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The shower mixer is an element of sanitary ware, which is not often noticed in everyday life. Buying a cabin, the buyer is primarily interested in design, dimensions and its functionality. But the mixer plays the most important role in the trouble-free operation of the shower enclosure, which can not be underestimated, and special attention should be given to its technical characteristics. But, nothing lasts forever, and no matter how good the shower systems with the mixer and the overhead shower are, they sooner or later fail and require replacement. In order to correctly approach the purchase of new equipment, it is worth familiarizing yourself with its types and some recommendations of specialists regarding the choice.

Where to start by choosing a shower mixer

The mixer for a shower cabin nowadays has various configurations. It can be wall-mounted or built-in, single-lever and two-ventilated, have a flexible hose with a watering can or a shower stand (or both at the same time). Each design is good in its own way, and this criterion alone is not enough to make the right choice.

Due to the fact that in our time much attention is paid to the observance of styles in the interiors of a particular room, the owners and designers try to achieve the maximum combination of all its elements. Often, a modern shower mixer is also an addition to a single stylistic solution. This will help to choose the right material from which it is made. It can be chrome-plated brass, imitating gold, bronze, plastic, stainless steel, ceramics and even glass.

For example, for ethnic style, a bronze mixer is more suitable, and for a high-tech style - a set of stainless steel or glass. This will be discussed in more detail later in the article. It is also worth paying attention to the strength of this or that material. Mixers made of bronze or stainless steel are more durable, unlike plastic or ceramic models. In general, there are no ideal designs. Each species has its positive and negative characteristics - the choice is left for the buyer.

Any plumbing is used, as a rule, daily, and therefore it is very important that it is of high quality. Buying a faucet for the shower, it is worth choosing brands of well-known proven manufacturers, so that soon you do not have to start all over again.

Modern faucet for the shower: beauty and comfort

Of course, everyone knows about such a concept as a shower mixer from childhood. This simple design, installed in the bathrooms, always helped to cheer up in the early morning and relieve fatigue after a hard day. But progress does not stand still, and such simple designs have been modernized over the years, leading to the appearance of improved models on the market, which will be discussed in our article.

Shower Faucet MixerShower Faucet MixerShower Faucet Mixershower mixershower mixershower mixershower mixer

Sensor shower mixer

Another important criterion that influences the choice of a particular model is the design that the shower mixer has. There is a division into three main types: mechanical, electrical and digital. Mechanical - the simplest, you can say the outdated option and, accordingly, cheaper. Electric is used in rooms where there is no constant supply of hot water. A heating element is mounted in such a device. Some of its drawbacks are high power consumption. The digital (touch) shower mixer is the most modern model with significant functionality. We'll talk more about it.

The first thing to note is the completely innovative design of this model, where there is no need to adjust the water head and its temperature regime. In the mixer, an infrared sensor is installed that captures the heat pulse from the arms brought to the device, and includes the function of supplying water. Typically, the touch models have several modes, the choice is made by pressing the button of the tuning panel, which, in turn, together with the liquid crystal display, forms the control center for all functions.

The advantages of a touch-type shower faucet include the original modern design, multifunctionality, simplicity of control and, of course, water saving, because it does not flow off in vain while the temperature is regulated. The disadvantage of this design is its rather high cost.

Shower Faucet Mixer фотоShower Faucet Mixer фотоShower Faucet Mixer фотоShower Faucet Mixer фото

Shower system with rain shower and mixer

The system with a rain shower, recently, is very popular, thanks to the tremendous effect achieved by the use of special leks and hydromassage devices. Having, in practice, the same equipment, which includes a mixer, a metal bar or a hose and a watering can, such systems with a tropical shower come in several forms, namely:

  • Shower mixer with a rain shower, simulating a shower. In such equipment there is a watering can with a large diameter (about 25 cm).
  • Construction, with a watering can, allowing to create the effect of tropical rain.
  • Shower panels, complete with hydromassage devices.
  • The system where the watering can is installed on the flexible hose of the existing mixer.

Any shower mixer with a rain shower has a number of advantages. First, it has a full relaxing effect on the entire body, and allows the most comfortable way to take water procedures. Such a system is quite simple to install and, if you need to replace any parts, it is quite possible to do it yourself. But there are some drawbacks - high cost and quite high water consumption, which also entails additional costs.

Shower system with rain shower and mixer может быть изготовлена из металла, пластика или стекла. Стоит уточнить, что при производстве пластиковых моделей, используется металлизированный материал, внешне схожий с золотом или хромом. Поэтому, в данном случае, пластик не уступает по виду и прочности металлическим аналогам. Стекло (особенно, в сочетании с камнем) используется довольно редко и возможно в применении только к классическому стилю. Если же говорить о практичности, стоит остановить выбор на моделях из нержавеющей стали — модели из этого материала долгий период времени сохраняют свой изначальный вид, не требуют особого ухода, на их поверхности не появляются со временем царапины.

shower system with rain shower and mixershower system with rain shower and mixershower system with rain shower and mixershower system with rain shower and mixer

Built-in shower mixers - pros and cons

In the interiors of different rooms, one can observe a growing trend towards minimalism every year. People are trying to maximize space, removing all unnecessary details. This direction was not spared and the arrangement of bathrooms, which resulted in such an innovation as built-in shower faucets.

Mounted such a structure, directly into the wall, leaving on the surface only control levers with a decorative panel. Moreover, behind the special panel there can be a shower hose with a spout. This installation allows you to visually "unload" the shower, give it a grace and attractiveness.

One of the innovations of such a system is the presence of a thermostat, which regulates the supply of water at a predetermined temperature. Including shower, it is worth waiting for two or three seconds and the heating of the water will be adjusted to the required level, which, of course, creates additional comfort.

Along with many advantages, built-in shower mixers have their drawbacks. The possibility of acquiring such a system can be significantly influenced by the price, which is quite high. It is also worth noting that the installation of the structure is quite labor-intensive - it will be necessary to have equipment in the wall of partitions and grooves for laying communications and installing a mixer.

built-in shower faucetsbuilt-in shower faucetsbuilt-in shower faucets

Cascade shower faucet: bathe under the streams of the waterfall

A fairly new model, which has already won the trust of many fans of water procedures, is a cascade mixer. From the name it is clear that such shower mixers for the bathroom can recreate the visibility of a falling waterfall, which is especially interesting for connoisseurs of scenic landscapes, who in every way try to bring elements of natural beauty into their everyday life.

Water procedures under a large stream of water flow bring incredible pleasure, creating the effect of swimming under a waterfall or in the streams of a turbulent river, soothes and produces a relaxing effect on the entire body. In terms of design, such a shower mixer is not particularly different from standard types. The peculiarity is in a rather wide section, which provides a high throughput (up to 55 liters per minute, whereas a conventional mixer passes about 16 liters).

Cascade mixer has a wide spout, forming a uniform and strong stream of water. Such shower mixers are the best way for a bathroom as well, as it will ensure its quick filling. Cascade mixers are of different types - it can be a simple cascade nozzle, attached to the upper shower, and, in fact, a real waterfall (in some of their projects designers use the reception of the design of the shower wall with natural stone with the cascade fixed to it).

Bathroom Shower FaucetsBathroom Shower FaucetsBathroom Shower Faucets

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Shower faucet: photo in various interiors

As mentioned earlier, if the bathroom is designed in the same style, the plumbing must also comply with it. Over the past decade, there has been an increasing interest in the style of hi-tech. The best option for a shower enclosure in this case will be a shower system with a rain shower and a built-in mixer that emphasizes and successfully complements this modern style.

For the classical and country style, it's better to choose two-valve mixers, which have always been a popular option at all times. Their more modern single-lever "colleagues" will not fit into such interiors (as, indeed, sensory ones).

Do not fall behind in popularity and retro style. Mixers made in this style, always took the leading place among the elite sanitary equipment, introducing into the interior aristocratic restraint. Here in many respects the color of this or that model plays a role. To give the effect of "antiquity" a mixer for a shower cabin, decorated for bronze, is suitable. It is necessary that there is a color combination with other elements of the bathroom (for example, the heated towel rail must also be made in bronze).

Summarizing, it can be confidently asserted that whatever style is not present in the bathroom, the right-selected shower mixer (the photo is clearly demonstrated) can always emphasize it in the best way.

shower column with mixershower column with mixershower column with mixerShower Faucet Mixer фотоShower Faucet Mixer фотоShower Faucet Mixer фото