Bright life and unusual little houses

Unusual small houses on wheels

Unusual small houses in eco-style

Unusual small houses are gaining popularity every year. This happens thanks to those who wish to simplify their lives, make it bright or change completely. Under the requests of modernity, mini-houses are constantly being improved, and, at the moment, a huge breakthrough has been achieved - designers and designers have turned small houses into a whole style, called ECO-life.

Bright and unusual small house

Mini-house can be very bright and unusual

The largest size of these houses reaches almost 40 square meters, but more often they are made even less. Buyers are attracted not only by the price, but also by comfortable and tidy conditions.

The interior of an unusual small house

How does a mini-house look from the inside?

An original approach to the theme of small houses was demonstrated by an artist from California - Gregory Kloehn. He creates tiny houses from secondary raw materials and garbage containers, and then sells them or donates them to the homeless.

Unusual small house from Gregory Kloehn

A tiny hut of recycled materials from Gregory Kloehn

Not all owners of cottages are satisfied with the minimum living conditions, so they can store in a small space all the necessary things and equip their homes, focusing on new technologies. So the company dmvA introduced Egg House, which includes a bathroom, kitchen, LED lighting, a bed and several niches for storage. The nose of the house opens automatically and is used as a veranda.

Unusual small house from dmvA

"House-egg" from dmvA

Modern unusual small house

Ultra-modern mini-house

The small house of Dwelle aims to reduce the level of carbon in the atmosphere. And he is very organic and is perceived as a part of nature.

Unusual small house Dwelle Unusual small house Dwelle - фото 2

Dwelle Lodge

Some houses can be quite tiny, like this one from Koleliba with an area of ​​just over 9 sq.m. Unusual small house with a terrace

The house is equipped with an additional terrace

Unusual small house in minimalism style

Inside everything is minimalistic, but cozy

The author's house from Lora Higgins contains both a washing machine and an office, although it can hardly reach 20 square meters in size.

Unusual small house from Lora Higgins Unusual small house from Lora Higgins - фото 2

Individual project Lora Higgins

Tom Chudleigh, a designer from Canada, literally lives on a tree. He built an ECO-house, resembling a cocoon and perfectly arranged at a considerable height from the ground.

Unusual small house from Tom Chudleigh Unusual small house from Tom Chudleigh - фото 2

Tree house from Tom Chudleigh

Neat little houses in the eco-style can be not only cozy nests, but also fighters for nature. And you could live in a house like this?

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