Traveling in a house on wheels: how a minibus became a real

House on wheels in a minibus

Kira Sutton and his house on wheels in a minibus

The house on wheels in a minibus is a great idea for those who are not attached to the place and like to visit different places. Travel can take any form, whether it's hiking to dozens of kilometers, cross-country trips by bike, or flying on an airplane.

Today, non-standard ways of traveling are gaining popularity - a permanent mobile lifestyle or so-called "cohabitation" - the search for temporary housing on different parts of the world on special sites.

The most proven way at minimal cost is traveling by car. The current trend to move in houses on wheels also affects people's hearts. There is still controversy about whether such a lifestyle is environmentally friendly, but it exactly destroys stereotypes that a good life is a house with a lawn in the suburbs.

The filmmaker and surfer Kira Sutton has been living such a life for more than 10 years. His last house on wheels is a 4-meter wagon, which you can learn more about in this video:

Sutton writes about how he began a mobile life:

"The first time I tried to live in a van about 10 years ago. Then I was forced to shoot a documentary film, constantly moving, with a minimum cost of housing. During the trip I had to survive in all ways, I ate only beans from cans, money for which I had only because of the lack of rent. This went on for three years. "

And indeed, since 2006, Kira Sutton lived in a house on wheels, until last year he found an option better - a 4-meter-long wagon Sprinter. He immediately proceeded to his arrangement and modification.

Small house on wheels

Inside the van there is a pleasant atmosphere

The director completely changed the interior of the van, built in it a small kitchen with a stove and a refrigerator, and even with a sink, the water in which is fed from a 5-liter container. There was also a small place for storing personal belongings.

Kitchen in the house on wheels Interior of a small house on wheels Stove in the house on wheels Washing in the house on wheels Storage systems in the house on wheels Drinking water in the house on wheels

In the van everything is installed with maximum space saving

In the van there is a securely fastened folding bed, which perfectly saves space. To the ceiling, Sutton hung a tissue organizer for storing clothes. It can be cleaned at any time, and at the same time, clothing is always at hand.

Sleeper in the house on wheels Organizers for storing clothes

Even the wardrobe became compact and mobile in the van

The design of the hammock and boards that are inserted into the grooves in the walls of the van, the author of the project creates a comfortable workplace, which can also be disassembled when it is not necessary. Electricity is for the most part provided by large solar batteries.

Illumination in the house on wheels Foldable working place in the house on wheels

The shower for camping is installed between two open doors of the van, hung with a special cloth.

Shower in the house on wheels

A compact shower is one of the parts of the van

Inside the van there is very little space, and you need to have high intelligence in order to properly and compactly organize the space that will suit your needs.

The Sutton project shows that even a small space can be organized wisely, and can provide comfortable living in conditions of constant mobility.

Would you dare to leave all the business and move to the van? Discuss our article with your friends or share your opinion in the comments!