Suspended shelves - 55 photos in original and modern design

In the modern world, there is much room for original interior decoration of the apartment. Suspended shelves are a pretty practical solution in this matter. They have many variations, from the simplest, known to us from childhood, and ending with modern design designs. In this article, we will consider what role a suspended shelf can play in the interior, and in what way it is possible to make it independently.

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Materials for the manufacture of suspended shelves

Suspended shelves can be made of wood, metal, particle board, plywood, plasterboard, plastic and glass. If a suspended shelf is manufactured by hand, then it is possible to additionally use fabric, threads and other improvised means. The choice of material for the hanging shelf depends on where it will be located. For example, in a bathroom where the humidity is high, it is not recommended to place a shelf from a fabric that does not have water-repellent properties. It is best to look in the bathroom hanging shelves of glass or plastic. The choice of material for hanging shelves is influenced by the style of the interior.

Suspended shelves depending on the method of attachment

A wide variety of designs allows you to select the necessary hanging shelves for different purposes, and, accordingly, arrange them in the most convenient places. In addition to the possibility of placing in various rooms, the hanging shelves have different ways of fixing.

Ceiling suspended shelves

In most cases, ceiling suspended shelves are used to suspend the vases. They can be attached to the ceiling in the room and on the balcony, thus creating a real greenhouse that does not occupy useful space. It can also be ceiling hanging shelves for books, decor items, dishes and even a TV.

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Suspended shelves on the wall

In the case when the shelf will be attached to the wall, there are many more interesting design solutions. It can be both linear and angular hanging shelves. The advantage of angular suspended shelves is that they help to hide empty corners, bring harmony and completeness to the interior.

Suspended shelves, photo 11

In the photos in our article you can find out the various design options. Suspended shelves for books and decor very organically fit in modern stylistically direction.

hanging shelves for books, photo 12pendant shelves for books, photo 13

In most cases, hanging shelves are universal, they can accommodate books, trinkets, various vases and so on. We will consider the features of the most popular designs, such as hanging shelves for flowers, books and TV.

Suspended shelf for TV

No apartment today does not do without a "blue" screen. Suspended shelves will help to place it in the interior so that viewing is as comfortable and convenient for you.

A good option is a hanging shelf for a TV in the children's room - then a small child will not be able to reach it and, consequently, "shorten" the period of its operation. Most of these shelves are wall models, but there are special designs with brackets, such as a ceiling suspended shelf for TV. It can be fixed at any distance and comfortable height from the viewing point.

Suspended shelves for TV will be a wonderful addition to the interiors of living rooms and bedrooms. For the kitchen is generally a great option.

Suspended shelves for flowers

Suspended shelves for flowers помогут вам красиво оформить интерьер и освободить место на поверхности подоконников. Некоторые несложные конструкции вполне можно соорудить самостоятельно, и украсить ими оконные проемы на кухне, в лоджии или на балконе. К примеру, подвесная полка для цветов, сделанная своими руками из доски (толстой фанеры) и веревки может быть прикреплена к кронштейну в стене или потолке. На фото ниже смотрите оригинальные формы полок для цветов, оформленных в современном стиле.

Hanging shelves for books

Хотя в наше время книги уже не пользуются столь большой популярностью, как несколько десятилетий назад, однако в небольшом количестве, но всё-таки имеются. Часто их используют, оформляя комнату школьника или студента. В отличие от унылых конструкций прежних лет, современные модели, а они представлены в нашей статье, отличаются особым дизайном. Размещая книга на подвесных полках, вы всегда сможете быстро и легко вашу любимую книгу. Hanging shelves for books в гостиной помогут вам завести беседу с любым гостем и за чашечкой чая обсудить понравившуюся вам книгу.

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Suspended shelves: various options for kitchen and bathroom

Facilities such as a bathroom and kitchen often have small areas where hanging shelves become a very profitable solution. They can carry a different functional load, but a prerequisite for them is the resistance of the material to moisture and temperature changes. Mostly, it can be plastic, wooden, metal structures, as well as suspended glass shelves made from chipboard.

Suspended shelves for kitchen

In this room, suspended shelves can be designed for different purposes. In the work area there can be a special hanging shelf for microwave and other household appliances, and the dining area will be well complemented with a hanging design for a TV.

suspended shelf for microwave oven, photo 18suspended shelf under the TV, photo 19hanging shelves for TV, photo 20

Not only a comfortable stand, but also a real decoration can be the original hanging shelves for glasses and flower shelves. Since the kitchen is a multifunctional room, the hanging shelves for the kitchen become a very profitable solution. They can accommodate many different kitchen utensils and at the same time leave a lot of free space. When decorating kitchen shelves, include your imagination and make them a wonderful decoration element. Such hanging shelves will always delight your eyes.

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Suspended shelves for the bathroom

В ванной комнате также необходимы различные конструкции для хранения различных косметических принадлежностей и средств личной гигиены. Suspended shelves for the bathroom заменяют более габаритные шкафчики и помогают сэкономить место в небольшом пространстве. Для их изготовления применяются такие материалы, как пластик, дерево, металл, гипсокартон. Особую легкость интерьеру придадут подвесные стеклянные полки, фото которых есть в нашей статье. Здесь также уместно применение угловых подвесных полок.

When there is no extra money to buy a shelf, or there is a vivid desire to show their creativity, the hanging regiment with its own hands will be the best way out. In this production process, all members of the family can participate.

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Suspended cloth shelf with own hands

Хозяюшек непременно заинтересует такая тканная полочка. Suspended cloth shelf with own hands будет смотреться очень оригинально и подойдет для хранения косметики, расчесок, журналов, газет и других не тяжелых предметов. Ее изготовление потребует небольшое количество материалов и некоторые навыки в шитье.

The fabric is better to choose a more dense - coarse calico, satin, etc. You can also use leather, fur, and for bathrooms, plasive or jacket materials with water repellent impregnation.

Suspended cloth shelf with own hands делается довольно просто: на большой подготовленный отрез-основу пришиваются более маленькие, как карманчики. Размеры их зависят от личных предпочтений. Они могут быть однотонными или разных цветов, а также дополнены различными декоративными украшениями.

Hanging shelf with own hands, photo 36Hanging shelves in the garage with their own hands, photo 37suspended shelf made of cloth by own hands, photo 38

Pendant flower shelf for your own hands

Consider an interesting way how to make a hanging shelf-pot with your own hands, which will be an excellent original decoration of the interior of the room or balcony. Let's clarify that pots are a decorative vessel in which a pot with a plant is placed. This design is also considered a shelf and can be either in a stationary position or suspended from a wall or ceiling.

hanging shelves for flowers, photo 39

To ensure that such a hanging shelf for flowers with their own hands was really the most original, you can use a binding. A beautiful colored pouch, with a vase inside, suspended from the ceiling, will look warm and elegant, especially if it is supplemented with the same "colorful neighbors". If knitting is not your hobby, you can resort to using wicker baskets, plastic buckets and pots. With the help of a glue gun it is possible to cover the front side of future pots with shells, small pebbles or beads and build rope suspenders.

hanging shelves for flowers, photo 40hanging shelf for flowers by own hands, photo 41hanging shelf for flowers by own hands, photo 42hanging shelves for flowers, photo 43hanging shelves for flowers, photo 44

From all of the above, we can conclude that the hanging shelves are no less popular than a few decades ago. On the contrary, due to its ability to accommodate many different objects and leave space as free as possible, they are only gaining popularity.

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