Kitchen design 10 sq.m. m. - 115 photo design ideas for

Despite the fact that the ten-meter kitchen is not big to equip it is not easy.


However, if you carefully think over the design of the interior and in advance to foresee everything, the kitchen will become not just a place for eating, but also a pleasant place for rest.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Functionality of a small kitchen
  • How to place a small kitchen appliances and furniture
  • Kitchen with balcony
  • Kitchen layout with balcony
  • Photo of kitchen design 10 sq.m. m.

Functionality of a small kitchen

Kitchen design 10 sq.m. m with a corner sofa and armchairs is incompatible, so all large items that do not directly belong to the kitchen need to be removed.


In a small kitchen there should be: a refrigerator, a cooking stove, a microwave oven, and the rest of the equipment that may be required for cooking, washing dishes and eating.


In the event that the apartment is inhabited by one person, the large table can be replaced with a folding table or on a bar counter.


In addition, when organizing space in the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account the size of household equipment. Preferably buy for a small forge compact household appliances, for example, a gas stove you can buy a two-burner, instead of a standard plate with four burners.


How to place a small kitchen appliances and furniture

Specialists have developed a modern kitchen design of 10 sq. M. m. on the basis of the basic principles of the environment of a small kitchen.


Island. This principle is due to the fact that the center of the kitchen is a dining table. In this case, experts recommend choosing a multifunctional table with built-in shelves and drawers for cutlery. The ideal solution will be a table on wheels, whose mobility is useful in a small kitchen.


Linear Arrangement. This option implies a direct line of furniture along the wall of furniture and household appliances. If the walls are painted white, the kitchen will look more visually.


Corner arrangement of the kitchen. In this case, furniture and household appliances are placed at the corners of the room. Those who decided to stay on the corner design, you need to take into account that the space near the gas stove, refrigerator and sink should be free, otherwise you will not be able to use them.

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In addition, you need to pay attention to the work area, because in this case it will be divided into zones in which you should be comfortable, move and so that you have everything you need is always at hand.


 L-shaped. This kitchen design of 10 sq. M photo of the novelty is the most convenient option, because in the work area everything is really at hand. At the same time, there is enough free space, which can be equipped for a recreation area.


Kitchen with balcony

Many still use the balcony as a storeroom in which things are stored. Recently, designers recommend to reconsider their approach to the balcony, especially for small and non-standard kitchens. So, a balcony having access to the kitchen can become a continuation of the kitchen, of course, provided that it will be glazed.


Also with the help of a balcony you can zonirovat kitchen, having organized in it, a recreation area for the reception of guests, or a bar. From the modern point of view, the design of the kitchen is 10 sq.m. m photos that can be found in magazines about the interior can be completely different, because it depends only on the imagination of its owner.


One of the options for modern interior design of a small kitchen is to remove the balcony window, located between the kitchen and the balcony, and turning the window sill into a stylish bar counter.


Sufficiently convenient option to connect the balcony, with the kitchen having organized on the balcony a cozy recreation area. And in order to ensure that this zone does not fall out of the common kitchen interior, it is necessary to select furniture for the area of ​​the former balcony, which would not be much different in shape and material from the kitchen environment.

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Kitchen layout with balcony

In the event that you decided to remove the kitchen window to combine the kitchen with the balcony, then you need to decide what to do with the window sill. So, a lonely bachelor can use a window sill as a bar counter.

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Also, the bar stand is useful for those who like noisy parties, especially if the apartment is located on the upper floors, which will allow you to avoid the views of passers-by.


In addition, the design of the kitchen 10 square meters. m photo 2017 is an interesting option that allows on the balcony you can organize a winter garden with flowering plants.


If you do not need to use a window sill, then you can remove it, thereby expanding the space of the kitchen or by organizing on the balcony a magnificent living room.


Photo of kitchen design 10 sq.m. m.

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