The original interior of a small apartment - the elements of

Bright interior of a living room in an apartment in Moscow

 Designers Taras Bezrukov and Stas Samkovich are pleased to present their project of a two-room apartment in Moscow, the total area of ​​which is only 52 square meters. However, in such a small metrazh house there is everything you need. Proper layout of the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and even the dressing room creates a home cosiness, thanks to some free space and lack of crowding.

Extravagant blue sofa with yellow decorative pillows in the living room Original picture-mosaic on the wall in the living room Luxurious bedroom interior in an apartment in Moscow Unusual wall decoration in the bedroom Chairs and table on a small balcony, trimmed with white tiles High bar stools on a small balcony, trimmed with white tiles Dining table with original chairs and ottomans Fur-covered padded stools in the dining room Leather armchairs and dining table in the dining room White kitchen furniture in an apartment in Moscow White kitchen furniture, white entrance door and beautiful wooden parquet White washbasin in a chocolate colored bathtub White toilet in the toilet, tiled with an original pattern in pastel colors

The sophistication and functionality of this design is simply amazing, and the small details create an impression of luxury and elegance. For example, an unusual table and picture-mosaic focus on mystery, but the color background of walls and ceiling is presented in neutral shades. Gracefulmodern lighting fixtures and extravagant furniture adds not only comfort, but also exclusive. You can endlessly wonder and scoop something new for your ideas, looking at photos of this posh apartment.