Design of balconies outside and inside: top-100 photos of

In our society, a tradition has formed: to evaluate or call an apartment by the number of rooms in it - one-bedroom, two-bedroom and so on. It's unlikely that someone once mentioned the balconies. But very vain-


Today, the balcony is not a place for collecting unnecessary and old items, which are simply a pity to throw. This is an additional place of comfort and coziness. Modern designs of balconies surprise with a variety of interiors, style and originality. If you also keep up to date, this material is written exclusively for you!

Advice! Unfortunately the balcony can not boast of decent square meters (no more than 4-6): it is either round, or rectangular or elongated. Therefore, whatever the design of the balcony we choose, it should visually increase the space.


So, you can put a conditional ban on dark colors, giving priority to light. Bright accents can be: textiles, accessories or furniture. Ideas of design of balconies touch with functional furniture of not the big sizes and originality of creation: at times it is difficult to be defined in what room you are.


And this is due to the modern styles, currents and limitlessness of human imagination.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Where to begin?
  • Design of balconies and loggias
  • Photo of interesting design options for the balcony

Where to begin?

If you plan to update the balcony or place it in a new apartment, start with the window frames. They will provide warmth and create a presentable appearance from the outside. Modern technologies allow to produce frames from high-quality plastic and multilayered glass.


The number of glasses also affects the storage of heat in the room. Therefore, the best option - three-layer.


In addition, it is necessary to warm the walls of the balcony, floor and ceiling. To do this, you can use foam, mineral wool or eco-fiber, they both conserve heat and are ecological (except for the first sample).


Work on insulation can be carried out independently, if you own special knowledge or after studying the warming technique. Otherwise, you will have to resort to the services of specialists.


Design of balconies and loggias

The work should be a reference point. The project, the idea, the dream, which are stored in your head, is the beginning. If you are still undecided or have doubts, wait for 1 minute. This is the time it will take to finish the article and start visualizing your future balcony.


Modern trends give preference to the following types of balconies, which we consider in more detail:

1) Balcony-cabinet! Most often located in the living room or bedroom. Today - this is an additional space that fully meets all the needs of residents. In such an office, of course, there should not be large-sized furniture: a table, an armchair, a bookshelf. Windows should be hung with textile wide blinds. Paintings on walls, high floor vases, accessories in the form of book stands. This is more of a classic option, which can be improved according to your preference.


2) Balcony workshop! This option is rightfully appreciated by people for whom the hobby has become more and more work: seamstresses, knitters and even hairdressers. From a few squares you can create a whole world-apprentice. And this does not mean that it will not be cozy. Quite the contrary. Such a workshop can be furnished with mini-pus, from the window sill you can make a countertop, on the wall you can place horizontal shelves in the form of a geometric plot. Additionally, enliven the space with flowers or masterpieces from personal collections.


3) Balcony-garden! This option is certainly universal: it will be appropriate in the bedroom exactly as in the kitchen. The entrance to such a room is better made of glass. It is the glass door that will not hide the beauty of flowers and plants, but also visually increase both spaces: a balcony and, for example, a bedroom.


Such a garden will be pleasant not only to enjoy, but to spend time in it for reading, drinking tea or talking. This is the perfect place for relaxation in your apartment.


4) Balcony-dining room! Today it is very popular to clean the wall in the kitchen, continuing it. Of course, the idea is tempting, especially on the territory of the former balcony you can take out all the equipment, freeing the main space.


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However, it is not necessary to do this, the main thing is to include imagination and create an interior for the balcony in the kitchen of your dreams. From this place it is not necessary to make a warehouse of pickles and unnecessary utensils, this is a wonderful place for morning coffee and breakfast with the family. Therefore, a brilliant idea for you can become a balcony-bar!


We change the window sill to the bathroom counter. We put high chairs. All other design elements are at your discretion - the bars are different, create your dreams at home. Another option - from the balcony in the kitchen to make a dining room with chicly exposed dishes and other kitchen elements.


Summing up, it turns out that the outside balcony should look presentable, from the inside comfortable, comfortable and comfortable. Which balcony to be in your apartment - be determined.


Photo of interesting design options for the balcony





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