New ideas for the use of old things

The best things in life are free. Learn how you can turn boring, old and prepared for ejection into something beautiful and functional for your home.

1. Grandma's chest of drawers

The old grandmother's chest of drawers can be updated in hundreds of simple ways (using paint, varnish, wallpaper, decoupage etc.) and even converted into a chic "antique" cabinet under the washbasin!

Cupboard under the sink from the dresser New design of the old dresser The use of an old chest in the role of an island in the kitchen

2. Wooden shutters

Antique window shutters can become a beautiful and unusual decoration for the wall or head of the bed, and also be used as a functional decor! As a rule, for a new species they are painted in fresh light colors in the spirit of the style of Provence. An additional effect can be given with craquelures or hand painted.

Headboard into the bedroom with your own hands Stylish shelves with their own hands New application of old shutters The idea for a headboard by one's own hands Shutters in the role of decor

3. Doors and window frames

Doors and window frames are expensive and expensive items, so even when they fail, not everyone raises their hand to throw them outright. And it's wonderful: after all, they can still serve you as a stunning wall decor!

Old door as headboard for bed An unusual way to apply the door to the interiorFurniture for the hallway with your own handsStylish shelf from the door with your own hands New applications for windows and doorsUsing an old window in the house Decor for a house from old windows

4. Glass jars

These are really items that constantly accumulate in every house and can be used in thousands of ways! But, perhaps, most interestingly they look like a street or table lamp.

Candlestick from the jar with their own hands Beautiful lamps from glass jars Glass jars as an ornament for the garden Application of cans in the bathroomFlowers in Banks Can decor

5. Lonely or broken chairs

Do not know how to use a stool without a leg? Or what to do with dining chairs, which differ in color and design? Take inspiration from the photos below:

Old chair like a bedside table The use of old chairs in the houseStylish banquettes from chairs How to turn different chairs into one set

6. Door handles and hammers

Door handles and hammers can add originality and functionality to virtually every room in your home.

Door handles as decor in the interior New use of old door handles The idea of ​​using a door knocker in the house

7. Burnt out bulbs

Turn the burned bulb into a very cute homemade decor, for example, like this tiny terrarium or flower stand.

Idea for a small terrarium in the house Flowers in old bulbs Crafts from light bulbs with your own hands Original vase from a light bulb

8. Tin cans

Why not? From cans are quite nice and convenient organizers for different things, pots for indoor plants etc.

How to use cans in the house Application of cans in the interiorStreet candlesticks from cans Useful decor of cans Plants in cans Can decor и прищепок Crafts from cans

9. Old books

Crafts from books do not assume the use of your favorite and treasured works, but only heavily damaged or unnecessary volumes. Look at what beautiful decor they can turn into!

Flower pot from an old book Houseplants in the bookCrafts for home from books with your own hands Pot of plants from the book Decor of books with their own hands

10. Geographical maps

There are 3 popular ways to use old geographic maps:

  • in the role of wall decor, which will remind you of the places visited or about places that still need to be visited;
  • as a lampshade for a table lamp or other lamp;
  • Decoupage of old furniture.

But maybe you can come up with an even more interesting way?

Table lamp from a map Geographic maps as a wall decor Decoupage of furniture with maps Decoupage curbstones with cards

11. Clothing and accessories

Is your cupboard full of old T-shirts? Do not know how to deal with ties and belts that you will never wear? We hope that one of the below proposed methods will be able to push you to a sensible idea.

Bedspread from clothes by own hands Carpet in the hall with their own hands Tie as interior decoration Belt as decor for curtains Leather belt as a decor in the house

12. Vintage suitcases

These time-consuming treasures can turn into a stylish bedside cabinet, a cot for a pet or another extraordinarily original piece of furniture.

Animal cot with own hands Bathroom shelf from an old suitcase Vintage table with own handsSmall armchairs from suitcases

13. Rulers and clothespins

As a rule, rulers accumulate in those houses where there are children or adults, whose work is somehow connected with drawing. We offer you some interesting ideas for use in the design of your home.

Hanger in the hallway with their own hands Crafts from rulers and clothespins with their own hands The use of rulers in the restoration of furniture Decor from old rulersRuler as decor and material for furniture

14. Balcony or stair balusters

Old balusters work perfectly as a support for the console or functional coat hanger. We look below how to make original decorations from balusters with your own hands.

Table in the hall with your own hands from balusters Decor of balusters with your own hands Shelf under the sink with your own hands from the balusters New application for balusters

This time our collection of ideas for decorating the house came to an end, but with Dekorin you will find many more interesting things. Subscribe to our Facebook group and stay with us!