellow. For the effect of visual expansion of the area, you should choose wallpaper, decorated with a small pattern.

Folding sofa with lilac bedroom

Choosing large drawings or wallpaper with stripes, it does not matter vertical, horizontal, there will be a reverse effect. We advise placing emphasis on a wall. The one that is at the head of the bed or opposite. You can accent color, it is better not to make a sharp contrast, or all sorts of accessories.

Corner Sofa в комнате с рабочем местом

Bed or sofa: what to choose?

The choice of furniture in terms of importance is not inferior to the choice of the color of the walls. The color of the walls is easier to change. Approach this matter carefully.

Transforming sofa bed in the closet for a small room A dilemma arises: what is better to use for a small bedroom, a sofa or a bed? For both options there are pros and cons.

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Transforming sofa bed in a closet in a small apartment Let's start with the bed. Bed - it is always comfortable to sleep, do not need to spend too much time cleaning bed linen, do not need extra space for it.

Sofa-bed transformer in a white closet in a not large room

It is a confidence in a sound, healthy sleep every day. The minus is obvious. Its size. The bed will occupy most of your room, visually reduce it.

Bedroom with a sofa without a bed

The main advantage of this solution is space saving. Now there is a huge choice of models that differ in color, functionality, size. It is better to choose models that are compact enough in the folded form, but in the dismantled one there should be enough space for a full rest.

A bed hidden in a closet over a sofa in a small room

You can choose options from decorated with additional shelves or drawers. It is worth considering that couches can not always be purchased in a set with an orthopedic mattress, which in time can worsen the condition of the back, spine.

Corner sofa in the bedroom Here already to choose to you, if you are ready, for the sake of a good sleep to give up space then, bed. If not, it is better to consider the design options with a sofa. For maximum approximation to the design of the ideal bedroom, we advise you to listen to the advice:

  • location should not interfere with free movement;
  • The head is better placed at the wall, so a sense of security will help you to rest better, to restore strength;
  • the interior should be decorated with decor elements that subconsciously adjust to sleep;
  • if possible, to separate the recreation area from the guest area. It is possible to make by means of allocation of zones by colors or decorative partitions.

Retractable sofa in bedroom-living room

Interior styles

A sofa for a bedroom, for daily use, must have a number of qualities. There are many variations of models used in different styles of interior. Consider the options for stylistic design of the room.

Sofa bed with orthopedic mattress


This style stands out among others with its pragmatism and convenience. A combination of several styles is allowed. It is uniquely suited for decoration of any type of room, regardless of its size or layout.

Folding sofa in the bedroom-living room in the Art Nouveau style


Direct display of luxury, wealth. You can learn from voluminous, intricate patterns, huge sizes of beds, decorating with textiles. The main ones are pastel colors, floral compositions, many additional decorative accents. Excellent fit in the interior of a sofa of light colors.

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White corner sofa with orthopedic mattress

Japanese style

It is displayed through modernistic motifs, furniture and accessories are made of natural materials.

Wooden sofa in the children's room


Modern, trendy style. Accompany simple forms, use a minimum of objects, save the maximum amount of free space. The style of design depends only on your preferences. There are no conventions. We recommend adhering to the comfort, convenience and coziness of the room. Sofa bed in light skin

Choosing a sofa

The concept of an ideal sofa for each consumer. There are different criteria for comfort, comfort of sleep. The specialists determined only the main part of them. Guided by the rules, it will be easier to navigate in the variety of furniture attributes selection.

Retractable sofa with two beds Main characteristics:

  • Multifunctionality, practicality;
  • Strength, durability;
  • Comfortability;
  • Ease of use;
  • Secondary functions.

Retractable sofa in green eco-leather

The sofa should have the quality of comfort, it will allow you to fully enjoy your rest.

Folding sofa with a round bed

The value has a filler and a degree of rigidity. Do not miss the moments of assembly mechanism. According to the average data, furniture serves from 6 to 10 years. A qualitative mechanism will prolong the service life, will allow comfortable use of a piece of furniture daily. Not unimportant thing - a fairly large compartment for laundry. Improve the conditions of your furniture use additional options, niches, coasters, cabinets, drawers, shelves.

Types of sofas for bedrooms

There is a huge variety of models, differing in appearance, design, way of unfolding.

Bedroom-living room with corner pull-out sofa Main types:

  • Of foam rubber - quite plastic and comfortable. They are most popular, there is an opportunity to choose different models, colors. The negative side is fragility. The material quickly deteriorates.
  • Angular - more often used spring frame, which increases its durability and practicality.
  • Half-and-half is the main difference of small size.
  • Springs-differ by an extended period of use (up to 25 years) is a direct competitor to foam rubber fillers.
  • Orthopedic;
  • Combined - the structure includes a spring block and foam filler. Are distinguished by sufficient durability and practicality, often equipped with a box for laundry.
  • Modular.

Folding sofa with storage space for clothes and a bedside table

In a one-room apartment it will be appropriate to place the chairs according to the color and style.

Corner Sofa

Most stop the selection on the corner sofas, which allows you to save enough free space. These models perfectly fit into the overall interior, create the effect of a full-fledged sleeper. White corner sofa in the bedroom-room with a working place

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The main difference in various modifications of sofas is the mechanism:

  • Retractable;
  • Click-clap is an essential difference in two positions - sitting and lying down. When lifting to the top of the lower part, a mechanism operates, and the sofa unfolds.
  • Euro book - a fairly elementary model in use, due to which it became widespread. It will be enough to pull the base part, put the backrest in a horizontal position.
  • Accordion - the lower part is pushed forward and the back is pushed back. Ideal solution for small apartments.

Cabinet with bed and sofa click-cob

Solution with color

The color of the sofa should not be fundamentally different from the color scheme of the entire interior. Must harmoniously fit in the interior. First of all, it is necessary to base a choice on shades of walls, and then take into account accessories.

Folding sofa in fabric with a click-and-click mechanism

Conditionally, you can derive two types:

  • Single-color
  • Cold (black, white, gray, beige, light brown tones)
  • Saturated (red, orange, blue, green, yellow)
  • With an image

It is not necessary to select all pieces of furniture in one color.

White sofa is better to place in a room of pastel shades. And black perfectly fits in a white room.

Making a room in the style of minimalism, you can consider options for brown, gray or beige upholstery for furniture. These colors and their shades are universal, which makes them popular among consumers. Furniture of bright color (red, orange or yellow) - will be allocated on any background, the best combination with gray, beige, light green flowers and their derivatives. In any case, it will be a bright spot in the room. The green and blue furniture will create a feeling of comfort and tranquility. These colors will be relevant at all times.

Folding sofa with mechanism and orthopedic mattress Furniture of a single color is easier to combine with the surrounding color, for furniture with patterns, you need to take into account the dynamics and style in the interior. Different types of upholstery can differ in different lighting, this point should be taken into account when choosing furniture. The choice of upholstered furniture in the room plays a major role in the interior. It is necessary to approach it consciously and prepared.