A small two-level apartment: actual ideas of organizing

Small two-level apartment in bright colors

The small two-level apartment that we offer you to visit today does not at all seem close.

On the lower level there is a cozy living room and kitchen, between which there is no partition. To separate these zones, only visual effects are used. The square living room is equipped with a small comfortable sofa with a soft green color and a storage system built into the window sill, which can simultaneously serve as an additional seat.

The interior is complemented by a gray palace, a large number of decorative pillows and a modern reproduction on the wall.

The color scheme is an organic combination of gray, white and beige shades with impregnations of black details. A staircase made of natural wood leads to the second floor, where a comfortable sleeping place is organized. Each step hides a small niche, also adapted for storing various trifles, for example, books and disks.

Small two-level apartment - top view

Staircase in a small two-level apartment

The interior of the kitchen forms a fairly spacious suite in light colors, equipped with all the necessary equipment, and a simple black round table for two.

The main advantage of this room can be called the presence of large windows without heavy decor, thanks to which the space is well lit from the street. In addition, each zone has its own lighting system, consisting of built-in and hanging lamps.

Dining area in a small two-level apartment

Kitchen in a small two-level apartment

Thus, using every inch and using the upper level of the high room, specialists managed to create a very comfortable and quiet environment, not devoid of some elegance.

Any young couple would like to live in such an apartment, would not it?