25 secret rooms and passages in apartment buildings

Do you remember how in your childhood you dreamed of finding a secret passage in your house? As children, we could search for them for months, imagining mysterious rooms full of treasures or secrets from the past ... Surprisingly, this craving for secret shelters is preserved by many of us, even when we grow up. Moving shelves, hidden staircases, disguised doors and sliding walls are experiencing a new rise in popularity.

Secret rooms: not only entertainment, but also good

There are a lot of potential applications for secret rooms. Even in Ancient Egypt, the architects came up with hidden or false passages in the pyramids to drive the treasure hunters hidden in the graves of the pharaohs out of the way. Numerous monarchs and rulers throughout the history of the world made shoots or managed to learn about the machinations of their courtiers precisely because of secret rooms and aisles.

A secret room today can provide your family with a safe haven or a repository for valuable things in case of an emergency. In addition, they can act as a cozy personal corner where you or your children can hide and relax from the outside world.

We offer you 25 amazing ideas for creating a secret room in your home: a kitchen island that leads to the basement, or a wardrobe opening the way to Narnia - choose what you like best and embody your childhood dreams in a useful way!

Secret rooms and passages in the house (photo):

children's secret room room-under-lapstice-secret room-for-bass beautifully-skitaya-room-in-the-interior furniture-for-hallway-with-a-secret secret room-in-the-kitchen potaynaya-room-for-bass secret-bath-in-the-house secret-children's room-in-the-scaffold secret-room-under-ceiling secret-shelter-under-stairs secret-pass-for-child secret-entrance-under-stairs secret-entrance-behind-fireplace hidden-working-table-in-the-scaffold hidden-children's room secret room-under-ceiling secret room-by-cathode secret-room-for-book-shelf secret-passage-in-child secret pass-in-the-island vannaya-room-for-bass wine cellar-in-the-kitchen disguised-room-in-the-house disguised-entrance-in-the-room