Decor from improvised materials - more than 25 ways to

1 Butterflies in jars

In this article, we will tell you how to create crafts for the house with your own hands. Decor from improvised materials gives habitation a unique look, helps old things to find a new life. The work begins with an idea. It manifests an individuality. You can make a home decoration for yourself. It is not necessary to have a designer education. Care is required in creativity. Only so crafts turn out qualitative and beautiful.

Cat for flowers

A bedroom is a place of relaxation. Do not overload it with decorations. A few elements will suffice. The wall of the room is decorated with family photos, and a homemade coverlet is put on the bed in patchwork technique. The design of bedside mats should be done in the same style. The original solution is the use of tissue birds, which are suspended over the bed for satin ribbons.

The bathroom is a place of cleanliness and self-care. You can decorate it with seashells, pebbles. In this room there are many things and accessories, so you can make homemade panel organizers. As shelves for storage, you can use woven baskets, screwed to the bottom of the wall. The original hooks for towels can be made from various materials: knots of wood, wrenches. The main thing is not to get out of the general design of the room.

Carpet of stones

The design of the nursery is due to its size. To create an interior of the children's room should be used bright things. It is decorated with homemade toys, photos, coverlets, paintings on the walls, unusual lamps.

On the Internet you can find various ideas for the interior with your own hands from improvised materials. For inspiration, you just need to look around. Crafts for the interior with your own hands from materials at hand can be created from:

  • paper and paperboard;
  • cuts of tissues;
  • colored threads and beads;
  • unnecessary CDs;
  • coins;
  • satin or nylon ribbons;
  • bottles from bottles;
  • any elements made of plastic, wood, glass, etc.

Tip: for handicrafts you can use and larger things, for example, curbstones, wall mirrors, chests of drawers, tables.

Table from drawers Clock from napkin and board  Pad rug in front of the door  A child on a bright rug  Watch from buttons  Dishes for eggs in the form of chicken

Practical crafts

If you do not like various trinkets, then you can make practical interior items yourself with hand made materials.

Shelf from the old staircase

Sometimes at home there is not enough shelving. So why not make it yourself? It will be a really practical hack. The rack is made from an unnecessary ladder. In addition to the stairs, you will need boards, paint, jigsaw, paintbrush, sandpaper and glue.

Stages of work:

  • Prepare the frame structure: cut the ladder into equal parts and fasten them in the form of two pyramids;
  • from the boards cut out the shelves;
  • attach the shelves to the frame with glue;
  • grind the structure and its elements;
  • color the rack.

On such a rack put books, original baskets, flower pots with flowers, pictures of size A4 and other beautiful things with their own hands for home and interior from improvised means.

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Armchair next to the shelf Shelf with flowers  Books on the shelf  Table next to shelves  Shelf with shoes near the bed  Household items on the shelf

Table from drawers

We suggest you create another practical home-made article - a table of unnecessary wooden boxes. In such boxes are often stored vegetables and fruits. For crafts you will need 4 such boxes, nails and a hammer.

Place the boxes on the side surface with the open side facing outwards and connect them to each other in a square. Elements fasten with nails. It is possible to design an open box space with additional shelves. At the end of the work, you need to paint the table.

Live flowers in the table Table on wheels  Orchid on the table  Table with books near the sofa  Candles on the table  Gray table of drawers

Spice rack from the pallet

We suggest you create a unique shelf for spices from an old pallet. To do this, the pallet is cleaned using sandpaper. Jig sawed off unnecessary elements. You can make additional shelves. It turns out a panel with a pocket that fits for any interior. In this pocket put containers with oil, wine bottles, spices. The shelf is painted in the color of the interior. Crafts for interior decoration

The house is a reflection of its owner. It is nice to come to visit a creative person and consider embodied ideas and unique style. We offer you some tips for decorating the interior and creating crafts.

Boxes and bottles on the shelf Mugs on the shelf  Wine and wine glasses on shelves  Lamp on the wall at the shelf  Shelves with spices  Mugs and glasses on the shelf

Framing a mirror

The subject of interior decoration from the materials at hand can be a wall mirror decorated with an unusual frame. It's easy to make from a regular newspaper or magazine. Color sheets are cut into equal squares measuring 10x10 cm and folded into tubes of equal thickness. These tubes are glued along the perimeter of the frame parallel to each other. The result is a beautiful mirror design. Tubes need to be fixed not only with glue, but with varnish.

Shells around the mirror Branches around the mirror  Frame of discs for mirrors  Frame of spills for mirror  Stones around the mirror  Mirror with illumination in the bathroom

Plafond from plastic

Для изготовления плафона из пластика вам понадобятся несколько наборов пластиковых ложек, пустая 5-литровая пластиковая тара, клей. У тары срезают горлышко. У ложек обрезают рукоятки так, чтобы получились лепестки. С помощью клея оригинальные лепестки закрепляют на поверхности тары в виде чешуи. Plafond from plastic готов.

Chandelier from spoons

Ornaments from fabric

The interior for the house from improvised materials will become more alive if you use the remains of bright fabric. From them you can make different crafts, for example, fabric flowers. With the help of the stencil cut circles d = 20 cm on the circles draw a spiral, which is cut along the entire length. Spiral twist from the bottom, gluing, so that the bud does not decay. After drying, the petals are spread. Unusual decor with their own hands from the handy means for the apartment is ready. Several fabric colors are combined into a composition, they make panels, paintings, decorate shelves, walls, etc.

Flowers and butterflies on the wall

Candlestick made of old beads

If you have old beads, do not rush to throw them. They are sorted into beads to make a candlestick hand-made. At the base of the candlestick you need to fix an unnecessary CD-ROM. On the edge of its circumference, in rows, glue the beads so that a glass is formed. If you put a molded candle in this cup, it will turn into a beautiful candlestick. This decor element has a big plus. Thanks to the beads, it beautifully shimmers with a lighted candle.

Candlestick made of beads

Festive garland on the window

On the New Year or any other holiday, the windows of the house are decorated with garlands. It is not necessary to hang bright lights, we recommend you to make an unusual curtain made from improvised materials. To create a garland you will need dense colored cardboard, thick thread, needle, scissors. Using a stencil, cut circles d = 10 cm. Circles thread on threads of the required length. Threads are connected to each other in the blind and fixed to the window frame.

Decoration on the window

Clothes hanger

There are not many hand-made articles. The women's dressing table can be decorated with a homemade clothes hanger made from improvised materials. Make it easy. To implement the idea you need a frame from the picture, a small piece of plywood, paint, small hooks, a jig saw. Saw the plywood according to the size of the baguette, paint it with paint. Mark the places where the hooks are fastened, fix them. With the help of this decor element you can store your jewelry in an original way.

Casket from canvas

Предлагаем вам сделать шкатулку из пластиковой канвы. Канва является материалом для вышивания и поделок. Она имеет размеры листа А4. У канвы имеется различное количество перфораций. Для работы потребуется сама заготовка, нитки, игла, отрез ткани и ножницы. На канве можно вышивать крестиком или гладью. Из канвы сделайте детали будущей шкатулки и оформите их любимым методом вышивания. Детали соедините нитками с иглой. Casket from canvas готова, ее нужно хранить на полочке. Вне сомнений она станет главным украшением интерьера вашего дома.

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Red and white casket

Braided mat

Tapestry technique allows you to create a mat at home with your own hands from any improvised means. For example, cut old clothes on tape. This option is called a "grandmother's" rug. For handicrafts it is necessary to choose a durable material, and draw the thread with your hands.

Prepare cardboard 500x500 mm. Sew it with a thread. After fixing the first thread, begin to weave the tapestry. When you have finished the last circle, turn the carpet inside out and sew the rope around the perimeter to close the ends of the thread.

White and blue mat

Kashpo from the packages

From materials at hand, which sometimes dig at home, make pots for a flower in the room. For crafts with your own hands, you will need paper bags, wooden skewers, scissors, rope, glue gun, container (for example, you can use a can of mayonnaise).

From paper bags, make blanks in the form of tapes measuring 70x300 mm. Using skewers, make a tube out of the blanks. Fix the corners with glue. Wrap the sides of the container in a paper bag. Turn it upside down. On the base, fix 8 tubes. Return the future of the planto to its normal position. Fold the tubes upward, tightly pressing them against the walls of the pots. It remains to braid the main tubules remaining in checkerboard order. At the top the pot is pierced, a rope is passed through the holes and the pots are hung on the wall of the room.


Clothes hanger

The farm always needs hangers. We suggest you make several of them. For crafts you will need:

  • wire hangers;
  • satin ribbons of contrasting colors;
  • cut fabric;
  • scissors;
  • needle and thread;
  • glue;
  • sintepon.

Обрисуйте контур вешалки на отрезе ткани. Оставляя небольшой зазор, вырежьте 2 заготовки. Сшейте заготовки вместе, чтобы получился чехол. Крючок вешалки обмотайте атласной лентой, закрепляя ее клеем. Тканевый чехол наденьте на вешалку. Внутреннее пространство забейте синтепоном. Зашейте отверстие. Из контрастной атласной ленты сделайте бантик и закрепите его у основания крючка. Clothes hanger готова. Вы можете вешать на нее деликатные вещи.


Frame for the mirror

There is always a mirror in the house. Most often it is located in the hallway, bathroom or bedroom. The decorating ideas are endless. The mirror can be beautifully decorated with tubes made of newspapers, broken pieces of porcelain or tile, colored glass, shells, buttons, beads, hemp, etc. To fix the elements, you need to use a transparent silicone adhesive.


The design of the room with your own hands from improvised materials can be made in the technique of decoupage. We suggest you decorate a small mirror in a wooden frame:

  • Strip the frame with sandpaper.
  • Prepare the surface of the decor element with white acrylic paint.
  • After drying the paint, apply a layer of decoupage glue on the surface.
  • By the size of the frame, cut out the decoupage map and glue it to the surface.
  • Apply the next layer of decoupage varnish.
  • Scraper the edges of the frame with sandpaper and cover with craquelure. The paint will dry and crack.
  • Apply a contrasting shade of paint to the cracked surface.
  • You can select the borders of the frame and put blots on its surface.
  • Cover the frame with a glossy varnish.

Flowers on the frame

Decor of plastic spoons

For handicrafts it is better to use a round mirror. Cut off the plastic spoons of the handle, leaving the scoops. Glue them in several rows around the perimeter of the mirror. Paint the decor from the can. Instead of spoons, you can take buttons, beads, shells, clothespins.

Mirror frame from spoons

Decor of the rings

Decorating yourself with hand tools can be inexpensive. From plastic pipes cut rings of the same width. Handle their edges. Take the nylon cap. This is the basis of the design. Attach the first row of rings to the cover. Attach the second and subsequent rows to the rings already pasted. At the end of the work, we recommend you decorate the decor with sequins. Fix the mirror to the center.

Elegant mirror frame

Decor of a rope

To implement the idea you need a hemp rope. Cut out the cardboard base. It should be bigger than the mirror itself. At the center of the base, fix the mirror. Apply a transparent silicone adhesive to the substrate. Fix the hemp turn at the turn. As a result, you will get a mirror that can be used to create an interior of a room in a marine style.

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Mirror Rope Frame

Decor on the glass

The decor of the house with own hands from improvised materials includes also painting. For work you will need stained glass paints, a glass contour, glitter, alcohol, cotton buds, toothpicks and silicone adhesive. Before you start work with the drawing. Translate it to the mirror with copy paper. Select the outline on the glass. Remove irregularities with alcohol. After the contour is drying, paint the pattern with stained-glass paints, distributing them with a toothpick. The paints should dry for about 3 days. After that, the decor is completed with a glass bead or glitter.

Flowers on the Mirror

Bezel framing

To decorate the mirror, use beads. Design a future frame with paint tape. Apply a silicone adhesive to the resulting rim. Beads pour on paper and distribute it along the adhesive strip. Gently remove the adhesive tape and allow the work to dry well.

Bead Frame for Mirror

Decorate the walls with simple materials

The atmosphere of the interior can be changed, paying special attention to the decoration of the walls. For this you need only rollers, paints and colors. It is not necessary to paint the surface of all walls. Sometimes it is enough to select a part of it. Decorate the walls in different ways: painting, with the help of panels, photos, natural materials, baguettes, paper butterflies, interesting hooks and other improvised materials.

Screen decor

This method of decorating the walls is the simplest. Stencils are made by hand from thick paper, whatman paper or plastic. Patterns can be found on the Internet. The stencil is tightly pressed against the wall and sprayed with spray paint.

Tip: Apply a thin layer of paint to avoid smudging the pattern and avoiding streaks!

Tree with birds over the bed Bench under the tree on the wall  Cats under the lantern  Tree with butterflies  Flowers on the wall near the bed  Grapes and wine on the kitchen wall

Pictures from fabric

For the decor of the walls, original cuts of fabric, a stapler, a picture frame are needed. The fabric is stretched onto the frame and fixed with a stapler. You can additionally decorate the work with beads, buttons, woolen threads, beads and other materials.

Pictures above the chest of drawers

Paper decoration

Flowers are made to decorate corrugated paper walls. Such paper elements should be attached to a double-sided adhesive tape. Corrugated paper is folded into several layers in a small strip of 10 cm long. Scissors round the edge of the workpiece. The paper is unfolded and collected into a flower. It turns out beautiful and original.

Flowers and butterflies on the wall

Plates on the wall

To decorate kitchen walls make compositions of colored plates. The plates should differ in size and style. So the composition will be more interesting. If you do not have color plates, you can issue several handicrafts in the technique of decoupage. Choose patterns in accordance with the general stylist of the room.

Decorative plates on the wall in the dining room

Vinyl Stickers

You can use different interior decoration with your own hands from improvised materials. As an option - decorate the walls of the room with vinyl stickers. Original stickers for wall decor expand the space, give it an individual look and help realize ideas. More often glue stickers in the form of a window overlooking the sea or choose an interesting inscription.

Tip: vinyl stickers are suitable only for smooth surfaces! If the walls of your apartment are rough, give preference to another decor.

Rose on the wall in the living room

Unusual Shelves

The kitchen wall is decorated with unusual shelves. They are made from improvised material: old boxes or boxes. The boxes are pasted with wallpaper and screwed to the wall by the bottom. To make the composition look beautiful, use a whole series of such boxes. Shelves are suitable for storing cereals, spices, oils, vinegar, cutlery.

Shelves on the wall

Shelf of boards on ropes

For the decor of the walls, the combination of shelves on ropes looks original. Make it simple. On the edges of the boards (shelves), drill holes, pass through them a thick rope or rope. The resulting design is mounted on the wall.

Flowers on the shelves

Mirror decoration

The interior of the room with your own hands from the available materials will find individuality, if you hang pictures, stickers or tiles from mirrors on the wall. The variant is selected individually. Mirrors of different sizes and shapes combine with each other.

Mirrors on the wall in the dining room

Wall from plants

This option will appeal to lovers of wildlife. To implement it, you need to create a special system for watering flowers. A simpler version is to decorate the walls with flowers in a pot. They are placed on open shelves or standard shelves.

Original furniture in the interior

As you can see, ideas for decorating a house with your own hands with the help of improvised materials are endless. Choose the one that you liked and embody it in life. Make a unique interior of your house from improvised means!