Spectacular organza topiary

One of the most original and giving space for creativity of decor elements is a topiary made of organza. It is a small tree decorated with various materials: artificial flowers, dummies of fruit, dried flowers, animal figures, pebbles, feathers, nuts, beads, glass beads, ribbons. Read more on how to make a topiary from organza.

To make crafts you will need:

  • foam ball (plastic, made of paper);
  • dry branches, paper tubes for the stem;
  • flower pot, materials for imparting stability and fixation to the stem: polystyrene or gypsum (cement, alabaster).

For decoration:

  • organza (floristic, not less than 2-2.5 meters), sisal, net;
  • beads, ribbons, figurines, buttons, etc .;
  • satin ribbon or cord;
  • bunches of sisal, pebbles.

Auxiliary materials and tools:

  • ruler, scissors, stapler, tailor's pins;
  • glue gun and glue rods.
Bright Toparia

Topiary made from green yarn and artificial flowers.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Top manufacture
  • 2 Making trimmings
  • 3 Top decoration
  • 4 Assembling the structure
  • 5 Organza Bouquets
  • 6 Topiary from a wide organza ribbon. Video
  • 7 Topiary - a symbol of prosperity and well-being

Top manufacture

A foam plastic ball with a diameter of about 7 cm is suitable for the base. Such balls meet all the conditions for the convenience of manufacturing topiary: lightness, smooth edges, round shape; Elements are perfectly glued to it and needles are easily included.

If you find a similar basis is problematic, you can make the ball itself from paper.

The method is simple: the newsprint is wrinkled, layers of crumpled paper are fixed with normal threads, until the necessary size and shape is achieved. This method is quite economical, and allows you to make a ball of any size.

Manufacturing of trimmings

For the manufacture of trimmings (or fungi), you need to cut the squares with a side of 7-8 centimeters, about 200 pieces. Floristic organza fits perfectly, because it does not crumple, as in conventional fabrics, edges. To obtain more dense trims, it is better to use 2 squares each. At the same time, they can be made in one color, in different colors, one square from organza, and the other from a grid.

Manufacturing technology:

  • The squares are arranged so that the tips do not coincide (like an eight-pointed star);
  • folded in half;
  • The product is fixed with fingers on the center and the corners are folded so that a three-dimensional triangle with tails at the top turns out;
  • folds are fixed closer to the corner stapler.

When the blanks are ready, you can proceed to fix them. It is important not to forget to make a hole in the ball to fix the trunk of the tree. Mount best from the top and gradually, filling the balloon, go down. The glue gun is heated, then a drop of glue is applied to the ball, a pound is attached (for convenience, pins can additionally be used). It is important to ensure that the elements are placed tightly, and that they do not look through the base or staples for the stapler.

Decorative wood

For the stability of the tree, the decorative pot is poured with alabaster mortar diluted to a thickness of sour cream.

Money Toparia

Topiary of monetary denominations.

Topiary of coins.

Decorative apple made of coins.

Top decoration

After the base is decorated, it can be additionally decorated. Small decorative elements can be gently glued to the fabric, and larger ones - attach to pins or auxiliary sticks (toothpicks, wire) and fix at the base of the ball with glue. The length of the rods should be such that the decor elements, on the one hand, are not drowned in the crown, on the other - do not strongly protrude over it.

A beautiful ornament of the craft is a flower from organza itself. The most interesting variant of how to make a flower is the one on which roses are made from organza. By this technology, petals are obtained that are as close as possible to natural ones.

For manufacturing it will be required:

  • organza;
  • pencil, scissors, needle and thread, tweezers, candle;
  • round templates of different sizes.

It is necessary to cut 5-6 circles of 3-4 different diameters. The size and quantity depends on how large and magnificent the product should be. Next, take tweezers and each of the obtained circles to bring to the candle, fusing the edges and forming petals. When all the blanks are processed, they can be gathered into a flower, fastened with threads, and the middle be decorated with beads.

By the same technology, you can make a magnificent bow of organza. Only here the workpieces are cut not round, but in the form of a house, a soldering iron or an incinerator in the tree (so the edges will not crumble).

At the same time, the sharp edge remains as it is, and a fold is formed on the wide (for the volume) and it fuses over the candle. Next, the organza bows are collected and decorated as well as roses from organza.

Coffee topary

Topiary made from coffee beans.

Topiary of organza

Topiary from organza and Chilean peppers.

Organza floristic.

Organza floristic.

Sisal artificial

Sisal is artificial.

Assembling the structure

When the top of the tree is ready, you can assemble the base. It is necessary to fill the flower pot with pieces of foam plastic (if the stem is thick and well fixed) or the base type of cement diluted with water (if the stem is thin or the top of the craft is quite massive) and fasten the stem in it. After drying, you need to wrap the stem with a ribbon or cord and zadekorirovat places where the foam is seen (cement). Then use the glue to fix the tip. The topiary is ready!

Organza Bouquets

Variations on this theme can be beautiful bouquets. In this case, each element, whether flowers from organza with their own hands, or bows, or sweets, is attached to the wire, then assembles into a bouquet. Candy is better to decorate with a cloth: a candy is attached to a wire, a square is cut from the organza, the candy is wrapped around it so that the tips hang down from the bottom, and all this is fixed with a thin ribbon.

If you wrap this bouquet in an organza, you will get a perfect gift. First you need to cut the corrugated paper to the size of the bouquet. Then measure the organza so that over the edge on one side it protrudes with a large margin. An organza is fixed from the inside of the paper and wraps the paper on top, bending it outward. Then folds of paper and organza are formed, fixed with tape.

Topiary from a wide organza ribbon. Video

Topiary - a symbol of prosperity and well-being