Apartment design transformer with a lift bed and a

Apartment design transformer in bright green color

Design of the apartment transformer in Sydney: "grassy" carpet and furniture shade of green apple in the living room


The concept, which relies on the design of the apartment-transformer, located in Sydney, suggests the possibility of changing the structure and purpose of residential space during the day.

The incentive for its development was the need to solve the problem of acute shortage of the area and, as a result, increase the functionality and comfort of a compact interior.

Apartment design transformer: living room


The uniqueness of this project is that the space of the apartment, the area of ​​which is only 40 square meters. meters, can take several configurations. The tool for this function is a brilliantly designed module - a key design element.

Depending on the current needs of the inhabitants of the apartment, it - through several easy movements on the part of the person - becomes a support for a compact kitchen table, a spacious dining table or a folding console for working with a laptop.

Apartment design transformer: dining area in the living room Apartment design transformer: small kitchen Apartment design transformer: dining area in the kitchen Apartment design transformer: kitchen with dining area

Apartment design transformer: a rack with plants in the kitchen

High-tech solution

Another important element of the interior is the lift bed. Note: it's not a hinged design, it's a lifting device. A comfortable and rather spacious bed rises with the help of especially strong tapes to the ceiling itself and is completely hidden in the niche.

The automatic mechanism is controlled remotely. Well, is not it an ingenious (albeit expensive) invention?

Apartment design transformer: bed in the living room

Apartment design transformer: lighting

The authors of the project are proud that the presence of several complex elements in the constructive plan did not prevent the interior from remaining attractive, stylish and perfectly balanced.

The compact space was dominated by eco-design, which is based on the abundance of wooden surfaces, the dominance of white and thoughtful inclusion of juicy accents of the green apple tint.

And to you it seems - can this project be considered as an exhaustive solution to the problem of the area deficit? Or does he still have flaws? Share your opinion in the comments.