The simplicity of the rustic country-style bathroom charm in

Bath in the style of country will suit those who have a burning passion for the traditions of the Wild West. A surprising combination of objects of such an interior can be attributed to everyone in the beginning of the twentieth century. Therefore, the bathroom, executed in this design, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Spacious bathroom

A wonderful example of designing a bathroom in the country style. All combines a harmonious-wooden vault of a spacious window, the colors of tile and good furniture.

Bathroom from a natural stone

So it looks like a deliberate country in a suburban Scandinavian house. The harsh nature determines the style.

Cozy room

Light and cozy country of the Mediterranean.

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Country style in the bathroom

As everyone is well aware, the country style appeared in the West at a time when residents of small villages began to migrate to big cities. Pining for their dear and dear places, they tried to recreate a familiar setting. Therefore, they used only natural and environmentally friendly materials. As for the floor and the walls, they must have been made of wood.

Many decades passed before the country style became relevant again. As the 21st century grows heavier to a unique harmony with nature, this trend is reflected in the design of living quarters. As for the bathroom in the country style, its decoration is a real delight for fans of this direction.

Bathroom in the countryside of Provence France.

Bathroom in the countryside of Provence, France.

Huge room

A spacious bathroom-style country is guessed in the forms of furniture, lamps and natural finishing materials.

Naturally, the country style has its own characteristics. These include decorating with coarse plaster, stones, stucco molding and light-colored wood. Tiles with floral patterns on the walls are also considered a characteristic component of this trend in the interior. The floor is often covered with a carpet of tile with imitation of stones or bricks.

Bathroom furniture must be made of wood. But before you decorate the bathroom, it should be covered with a special water repellent. Many manufacturers consider this feature and therefore offer a wide range of products protected from the negative effects of moisture.

Light Bath

Light colors of the interior in the design of the bathroom in the style of country. The charm of the interior is a photo in the old framework and a simple cutie table.

Bathroom finishes in wood

Design project of a bathroom in a log house.

Bathroom in wood

Charming bathroom. Admire the harmony of white walls for whitewashing and wooden structures. Oak bathroom is a separate topic.

Bathroom in the style of a country should observe a certain color range, which is typical for this direction. Often it is dominated by light natural shades, and from the dark look good brown, rich coffee and green colors. Especially beautiful, they combine in compositions with wood. Although the optimal option is considered to be white and beige shades, a certain color is allowed, but it should be muffled, as if it faded.

Bathroom design in country style

Bathroom furniture should in no case be pompous. It is better to give preference to simple, wooden and unpolished headsets. To maximize the design of the bathroom to the style of the country will help and antique things. Therefore, you should not send an old wooden chest of drawers to your grandmother at the dacha, as it can be stylized in this direction.

Wooden bathroom furniture

Simple wooden furniture is the best option for a country bathroom. The toilet is looked ridiculous, it spoils everything, change or make the toilet separately.

Sometimes furniture is deliberately made old, using sandpaper. Rough finishing will help the interior look worn. Wicker items will also be perfect additions to this design. For example, a laundry basket and forged items around an oval mirror will add a few more notes to the country style. Towels, a rug and other textile things should be monophonic.

Bathroom in the Finnish house

Well very friendly, small bathroom in a Finnish village. Overloading with paintings, baskets, pots, gives the room a cozy home look.

Example of designing a bathroom

Example of design of a bathroom in a modern interior of the apartment, the mood of the Alpine hills.

The plumber should also be selected in the old style. A great material that perfectly complements the country suite of the 90's will be brass. It was the most common in the 20th century in the West.

As for the washstand, it must be clay. It should be noted that all the sanitary equipment of the country direction has much in common with the style of Provence. A magnificent addition to the country style are baths made in wood. They resemble the large tubs for bathing, which the villagers used. Naturally, their high cost for many can not afford. Therefore, you can cheat a little by covering the tub on the sides with planks, which also need to be treated from time to time with moisture-proofing agents.

If you take into account the nuance that the country style is alien to any bright accents, then it is necessary to select accessories in the bathroom as carefully as possible. Indeed, an expensive beautiful thing can instantly turn into an absurd stain on the background of harmony with nature. Therefore, it is worthwhile to avoid newfangled interior items.

Country in Detail

Remembering the films about the Wild West, the unity of all objects and decor elements of the rooms of that time comes to mind. Therefore, in order to recreate such a design in your bathroom, you should pay attention to the smoothness of the transition of shades, as well as materials. For example, a tile with a pattern can be combined with an ornament on furniture. But do not try to maintain the same composition throughout the interior.

At one time, the dark blue color was avngardnym for country style. Pay attention to the iron furniture. Time changes, ideas about beauty change.

At one time, the dark green color was avngardnym for the country style. Pay attention to the iron furniture. Time changes, ideas about beauty change.

Cotton or linen curtains of saturated, but non-evoking colors will help to complete a gentle country style.

Well, if you can buy or sew special bags for various toiletries from the same fabric as the curtains. Such textile handbags must have laces so that they can be hung on furniture handles or hooks. Such elements will add to the interior smoothness, and the design itself ─ completion.

With regard to lighting, it will be appropriate to the huge chandeliers "antique" or oil lamps on the sides of the mirror. Do not forget about the elegant lampshades, which will make the light muffled. It may appear that instead of electricity, the bath is lit by simple candles. Therefore, you do not need to buy lamps of modern models, since they will only spoil the overall picture.

Bathroom in the log house

Just a bathroom in a solid log house. Not enough warmth of country style.

Contemporary design of the bathroom

Modern design of the bathroom in country style. Authenticity of style is guessed in a combination of colors and furniture lines.

Stylish bathroom

An interesting solution to the interior of the bathroom-ceramic pottery with primitive flowers.

In addition, the tiles on the walls and the floor should not reflect light too much, as the gloss in the country is completely out of place. It is best to buy an expensive matt tile, but caring for it is much more difficult than usual glossy surfaces. The windowsills should also be decorated with beautiful tiles, and on top of them lay clay pots with houseplants that often bloom.

Conclusion on the topic

Bathroom in country style is one of the most actual trends in interior design. Before going to the building store it is necessary to decide which furniture, tiles and plumbing are best suited to this style. Using this advice, it will not be difficult to recreate this trend in your own home.

Country style in the design of the bathroom. Video

Authentic country style in the modern interior of the bathroom