Design of a small hallway - 45 photos in a modern design

Residential apartments of houses of old buildings often have a small quadrature, so it is important to think in advance of the proper arrangement of space. The question of how to design the design of a small hallway is one of the main, since this room is the first to fall into the sight of any person entering the apartment. Here everything should be harmonious, stylish, functional. In our review, we collected some recommendations of specialists, photo-examples that will help stylishly design the modern design of the hallway, solve the problems of visual expansion of space and convenient arrangement of furniture.

Design of a small hallway: basic design rules

To make a small room more spacious and functional, try to design the small hallway in one of the modern directions. It can be minimalism, neo-classic, loft, provence (we'll discuss them in more detail later).

Adhere to light colors of finish, which will help visually increase the square meters. In this case, use no more than 3 colors, one of which is dominant. For a floor the ceramic tile, linoleum (the most wear-resistant materials) will approach. The design of the small hallway assumes a one-tone design of the walls without nalyapistyh bright drawings, prominent strips. The final stage will be the acquisition of furniture, appropriate planning and style.

Zoning in the design of a narrow hallway

Long narrow corridors often create the feeling of an endless tunnel. To avoid this, experts recommend that the design of a long hallway be divided into zones. For example, closer to the front door form the entrance hall, where the most necessary furniture is located: shoe shelves, a hanger, a mirror. Then you can install a small storage system (sometimes the best place for it is the end, which ends the entrance hall).

The room can be visually divided using arches, columns, different in color or texture of the finishing materials, the shape of the suspended ceilings. Near the entrance the floor is decorated with a stronger ceramic tile, and then - laminate, parquet. To expand the space a bit, the design of a narrow hallway includes bright accent areas - small spaces of walls or interior doors of contrasting colors. Placement of large mirrors or even the design of an entire mirrored wall will also contribute to the visual enlargement of the area. Avoid the "desert" will help design the corridor-gallery with large photos or paintings.

design of a small hallway, photo 1design of a narrow hallway, photo 2design of a narrow hallway, photo 3design of a narrow hallway, photo 4long hallway design, photo 5long hallway design, photo 6long hallway design, photo 7long hallway design, photo 8design of a small hallway, photo 9

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Design of an entrance hall in Khrushchev

Small uncomfortable rooms of the vestibules are often found in the houses of old buildings, where for some reason there was not enough room for the passage room itself. For example, the design of the hallway in the "Khrushchev".

Often, the entrance hall in Khrushchev has the form of a small square or rectangle with doors leading to the bathroom, kitchen, other rooms. For visual expansion of space, doorways can be decorated with arches. This will increase the area, but it will violate the "privacy" of the rooms.

When decorating the hallway design in the "Khrushchev" it is worthwhile to dwell on a single-tone wall decoration, perhaps with a fine print, as large drawings only "clutter up" the space. There is one small trick that allows to visually expand the area - the color palette of the walls should be lighter than the floor, but darker than the ceiling.

Design of a rectangular hallway

If the area of ​​the corridor has a rectangular shape, then there is enough space along the walls for furniture. Designing a rectangular hallway design, use modular systems, some of which can be placed along empty areas, as well as "light" structures: open hangers, shelves. Low ceilings in the rectangular hallway are "raised". To do this, use the design of the ceiling surface with hanging, tensioning structures with internal illumination along the perimeter. Bright lighting in the hallway will create point lighting.

rectangular hallway design, photo 10rectangular hallway design, photo 11rectangular hallway design, photo 12

Design of a square hallway

In a square room, as a rule, the corners remain empty. Corner cabinet-coupe is an excellent solution when designing the square entrance hall. It does not take much space, but it will be deep enough, roomy. A good addition will be mirrored cabinet doors, which will contribute to the visual expansion of the area. Another corner will be an armchair, pouf, chest of drawers or a shoe cabinet. Making out the design of the square hallway, do not get carried away by the magnificent decoration. You can use the gluing of one of the walls with wallpapers with perspective, which will also enlarge the room. For a square room, both point fixtures and a chandelier are equally appropriate, depending on the height of the ceilings.

design of a square hallway, photo 13design of a square hallway, photo 14design of a square hallway, photo 15design of a square hallway, photo 16design of a square hallway, photo 17

Hallway design ideas in a small private house

Small hallways are found not only in apartments, but also in private houses. Often they have some features - there may be a staircase leading to the second floor or window openings. Such architectural forms, with a competent approach, will become a plus rather than a lack of planning.

Entrance hall design with stairs: advantageous use of the area

From the material and design of the staircase leading to the second floor, often depends on the overall style of the interior. For example, modern high-tech will emphasize a ladder with glass steps on the modules attached to the wall, and the classic will be crowned with wooden carvings. The design of the hallway with a ladder of small dimensions often involves the use of a cropland to accommodate functional areas. Here, any storage system, shelves with accessories, armchairs, pouffes or even a small room will be perfectly located. In addition to the general lighting of the hallway, it is necessary to take care of the lighting of the staircase, installing, for example, diode lamps, sconces. In the photo below, see examples of design of the hallway with stairs.

hallway design with stairs, photo 18hallway design with stairs, photo 19design of a small hallway, photo 20hallway design with stairs, photo 21hallway design with stairs, photo 22hallway design with stairs, photo 23hallway design with stairs, photo 24

How to design an entrance hall with a window

In private houses, the design of the hallway can include windows. They help to significantly increase the space, not creating a kind of closure. Forms, as well as their sizes are diverse: they can be small openings of non-standard shapes, decorated with stained glass windows, large double-glazed windows from floor to ceiling, creating the effect of a glass gallery or a window of ordinary average size. The hallway design with a window is made in accordance with the general style of the house: stained-glass windows emphasize modern styles, vintage, loft, transparent double-glazed windows - minimalism, high-tech.

To decorate the window is a short curtains - Roman or roll, which perfectly fit any stylistic direction, without occupying space. Variants of the hallway design with a window, presented in the photo, demonstrate the possibilities of arranging furniture. For example, near the window opening you can install a chair or a sofa, in front of the window you place a mirror, other furniture elements. Sometimes the opening is played as a niche: a furniture set is set around it, and inside it is a window with a sofa.

hallway design with window, photo 25hallway design with window, photo 26hallway design with window, photo 27

Design of a small hallway: modern wall decoration

Materials with which you can decorate the walls of the hallway a lot, most importantly, that they fit the room, were durable, easy to wash. The most famous ones are wallpapers (avoid simple paper, as well as expensive ones), MDF panels, paint, plaster. But, if you want to design a small hallway in the spirit of modernity, pay attention to the following ways of finishing.

Design of an entrance hall with a decorative stone

This kind of finish has a lot of advantages. In addition to what looks like the design of the hallway with a decorative stone is amazingly presentable, this material is very well washed, resistant to all kinds of influences (mechanical, chemical, natural). It can easily be combined with any other finishing materials. The main rule - a decorative stone should not be much, they form the walls occasionally around doorways, niches, decorative elements, areas of the corners being viewed.

hallway design with decorative stone, photo 28

Design of a small hallway with photo wallpapers

Еще один интересный способ оформления акцентных элементов прихожих — применение фотообоев. Причем, не стоит оклеивать ими стены маленького помещения полностью — они должны украшать определенные участки, например, часть стены у диванчика. Зачастую применяют современные 3d обои, создающие видимость объема. Design of a small hallway with photo wallpapers может быть по-настоящему эксклюзивным, если Вы подберете индивидуальную картинку на заказ.

hallway design options, photo 29design of an entrance hall in Khrushchev, photo 30hallway design by own hands, photo 31

Ideas for the design of a hallway with white brick

One of the most fashionable ways of decorating walls, to date, you can call a white brick. The optimal option - the design of such walls of the hallway in a private brick house. It will be enough here only to paint the walls. For apartments, especially small ones, to make a brickwork that "steals" a decent piece of space, is not advisable. The entrance hall in the apartment, the interior design of which provides for white brick, can be decorated with imitative materials: textured plaster, tile or gypsum mimicking masonry, voluminous plastic panels, wallpaper. To decor the hallway was not heavy, you should not design all the walls in this way, just one or two.

hallway design modern ideas, photo 32design hallway project, photo 33angled hallway design, photo 34

Contemporary hallway design: photo-examples of stylistic features

The modern design of the hallway, even the smallest one, can have its own style, which will correspond to the general concept of an apartment, a house. For example, minimalism and high-tech will be significantly different from the strictness of the interior, in practice, complete lack of decoration, glossy furniture, finishing materials.

The direction of the loft will offer the most unexpected interior with the presence of bare brick or concrete, open metal structures that serve as furniture, industrial lighting fixtures.

The design of the small hallway in eco-style will not do without the presence of natural materials, wooden furniture, living houseplants in pots. Classics prefer white, brown colors and their shades for furniture, finishes. Here there are elegant elements of stucco molding, gilding, elegant mirrors.

The hallway design variants with rustic motifs are displayed in Provence and Country styles. The walls are usually decorated in pastel colors. This can be a wallpaper with a small floral (floral) print, painted solid walls, ceilings. Wooden aged furniture, as well as forged elements, will best complement the stylistic direction.

design of a small hallway, photo 35design of the hallway in the classical style, photo 36hallway design in a modern style, photo 37hallway design in a modern style, photo 38hallway design in a modern style, photo 39hallway design in a modern style, photo 40hallway design in a modern style, photo 41hallway design in a modern style, photo 42hallway design in a modern style, photo 43hallway design in a modern style, photo 44small hallway design, photo 45

With our material, we touched upon various aspects of what the hallway design can be. Modern ideas are endless, as well as a variety of materials and ways of combining them. We recommend that you make this room so that it harmonizes with the overall design of the house and the preferences of its inhabitants.