Useful ideas: what to do at home in anticipation of spring

You also noticed that summer flies almost unnoticed, and winter with every year as if it becomes longer and longer? And especially the last days of winter are especially long, so we decided to sketch a small list of cases that will help us pass this time.

Indeed: in these cold days, typical for the end of February and early March, you can do a lot of useful things for your home, for which you still thank yourself when the warm and cheerful spring days come. That's who the hunt will then sit at home, dismantle the old rubble, rearrange the decor on the shelves or wash the windows?

We offer you 10 ideas for the useful shortening of the remaining winter days!

1. Disassemble household papers

Confusion is fraught with many dangers, and this is not a joke. People can constantly monitor the cleanliness of the house, but in their boxes with papers, kitchen cabinets with spices, wardrobes with underwear etc. may be present chaos. It would seem that this is bad? However, research suggests that people who have such a "hidden" mess ultimately spend a lot more money than those who have a habit of putting everything in their place. First, things in disorder become like "invisible": we can not find the right thing, or even forget that we have it. As a result, we again buy the same things! It is also dangerous to have a mess in the papers: receipts for utility bills, warranty coupons and other important documents must be stored in separate boxes or folders with mandatory sorting by date.

storage of documents document box organizovannoe-storage of documents-v-dome

2. Restore order in the hallway

Disassemble shelves with winter clothes, shoes and accessories, so that later it was easier to change them to light spring jackets, shoes, scarves etc. Think: can it cost to make the entrance to the house even more affable, for example, change the rug at the door or hang a picture on a free section of the wall?

organization-things-in-the hallway unusual-idea-for-hallway open-wardrobe-for-hallway

3. Wash the windows from the side of the interiors

Of course, it's still too cold to completely wash the windows from all sides, but you can do half of the work ahead and thereby make it easier for yourself to task for the future!

room-for-lunch-with-large-windows decoration-windows-in-rustic-style large-windows-with-view-to-winter-landscape

4. To carry out cosmetic repair of furniture

Even if you have all the furniture in the house is relatively new, there might already have appeared small footprints on the use of it, which are sometimes very annoying. It can be a scratch on the coffee table, a corner knocked on the cabinet door, a crack on the leg of the chair etc. Armed with the necessary materials (sandpaper, brushes, primer, paint, varnish or other) and give battle to these small, but annoying troubles!

restoration-furniture-with-hands scratches-scratch-nuts A shaker buffet showing fine craftsmanship.

5. Change the scenery

Surely this winter you managed to get used to home and even, you can assume that the look of some interiors has become boring. Well, that there are many ways to update the design of the room, without resorting to buying new furniture and repair. Sometimes it is enough to hang a new picture on the wall, change the photos within the framework, put a new vase on the coffee table or even swap books and accessories on the shelves.

modular-picture-in-living room Decoration-Bookcase bright-decor-in-living room shelves-with-decor-in-the-interior

6. Freshen the atmosphere

Since in winter we rarely open the windows because of the cold, sometimes we can simply physically feel the lack of fresh air. Indoor plants are an excellent way to decorate and refresh the space.

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In addition to buying new plants, take care also of the cleanliness of the grilles in the ventilation ducts and on the kitchen hood.

green-plants-in-the-house flowers-on-the-windowsill clean-exhaust

7. To make the bathroom feel like a spa

Sometimes decorative small items can have simply huge value, especially in such small spaces, as a bathroom. Fresh white towels, a new shower curtain and a few simple accessories, such as a pot of plant and candles, can turn your bathroom into a new relaxing place to relax!

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bathroom-in-style spa bathroom-room-with-candles-in-style-spa curtain-in-the-bathroom

8. Wash the refrigerator and freezer

It's time to unfreeze the freezer, clean the inside of the refrigerator thoroughly, and also peel potatoes, onions, carrots and other food stored in the basement or other place!

large-fridge-in-the-interiorfridge organization

9. Make a shopping plan for the year

Are you going to buy a Swedish wall in a child's room in April, a trip abroad in July, and a new heating boiler in the fall? Make an intuitive plan for all the major purchases you are dreaming about, with an indication of their approximate cost and the amounts that you will postpone on a monthly basis to achieve this goal. Such planning is a wonderful way to deal with the winter depression, because it helps to focus on ways to improve one's life.

planningman and women on computer at home

10. Invite friends to the kitchen

Idea for those who like to cook interesting dishes and then to eat them in the company of good people! Why do not you spend another homemade party over the winter? For example, organize a joint preparation of cheerful cakes, pizza, lasagna, sushi, or, finally, simple cocktails made of hot chocolate with marshmallow. The process can be incredibly exciting! Just prepare all necessary utensils for this, hang a couple of funny garlands or inscriptions and light the candles!


Of course, these are just some of the things that you can do on long winter evenings. Surely among us there are those who can not completely remove all their New Year's decorations, or those who have already completed all of the list listed by us. A few more useful ideas you can get in our article "What must be done for the house in January": Getting rid of old things, putting things in order in the kitchen and much more. another!