Apartment in minimalist style

Apartment design в стиле минимализм

To date, minimalism is considered one of the most popular styles in design. Modest design looks good both in spacious rooms of country houses, and in close city apartments. Minimalism distinguishes laconism, "correct" geometry, free spaces and a special combination of neutral shades with textured surfaces. Conservatives can find the direction unnecessarily insipid and boring, although it is characterized by a special dynamism, which will be appreciated by modern man, tightened to the funnel of the crazy rhythm of life. The design of apartments in the style of minimalism only at first glance may seem simple in execution. In fact, the direction has a lot of pitfalls and subtleties, which must be taken into account at the stage of project creation. In the article we'll talk about how to properly furnish the rooms in a laconic style: modest, but with a deep subtext.

Designers in the design of housing try to adhere to the principles of laconicism and rationalism. And at that moment primitive minimalism appears on the stage. In those days he became the product of nihilistic protest. The Minimalists believed that luxury was the lot of the bourgeois, to whom they felt a burning dislike and disdain. As a contrasting alternative, the basic principles of the style on which it is based until now have been created. Minimalist ideas have firmly established themselves in the art of design, but in almost a hundred years they have acquired a new form and status.

Now this is a whole philosophy of life, which is displayed in the decoration of the dwelling, because the house is a man's fortress. This was largely contributed by the Land of the Rising Sun, where laconism and simplicity were worshiped in those times when the Old World was still drowned in shamelessly luxurious, rich apartments in Baroque, Rococo, Empire style. The Japanese are contemplatives, but the object of philosophical observation is natural objects, not man-made objects. Interiors are simplified, which helps to keep the situation in order, and accordingly not to be distracted by material trivialities. To comprehend this philosophy of life, it's not enough just to furnish a house in a minimalistic style, for this you need to achieve "Zen" - a special state of inner harmony that affects the perception of the world around you.

Minimalism in the studio apartment Shelf above the TV  Kitchen совмещена с гостиной  Built-in table  Bed behind the partition  Volumetric drawing on the wall

Features and main features of the style

According to experts, minimalism occupies an intermediate position between strict asceticism and more functionalism, more loyal to comfort. The room furnishings serve for the person, instead of on the contrary, as often happens with artsy styles. For those who suffer from "stuff", that is, by collecting all kinds of items that "may sometime come in handy", this direction will be the best way to get rid of useless ballast. For minimalism, a number of rules are typical:

  • The abundance of light, the effect of which is enhanced by the freedom of space.
  • The absence of small decorative elements.
  • Restrained tone, as the basis of the color scale. At registration the principle of a combination of three shades is applied: two neutral and the third accent.
  • Simple geometry in the details of furniture.
  • The rational and convenient location of filling the room.
  • Natural materials and textiles, allowing to equip the status interior in expensive apartments.
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A small coffee table Clear lines in the interior  Corner kitchen  Beige carpet  Round dining table  Bathroom behind the glass

Minimalism is considered a clear and expressive style. To emphasize any design detail, it is enough simply to make it into the composition, that is, to show that it is worthy to occupy its place in the interior. Sanding the accent element can be done with the help of a color and a special texture, which will stand out against a background of general smoothness.

For owners of small one-room apartments, where even there is no place to turn, minimalism will become a real chance to radically change the situation for the better.

Color diversity

The basis of the minimalist color composition is usually a trio:

  • White.
  • Gray.
  • The black.

Kitchen в сером цвете Gray slabs on the wall  Floor made of natural wood  Black kitchen  Large mirror  White chairs

As a rule, the tone concept is built on the principle of analogy or monochrome, that is, all components of the composition are shades of the same color. If the decoration is too gloomy and gloomy, the situation is diluted with one or two relatively bright details. Use the elements in light shades of blue, yellow, orange, green, lilac. To emphasize the whiteness of the surface, use the game of contrasts with spectacular black. Textured materials such as wood, metal will also focus on white. Preference is given to gray, beige, pearl, creamy, sandy, ashy and light hazelnuts. They do not have the straightforwardness and uncompromising nature of the white, but they play great in duet with it.

Materials and methods of finishing

The ceiling is finished with one of the following options:

  • Plastered in a white color.
  • Stain in the "milky" tone.
  • Cover with a stretch cloth with a glossy surface, but without a pattern.
  • Mount the frame, which is covered with sheets of plasterboard.

Dairy walls and wooden panels Fireplace near TV  Metal table  Flowers in tall pots  Stretch ceiling  Bio fireplace in the living room

The latter method is suitable for creating a complex multi-level ceiling architecture when zoning a room. The plasterboard is subsequently painted in white or in light shades of colors used in the interior. The walls are traditionally covered with textured plaster or pasted with monophonic wallpaper. In addition, they are decorated with wooden panels, glass or tiles (in the kitchen), brick or masonry. The latter option makes a minimalistic interior remotely similar to the design in the loft style. Textured surfaces, as a rule, are placed on the lower part of the wall to a certain line (approximately on the sill line). The top should remain monophonic, so that nothing distracts from "meditation". The floor is finished with a parquet board, decking, ceramic tiles (large), linoleum or using a filling version. Obligatory condition: the surface must be monophonic. In the living room, the bedroom and the child's floor are covered with large carpets with a long nap, the fluffiness of which will compensate for the boring color uniformity.

Choosing furniture

Although minimalism in terms of furniture adheres to conservative principles, creative relationships are also welcome in interiors. The main thing is that there are not enough of them, one such accent is enough for each room. In the role of creative elements can stand armchairs frameless or fixed on the ceiling (ball, cocoon, egg), hammocks, original coffee tables, hanging beds. When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to the following qualities:

  • Multifunctionality.
  • Practicality.
  • Laconism in the design and the lack of decorative elements.
  • Comfort.
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Round pouf at the couch Small kitchen  Wooden bed  Glass surface of the table  Picture above the bed  Round tables

Since the multifunctional furniture appreciably saves space, its use is welcomed in minimalistic interiors. All household appliances usually hide behind storage doors, beds turn into sofas or cupboards in the afternoon, armchairs are retrained into couches or equipped with built-in tables.

Lighting design

In minimalism, lighting becomes a complement to the interior and its decoration. Of course, special powerful lamps are installed for work, or they have a desk (workshop, library) near a wide window to save electricity during the day. In other respects, lighting plays the role of decor. However, here there is an important nuance: decorate the interior is not the original ceiling, and the light itself. Sconces, floor lamps, lamps and chandeliers have very prosaic and familiar shapes. We welcome the use of original lamps, which can adjust the intensity of light or its spectrum. Premises with hanging beds, armchairs, niches in the walls must be emphasized with spotlights, which are arranged in such a way as to strengthen the illusion of "floating furniture".

Lamps on the ceiling and sconces Lots of daylight  Chandelier in the form of a ball  Oval lamps  Semicircular lamp on the ceiling  Pobsvetka above the sink

About textiles

Textiles in a minimalistic picture occupy far from the most important place. The reason is simple: it is used little. Fabrics appear in curtains and upholstery furniture. Preference is given to natural variants, since synthetics does not fit into the concept of laconic philosophy. Curtains use roll or panel. In the first model, the canvas is wound on a horizontally located roller, and in the second model, it is completely pushed aside. By the way, it is the panel blinds along with the folding screens used for zoning the room. Their surface is usually monophonic with a light print. The upholstery of furniture is also chosen from monochrome fabrics of neutral shades. Sometimes it is closed with a pair of pillows of contrasting tones.

Beige sofa and carpet White leather sofa  Dark corner sofa  Milk sofa with pillows  Armchairs and chairs made of beige fabric  Braided mat

Apartment design

For the embodiment of minimalism in the apartment, the designer will need an impeccable taste and sense of proportion. To find inspiration and get a "charge" of creative energy, you can get acquainted with the portfolio of venerable designers, in which samples of the best works in this style are presented. Although the direction obeys the general rules, we will consider the approximate design of each room separately to plunge into a minimalistic atmosphere and to study a number of nuances on special occasions.

Living room

Living room обычно занимает самое просторное помещение в доме. Характерным решением для этой комнаты станет ее объединения с кухней, столовой или прихожей. При проектировании важно создать грамотную модель, где будет сочетаться правильно организованное пространство и освещение. Стены окрашивают, покрывают фактурной венецианской штукатуркой или оклеивают обоями светлых оттенков. Идеален в этом случае белый цвет. Пол покрывают паркетной доской или линолеумом. Если гостиная совмещена с кухней, то помещение зонируют с помощью сочетания крупного кафеля. Мебель выбирают строгой геометрической конфигурации: диван — прямоугольный, а кресла имеют кубическую форму. Журнальный столик выполнен из стекла с хромированными деталями. Аналогичные полки украшают стеллаж. Пол застилают пушистым ковром пепельного цвета. Допустимо выделение уголка для индивидуального отдыха в виде подвесного кресла-шара. Из декора выбирают один-два элемента: массивная фарфоровая ваза на полу, картина или снимок на стене, горшок с комнатным растением, крупная скульптура.

Black and yellow chairs  Gray corner sofa  TV near the window  Closet with mirrors  Bright pillows on the couch  Living room в стиле минимализм

Do not skimp on the mirrors. It is advisable to hang only one that will occupy most of the wall. This move will visually increase the living room at the expense of the prospect.


For the kitchen in the minimalist style, furniture with built-in appliances is selected, which will save space. All the attributes necessary for cooking, are hidden behind the facades of cabinets. It is better to buy a whole set, rather than each of the furniture elements separately. Its facades are not decorated, only a flat surface, preferably with "hidden" handles. To visually increase the space, resort to a cunning reception: the bottom of the facade is performed in dark color, and the top - in the light. Stylish look will be the finish of the kitchen apron with a mirror tile. If the room is large, then the island layout is welcomed, when the working area is represented by a table top with a stove facing forward. It can also be used as a dining table. The walls are decorated with a wide range of materials: brick, stone, veneer, vinyl wallpaper, chrome steel, high-quality plastic. Filling of the kitchen is emphasized with spotlights located along the perimeter of the room and in the shelves, niches, work area.

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Kitchen в стиле минимализм Shelf for bottles  Multicolored lamps  White kitchen  With breakfast bar  Kitchen с островом


When planning a bedroom it is worth considering the installation of the podium. On such a "pedestal" the bed will soar in weightlessness, and a hidden storage system from drawers will allow to unload the cabinet. On the ceiling make a similar protrusion, which repeats the contours of the podium. Walls are simply trimmed, plaster is considered the best option. The accent zone at the head of the bed is decorated with one or two paintings. Paired bedside tables are made of wood, similar to the material of which the bed is made. The cabinet is fitted with a built-in coupe model. Thus it will be possible to win back a little more useful space and disguise the overall element of the furniture. The floor is finished with a laminate or parquet board. From above it is covered with a large carpet. The boudoir zone is decorated with a dressing-table or a curbstone and a mirror. By the way, the form and style of the latter can be borrowed from futurism. Unusually it will look like a design mirror, assembled from individual fragments or convex elements without a frame. They are fixed directly on the wall. If the green is selected as the accent color, then in addition to the bedspreads and pillows on the bed, made in its shades, the floor is covered with a rug simulating lawn grass. He will echo the palm in the floor pot by the bed or window.

Bedroom в стиле минимализм Window to the whole wall  TV in front of the bed  Gray furniture  Bed and table  White walls

Entrance hall

For a narrow hallway, minimalism will come in handy. The walls and ceiling are covered with white textured plaster, and the floor is finished with a laminate of softly-walnut or asphalt color. The surface of the black entrance door with glossy gloss will be in harmony with the built-in closet. Its door is decorated with a mirror surface, and the facades are decorated with alternating ash and black horizontal stripes. The outer clothing, shoes and hats are stacked on its shelves. For re-training in the hallway put a low black ottoman at the door. A vacant wall can be decorated with a picture or a large photo in a metal frame.

Hallway design Table for newspapers  Flower in the center of the hallway  Gray doors  Rectangle light fixture  Shop in the hallway


In the bathroom white color will be very appropriate. The premises are finished with tiles, marble or imitation of granite of light shade. Whiteness is spectacularly broken with bright accents: curtain or bath rug, towels on the holder, blinds on the window. Decorate the room with mirrored surfaces, chrome-plated steel and traditional for style glass. Effectively, the hanging toilet bowl and the bowl of the stone conch shell will look. Lockers correctly mask under the surface of the wall. The combined bathroom is zoned using a semi-transparent partition of a small height. Lighting is chosen slightly muffled, as tiled and mirror surfaces in it will play with new colors.

Bath in the style of minimalism Flower in a pot  Square sink  Rectangular windows  Black and white walls  Oval bath


Minimalism in recent years has gained incredible popularity. Perhaps the reason for this was the natural desire of a man tired of overloaded spaces, getting rid of all the superfluous things and surrounding himself with a piece of space and freedom. Unfortunately, the craving for "stuff" and storing unnecessary, rarely used, many still too strong. Therefore, minimalism is not suitable for everyone: empty rooms can cause psychological discomfort and a sense of insecurity. In fact, this style is not devoid of a peculiar beauty and coziness, the main thing is to find in it a balance and harmony.