Decorating wedding bottles of champagne with your hands +50

Decor of wedding bottles

The decoration of festive bottles is one of the beautiful traditions of a modern wedding ceremony. They can be made by the bride herself, or you can present a sweet gift created by your own hands to future spouses. Exquisitely decorated champagne will wait for its time: the first bottle slammed with a cork on the anniversary of the event, the second will be drunk for the health of the first-born. Decor wedding bottles - not only a way to please young, but also a great hobby for needlewomen.

The basic requirement for decor - it must correspond to the level of solemnity, to harmonize with the dishes, the decoration of the hall, the attire of the newlyweds. Pompous gold engraving is inappropriate at a wedding in the style of Provence. Intricate roses, pendants, lace will perfectly fit into the refined ceremony in aristocratic scenery.

These masterpieces are obtained by using hints of a profession or hobby, marrying. A bottle-bottle with a rope, miniature anchors and steering wheels will suit the groom-sailor, and the bride's enthusiasm for travel can be emphasized by tiny images of famous sights.

The decor of a memorable bottle will eventually gather dust. To combat it, use an ordinary hair dryer.

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Decorating with photos of young people

A special charm to wedding sparkling wine is attached to the photos of a couple in love. Bottles become individual, become a truly memorable gift. A photograph for a similar decor is selected with a tender, romantic, proportional bottle.

Decorating wedding bottles with photos

The subtle point in this technique is to stick the photo so smoothly and carefully that there are no bubbles, creases and folds left. To do this, the image must be made on thin enough paper. When using an inkjet printer, photo ink is desirable, not leaking when it comes into contact with water. The ideal result will be a color laser printer. If it is not available, you can contact the printing house.

A photograph is placed instead of a label in the lower third of the bottle. It can be framed by a heart, accompanied by an inscription-wish, to make the center of a flower collage. The date of the wedding, the place of the wedding, the names of the newlyweds, the time of the wedding will be relevant.

Young on Bottles  Photo on champagne  Letters of names on glasses  Bottle decoration with photos  The bride and groom on champagne


Engraving – один из наиболее изысканных и впечатляющих видов декора бутылок. Самостоятельно ее может выполнить только художник при наличии необходимого оборудования. Поэтому гравировку заказывают в специальных мастерских. При лимите времени выбирают лазерную гравировку. Желание видеть филигранный орнамент обеспечивается более дорогой и долгой по сроку исполнения ручной работой.

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Manual work is carried out using diamond or special alloys. Sometimes the pattern is applied to a thin layer of brass, which is then pasted onto the bottle.

Engraving на свадебных бутылках

The engraver can order any inscription, including poems and warm wishes. Cribs, hearts, cooing pigeons, floral motifs, even portraits and favorite aphorisms of the young - for this technique there are no barriers.

Of all the types of wedding decor of bottles, engraving is the most long-lived. It will not darken with time, it will not fall off, it will not become dusty. The engraved bottle can be washed at any time under running water. This is an excellent talisman of longevity and unfading love.

Rings on champagne

To decorate with engraving it is possible and celebratory glasses of a newly-married couple. With careful handling, they can take an effervescent drink on both the cotton print and the diamond wedding, each time reminding about the first marriage kiss.

Pigeons on the bottle  Groom with the bride on a bottle of wine  Wedding motifs on bottles  Hearts and rings on champagne  Champagne and beads

Master-classes on decoration by own hands

Future wives often decorate champagne themselves, showing guests their handmade skills. This is an echo of those times when the girl, walking under the awning, showed her relatives embroidered tablecloths, towels, shirts. Nowadays, decorated bottles can represent anything: figurines of the married, candles, flower fountains.

To decorate a holiday accessory with bottles, you first need to remove the labels. To do this, they are put in warm soapy water. In half an hour the paper will easily go away by itself. From expensive grades, on which glue is more qualitative, labels are wiped off with a metal dish sponge.

Decoration of wedding glasses and bottles with flowers

After that, the glass is degreased with acetone, alcohol or vodka. In any of these liquids, wet the cotton pad, wipe the entire surface of the bottle and leave to dry.

Then they choose the technique of decoration, prepare materials, tools, create a sketch of the ornament. The trial drawing is done on paper in color to evaluate its harmony and balance. Below are a few simple master classes with step-by-step photos that are easy to implement.

Red and white roses on bottles and glasses  Beads and roses on champagne  Bows on candles, bottles and glasses  Angeloke  Hearts with names on bottles


Decoupage – это палочка-выручалочка для тех, кто не умеет рисовать. Изображения выполнены заранее художником на обычной или рисовой бумаге. Их остается только вырезать и наклеить на гладкие бока праздничной бутылки. Для работы потребуются:

  • Thematic drawings printed on a decoupage map or a table napkin;
  • sharp scissors;
  • Acrylic primer and foam rubber sponge for its application;
  • adhesive PVA (in proportion 1: 1 with water) or special decoupage;
  • Synthetic fan brush - it will not leave hairs on the finished work;
  • small soft flaps;
  • Lacquer for fixing the pattern and protecting the product from water.
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For applique in the technique of decoupage, pot-bellied bottles for champagne "Dom Perignon", "Circle" or "Asti" are better than others - they have more space for placing the picture. From thin paper it is simply cut out, thick paper is first soaked in warm water and dried on cloth.

Decoupage свадебных бутылок

Peeled off labels, degreased surface primed with acrylic paint for one or two tone lighter than the main pattern. After the primer dries out, the selected images are superimposed and glossy with glue. With the same brush, air bubbles are pushed out from under the paper, wrinkles are smoothed out.

After the adhesive dries completely, the work is protected with three coats of lacquer. To achieve the effect of antiquity, use a lacquer varnish.

To keep the bottle on weight when applying the application or painting, use two pieces of packaging foam. In one of them, cut the groove under the neck, in the other - under the bottom.

The groom kisses the bride on the bottle  Hearts and newlyweds in champagne  Wedding decoupage of bottles  Registration of glasses and bottles in gold color  Champagne with the bride and groom

Satin ribbons and beads

The charming decor of champagne for the wedding of a close friend is made by hands of satin ribbons with the addition of all kinds of little things: sequins, rhinestones, beads, half-beads. The easiest way to make a bottle with ribbons is to coat it. This requires:

  • Satin or brocaded ribbon width 2.5 cm of harmonious colors;
  • glue "Moment" with the mark "Crystal", leaving no yellow spots;
  • scissors and a stationery knife.

Decor of wedding bottles лентами

The ribbon is looped around the neck of the bottle, the desired length is measured, cut off. From the back side of the tape, apply several glue points and glue it to the bottle. The same is done with the next loop, receiving a woven relief reminiscent of a rustic masonry.

The bottom part of the bottle can be wrapped with horizontal strips of tape. In this case, it is important that the seam is in the middle. It is processed in two ways.

  1. The seam at the back is left open, but the edges of the tape are lightly scorched with a lighter so that the threads do not swing.
  2. The front seam is decorated with flowers and bows. A special glamor is to use Japanese Kansas jewelry.

A large flower on the front of the bottle can also be decorated with threads of beads or a long narrow feather.

The candle on the table  Heart made of cloth  Red and white ribbons on bottles  Champagne with bows  Ribbons and roses on bottles

The suit of the bride and groom

Exquisitely look at the table bottles, decorated for the wedding dresses of the newlyweds. In this case it is important to know in advance the style and color range of their clothes. Modern brides often choose not white dresses, but pink, vanilla, mint. The suit of the groom is also not necessarily black.

You can make copies of young clothes from:

  • oblique bake;
  • satin or silk ribbons;
  • flaps of expensive fabrics: brocade, velvet, taffeta.
  • corrugation - a special paper for scrapbooking, with clear folds.
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Wedding bottles in suits of the bride and groom

The bottle-groom is braided so that the top two or three layers of tape or paper imitate the collar of the shirt, all the subsequent - a jacket. To the neck attach a bow tie, in the center - beads-buttons, on the left side - a rose in a buttonhole.

The material for the bride's dress is selected more carefully by texture and color. Top on the bottle braid is made, the lower third is turned into a lush skirt made of organza, guipure, gas. If the bride prefers a narrow dress, the outline of the bottle is left strict. For decoration use lace, artificial flowers, small decorative accessories.

The groom in a butterfly  Bride in the fate  Heart with roses on the wall  Champagne in wedding dresses  The girl next to the bride and groom

Flowers made of polymer clay

The modeling of polymer clay requires skills or at least a view of the thematic video. After acquainting yourself with the basics of the work and instructions for using clay, you can perform an uncomplicated composition of colors. Work will require gloves, a clerical knife and an oven in which the molded items are baked.

Flowers made of polymer clay на свадебных бутылках

The gentle colors of polymer clay are in good harmony with each other, two or three of the most suitable are chosen from them. Prepare a sketch and mold each petal, twigs, leaves. To do this, a piece of material is rolled out in the form of a stick, cut into a plate with a knife and given them the desired appearance.

Ribbons, bows and roses on champagne

Of the finished parts are flowers, laid out on a heat resistant basis and sent to the oven. The temperature of baking (110-130 degrees) is always indicated on the packing of clay. If the temperature is not respected, the material either loses its color or becomes brittle.

Stylish design of bottles and glasses

When heated, the polymer clay changes its structure and releases toxic substances. The oven after its presence is thoroughly washed and aired.

The finished fragments of the floral composition are attached to the bottle with superglue. They can be completed with beads, beads-pearls, a contour for stained glass.

Decor of a bottle and wine glasses with roses and beads

Painting with paints

Stylish wedding bottles are obtained if the dark green glass is simply painted with stained glass paints without adding other materials. In addition to the colors themselves, you need to prepare:

  • a contour for glass of gold color;
  • a washable marker of the shade contour closest to the color;
  • acetone for rinsing brushes.

Painting with paints свадебных бутылок

The initial pattern is applied to the bottle with a marker, it can be in the form of dashed lines. On top of the marker draw a contour. After it has dried, traces of the marker are removed with warm water and soap, along with degreasing the surface.

Patterns on champagne

Inside the closed contours, bright bright colors are applied with a brush: green, yellow, red. Mix them comfortably in an aluminum mold for tartlets. A pointed match draws twigs, stamens, creepers, small insects, make transitions between shades. Some thin parts can be scratched with a needle on dried paint.

Couple on a bottle and glasses

The wedding will break off, the guests will depart, the toasts will be forgotten, the solemn hall will be covered for another holiday, but there will be two elegant bottles. For a whole year they will remind the young people how joyfully they were to meet the dawn of their family life.