10 little tricks to expand the space in the apartment

Do not know how to make your little apartment look bigger? Then this article is for you.

Built-in lighting and lamps on the bedside tables in the bedroom

Here are 10 wonderful ideas that will help to cope with this task.

Panoramic windows

This is one of the best ways to visually enlarge a room. The huge windows not only perfectly illuminate it, but also create the illusion that the street space is part of the premises. Leave the windows open to add room depth.

Panoramic windows с видом на море

Panoramic window in the bedroom Panoramic window in the living room Panoramic windows в гостиной

Mirrors everywhere

Not every apartment can install a window in the wall. Mirrors are an excellent alternative to this. To maximize the space, it is better to arrange the mirror directly in front of the window.

Mirror walls in the interior Mirror cabinet in the living room Large mirror in the bathroom Large mirror in the bedroom

Lamps instead of chandeliers

A great way to expand the space is to replace the usual chandeliers with lamps. They are doing admirably with the task of visually increasing the room.

Ceiling and wall lights in the bedroom Sconce in living room Lamps on the bedside tables in the bedroom

Furniture in a minimalist style

If you still did not choose the furniture for your compact apartment, pay attention to the minimalist design. Simple and neat furniture will not clutter up the space and will give the room a fresh and neat look.

Living room in minimalist style


By painting the batteries and walls in the same color, you create the feeling of a single, indivisible space. This makes the room more spacious and tidy. This method can also be used for bookcases.

Original wall-mounted radiators Unusual wall mounted radiators Wall-mounted radiator with a towel rail Small wall-mounted radiator

Wallpapers on the ceiling

You can paste wallpaper on the ceiling or simply paint it in a color different from the color of the rest of the room. All that attracts a glance upward, makes the room seem more spacious than it is.

Wallpapers on the ceiling с подсветкой


Use the striped pattern to visually lengthen the room. This technique works not only for clothes, but also for premises.

Carpet striped on the floor in the living room Wallpapers and covers on the chairs in stripes

Furniture on legs

This type of furniture is ideal for small apartments. Due to the open floor the room seems more spacious.

Sofa on legs in the living room

Glass doors in the shower

To expand the space of the bathroom, instead of the usual shower curtains, it is better to use glass doors. They open visual access to the whole room, thereby visually increasing it.

Glass doors in the shower

Single color gamut

Try to withstand the interior of the entire room in a single color palette. Remember that the light walls in combination with the dark floor visually make the space smaller.

Interior of living room in one color