Design of a bedroom for a girl: interior ideas

1 Design of a bedroom for a girl

When a child appears in the family, the question of arranging his room almost immediately comes up. The specificity of this room is that "scenery" will have to be changed every four to five years - as the baby grows or else children are born. For girls and boys, the design is very different. If the layout for a newborn or an "Todler" is about the same, then for a junior high school student or a teenager, a completely different one will be required.

Children bedroom Bed linen for girls  Teenager's room  Children's design  A bedroom for a child  Bedroom design

From the color design of the interior depends activity, school performance, concentration of attention. Warm colors create a feeling of comfort, cold - relax. Experts recommend maximum adherence to natural shades, slightly diluting them with bright details.

Properties of different colors:

  • red strengthens motor activity;
  • orange raises self-esteem;
  • yellow enhances curiosity;
  • green soothes;
  • blue helps to overcome fears;
  • purple tones into dreaminess;
  • pink reduces aggression;
  • brown pacifies;
  • black helps to focus.

Bedroom for a girl in blue color

It is not recommended to decorate the interior completely monochrome, especially if it is dark, excessively saturated colors - it is better to take two or three as the basis. Turquoise wallpapers are combined with pale green, azure furniture, light yellow bedspreads in harmony with coral curtains, pink butterflies look great with ochery facades, beige floor.

Interior design of the children's room of the girl with a lock

When the bedroom windows look on the sunny side, the colors are preferably green-blue, if the sun is clearly not enough, wallpaper and furnishings should be made white-pink, light brown, orange. It is interesting to look at the bedroom-sea - the color of sand on linoleum, in the floor vases - pebbles, large shells, the sky with clouds - on the ceiling, on the walls the pictures are framed with sea views, wall-papers depicting the ocean coast with palm trees to the ceiling.

Design-project of a room for a teenager

Important selection of lighting: plafonds of strict shapes for the room of a teenage girl, yellow and pink flowers for schoolgirls, animal lamps - the smallest.


When planning the nursery, you should consider some points:

  • discipline - the correct structure of the room will teach you to keep order;
  • comfort - if the child is psychologically comfortable, it develops well;
  • availability of everything necessary - a chest of drawers for toys, a table of lessons, a wardrobe, bookshelves, etc .;
  • individual space - if the child is divided into two children or more;
  • gender self-determination - when it is planned to place different-sex children in the same room, places for sleeping and changing should be separated by partitions.
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Room for schoolgirls Textiles for children  Baroque Style  Original interior  Modular furniture  Panoramic windows in the nursery

In the maid's bedroom an important place is occupied by the bed. Separate the sleeping area, placing it on the podium or under such a fashionable attribute as a canopy. This can be a drapery of several layers, including a two-sided, minimalist solution from organza. The tone of the canopy should be combined with other textiles that are available in the room. Often, the sleeping place is separated by a screen. Many girls like to look in the window - you can put a bed there, but the window should have good sound insulation, there should not be a blow.

В рабочей зоне делаются уроки, это место для чтения, письма, работы за компьютером, который также может размещаться в детской. Здесь, как и в уголке для творчества, организуют хорошее освещение. Место игр располагают в любой части помещения, туда кладут мягкий ковер. Zoning осуществляют при помощи цвета, ширм, перегородок из гипсокартона, предметов меблировки, локального освещения. Если в квартире высокие потолки, можно сделать двухъярусное пространство.

Spacious bedroom

Choosing furniture

When choosing children's furniture adhere to certain rules:

  • it must correspond to the age and height of the child;
  • Made of environmentally friendly and safe materials;
  • should be light, but stable;
  • preferably without sharp corners;
  • decorating furniture for the girl will be different from the boy's decor.

Approximate set of furniture in the nursery:

BedThis is a cot with bars, a teenage, two-tiered, combined with a wardrobe.
CupboardIt stores clothes on hangers and shelves, partially can be replaced by a chest of drawers.
TableWritten or computerized, if space allows, it is desirable to install two tables - in the work area and in the playroom.
Other furnitureThis racks, boxes for toys, hanging shelves, corner cabinets, bedside tables, play furniture.

Furniture for children

Bed должна иметь жесткий, лучше ортопедический матрас, чтобы ребенок нормально высыпался, у него не было искривления позвоночника. Если кровать двухэтажная, лесенки должны быть не скользкими, хорошо закрепленными. Cupboard предпочтителен универсальный, способный вместить много девичьей одежды, постельные принадлежности, игрушки. Table следует выбирать с максимальным количеством ящиков, у стула должна регулироваться высота, наклон спинки. Игровая мебель – горки, качалки, качели, лесенки выбираются безопасные.

Of the materials, the best is an array of wood - solid wood is more durable. Particleboard can be toxic, MDF and plywood are safer. Wicker furniture is environmentally friendly, but does not differ in strength, plastic is light, compact. All items of furniture are selected not travmoopasnye - without sharp corners, burrs, beating glasses, with a coating of safe paint.

Set of furniture for the girl's room Cinderella Room  Bed с балдахином  Workstation in the bedroom  Bright decor  Classic bedroom decoration

Decor and Accessories

The decorative accessories for children include:

  • lamps in the form of animals;
  • shelves-houses;
  • gestures and 3D stickers;
  • curly pillows with eyes and pockets;
  • textile suspension organizers;
  • wallboards, for drawing with chalk;
  • mobili and shawls;
  • accessories for security;
  • decorative screens.

The walls are decorated with wallpaper, photo wallpapers, stickers. When decorating with decorative plaster consider that it should be as smooth as possible, easy to clean. On the sockets, windows, sharp corners set fuses and plugs so that a small child does not hit hard, do not hold his fingers, do not fall out of the window, do not put anything into the outlet. Decorative lamps are preferred unbreakable.

A wide bed in the nursery Decoration for the wall in the bedroom  Pink Walls  Vegetative motifs  Original backlight  Large chandelier

Design options

Make out the child's taking into account the nature, preferences of the child. If the room is combined with a heated loggia or has a bay window, then the working area is better placed there. When the space is small, it is visually enlarged by means of a large mirror, the sleeping place is separated by a folding screen. Well, if the room for the girl has a large closet or a rack - there will fit numerous dolls, soft toys, clothes and stuff.

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Magic Room

The magic maiden bedroom is made up based on your favorite fairy tales, cartoons. It can be a bed under the canopy, in the style of the eastern fairy tales of Shaherizada. Fairy-tale characters are everywhere - gnomes on wallpaper, angels on the bed, elves and fairies on the curtains. The fairy room is made out with the help of furniture accessories - a chest of drawers or a dressing-table, stylized for objects from doll houses, floor lamps with laces. Princesses in lush dresses, flying ponies are also in the trend of girls six to ten years old. You should choose the child's favorite colors, making them the main ones.

Lock in the bedroom

Funny wallpaper with colored butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, fixed on curtains or chandelier, faces of little animals for the design of hangers, rostomera. Bed linen and wallpaper, you can choose with widescreen images of your favorite animals and birds - seals, parrots, dinosaurs, etc. Parents carefully monitoring what their daughter is keen on, will immediately understand what pictures to decorate children's. You can make a collage of figures of your favorite characters with your own hand, cutting them from the magazine, pasting them on a large sheet in the form of a panel.

Bed-карета Fabulous wallpaper  Creative design of children's  Furniture for children комнаты  Bright bedroom set  Designer repair

Design in the style of Provence

Characteristic features of the Provencal children's style:

  • light colors - white, gray, beige, pink, violet;
  • decor with the image of village and sea prints, animals, birds;
  • on the floor - a laminate "under the tree" or light parquet;
  • wallpaper "under white brick" or light with a small pattern;
  • the ceiling is white matt or with light beamed ceilings;
  • light wooden furniture "for classics".

Provence in the interior

Bed выбирается деревянная или с коваными элементами, светлый балдахин – тоже «визитка» стиля прованс. Cupboardы украшаются резьбой, декупажем, в помещении может присутствовать сундучок «для сокровищ», туалетный столик, кресло-качалка. Чтобы сделать помещение уютнее применяют подушки, текстильные занавески, римские шторы, кружевные покрывала. Отлично подойдут светильники-канделябры, торшеры, винтажные игрушки.

French style Shebbie-chic style  French style в интерьере  Luxurious bedroom for a girl  Room decoration  The combination of white and pink in the interior

Design for newborn babies

The design of the baby's room of the first year of life is being developed considering the convenience of her mother. It is better to darken the cot, not to put it in the sun and not near the door, next to it there is a dresser-table for changing and storing children's accessories. Protection from noise, drafts, acceptable humidity is of paramount importance. On the floor should be laid a warm, easy-to-wash carpet on which the crumb will play, crawl, take their first steps. Educational toys are located in an accessible place. There is also a couch, an armchair for breast-feeding a baby, a rest for a mother.

Bedroom for a newborn girl Cot for crumbs  Design of walls in the bedroom  Room in pink color  Vintage motifs  White cot

Design features for girls from 3 to 7 years old

Игровая зона в этом возрасте занимает большую часть помещения – место для катания на педальных машинках, размещения железной дороги, кукольного домика, подвижных игр с мячом. Спортивный уголок со шведской стенкой, канатом, качелями придется очень кстати. В хорошо освещенном месте, размещают стол со стулом, где девочка будет заниматься рисованием, лепкой, чтением, письмом. Table и стул должны регулироваться по росту – многие фирмы предлагают мебель, которая «растет вместе с ребенком». Место для сна должно быть комфортным, а для двоих детей в маленькой спальне приобретают двухъярусную кровать.

Bedroom for a little girl Orange children's room  Shelves from plasterboard  Bed с козырьком  Light Furniture  Resting place by the window

Room for the creative person

The main place in this room is a corner for creativity. There should be good lighting, plenty of space, little furniture. For creative accessories, you need a chest of drawers or a table with drawers, ready-made work is placed in a glazed cabinet. Young artist useful easel. On the walls hang drawings in frames, embroidered pictures, panels in quilling technique. On the shelves, a pupa is planted in a sewn or tied with a girl's clothing, homemade books, handicrafts made of plasticine, natural materials. For musical creativity in the room are placed the appropriate tools. The place here is required differently - if you need a chair in the corner for playing the guitar, then for a piano or a drum set you need two or four square spaces.

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Colorful interior for children Spacious wardrobe  Bunk bed  Bright decor  Pink in the design of the nursery  Set of wooden furniture

Not the least role is played by color design:

  • Solar-yellow is suitable if the girl is engaged in solving logical puzzles or constructing;
  • blue-green - for theatrical productions and young speakers;
  • purple will suit the future artist or musician.

In the interior you can use decorative and educational items - a map of the globe on the wall, an image of the constellations for the ceiling.

Zoning детской

Modern design for a teenage girl

The room of a teenage girl should best correspond to the interests of the maturing personality, her temperament. There is a huge space for self-expression - a variety of colors and patterns, summer colors can be combined with monophonic cold in different versions.

For a child between the ages of 8 and 11, four zones should be identified in space: for sleep, games, study, creative process. For older children, the playing area is excluded.

Bedroom for a teenager Contrast interior  Bedroom Decor  Delicate colors in the design of the nursery  Combined wallpaper  Round bed

For a girl-music lover or a beginner musician, the interior implies an original design. On the wall, there is a place for a favorite guitar, on a shelf - an acoustic system with a microphone. One of the walls is decorated with old plates or discs, on the other - wallpaper with notes or posters depicting your favorite musicians, in the corner place the podium. On bed linen, you can duplicate musical instruments.

The girl-sportswoman will want, that in an interior something reminded of its hobby. Photo idols on the walls, shelves with their own awards, instead of cabinets - open racks. On the wallpaper images of retro bicycles or gold cups are possible. All this is next to your favorite soft toys.

Classic bedroom Purple in the interior  Room in blue color  Functional zones in the bedroom  Pastel shades  Stylish repair

Some girls want to become stylists, fashion designers. They sew clothes on dolls, comb their hair, answering for their appearance. In such a room everything is subordinated to sewing art, fashion photography and glamor. This room needs a large full-length mirror, a well-lit place for needlework.

Many teenagers at some point begin to love black, they want to make their room completely black. This is a temporary phenomenon associated with youth subcultures, therefore it is worth making a compromise - not paint the walls, floor and ceiling in black, but buy bed linens and curtains of this color, a floor mat, a black computer desk and a chair. The rest of the space is made white or pastel colors.

Bedroom for the creative person


The options for a designer bedroom for a girl are endless. Do not forget that children grow very quickly, and their hobbies and preferences in adolescence can change almost daily. If the girl already understands something, and even more so knows specifically what is needed in the room, it should at least partially take into account her wishes, not to impose too strictly their own. After all, a child is a future adult who wants to experiment, a full-fledged personality at any age.