Away from the ordinary - chic and bright design of an

Interior of luxury apartments in Lisbon

The local architectural organization has developed and implemented a project of chic and stylish apartments in the Portuguese city of Lisbon. A small apartment was completed by talented specialists at a high level, and is equipped with unique and stylish furniture.

According to the architects:

"This project of reconstruction and redevelopment of the interior of an unusual house was envisaged for private clients. The work, which was done by the engineers and decorators of the workshop, involved the spatial reorganization of housing, and efforts to restructure and modernize the space in which the selection of walling materials for walls and ceilings was of particular importance for improving the aesthetic and functional qualities, as well as artificial interior illumination.

The design project of the decoration reused some pieces of furniture and personal belongings of the client that were combined with new accessories and objects in order to build a space with a minimal and modern character, as well as with particular authenticity and individuality.

Thus, the specialists created a personal universe for the owners, which characterizes the sensitivity of those who live in it, putting as evidence - the experience of an exact certain taste. "

Living room of luxury apartments in Lisbon

The interior design is designed in an attractive and highly original style, dominated by a snow-white color palette as a background, bright colorful accessories and decorative elements that bring a special cheerful mood, a sense of feelings, emotions and positive to the decoration.

The apartments are a small two-room apartment with a modest area and an exciting layout. In order to increase its area and volume, designers and specialists used white paint when facing the walls and ceiling, which visually expands the living space and fills it with tranquility and tranquility.

The room is decorated with designer furniture with a simple and concise design, as well as a contrasting textile lining decorated with bright and rich decorative pads. These elements give the decoration a special comfort and incredible warmth, which, combined with the irreproachable repair looks just amazing.

Antique interior items and accessories fill the entire living space, bringing in it a positive and special expression.

On a small wooden chest of drawers, the designers put several pictures of different sizes, aged in a contrasting white-gray range, as well as a brown fan and vintage copper candelabra with snow-white candles. These elements bring to the decoration a feeling of warmth and incredible coziness, as well as brightness and authenticity.

Decor of luxury apartments in Lisbon

The floor surface in the apartment was covered with textured wooden parquet, laid in an unusual way, which attracts even more attention and interest to the interior of the dwelling.

The space is decorated with a warm, thin carpet of gray shade, on which there is a simple and laconic sofa with a wooden structure and black cushions in the form of upholstery.

The decor of the window with dark brown frames is complemented by a Roman light curtain, which allows to protect the interior from dazzling sunlight and natural heat on hot weekdays.

Introduce in the housing housing a special expression and cheerfulness of bright and colorful paintings and small stools with different shapes and silhouettes.

Living room of luxury apartments in Lisbon

The corner of the guest cabin is decorated with a miniature chest of drawers with open niches, on the shelves of which there is a wide library of owners, including their most favorite literary works and author's masterpieces collected in their entire life.

Complement the design composition of small photographs, cloth ancient caskets and vintage polaroid. On the top table there are glass vases with dry floral bouquets and photo frames with a contrasting black and white frame.

Rack in luxury apartments in Lisbon

The bedroom of the owners of an interesting house project is a cozy and undisturbed corner for sleeping, having a pleasant rest and spending free time in quiet and comfortable conditions.

In the epicenter of the room towers a large double bed with an interesting headboard and snow-white bed linen. On the sides of it, instead of bedside tables, there are piles of books on which vintage candelabra rise.

A bedroom of luxury apartments in Lisbon

The kitchen area was combined with a common layout with the dining area, which allows owners to cook in a pleasant and comfortable environment. Wall surfaces were decorated with light paint, and the area of ​​the apron is covered with ceramic light tiles in an unusual and interesting pattern.

Above the cooking surface a small shelf rises, on which there are small jars and bubbles with spices, seasonings and various kitchen utensils, and next to them there are two lamps with small shades painted in milk color.

They fill the furniture with a soft and muffled radiance, bringing special magnetism and sensuality into the atmosphere.

Shelves for dishes in the kitchen of luxury apartments in Lisbon

A practical table for four people stands surrounded by elegant wooden chairs, painted in a dark brown hue. Complementing the design composition flower vase and lamp, hanging from the ceiling on a thin long cord.

Refreshes the kitchen area and a place for dining modest window with Roman curtains, gently and naturally filling the room with dazzling sunshine and shine.

Dining room of luxury apartments in Lisbon

It focuses on the dining table a beautiful serving, an interesting vase with a dried flower bouquet and a painting canvas suspended in a laconic frame on the wall.

Dining room of luxury apartments in Lisbon

The guest lounge and dining area are interconnected by a large doorway with double swing doors, which makes it possible to increase the area of ​​the apartments and to fill them with a special charm and magnetism.

Interior of luxury apartments in Lisbon

Creative furniture in the form of a light rack with several snow-white open shelves filled with books, magazines and necessary items attracts close attention due to its laconic and functional form.

The surface of the headset is complemented with candles in transparent containers, various accessories and paintings.

Racks in luxury apartments in Lisbon

Antiques and a variety of decorative elements that fill the decor of this modest minimalist apartment form its main spirit and conceptual essence, which reflects the character and views of the owners of the dwelling.

Photos in the interior of luxury apartments in Lisbon

The bathroom is a continuation of the stylistics of charming apartments. It is decorated in a white tinted palette, and complement its layout of unusual items and accessories - a mirror with a backlight in a wooden frame, creative shelving, baskets with small things and cosmetic accessories.

Mirror in the bathroom of luxury apartments in Lisbon

The original and functional design of the modest apartment from the engineering office in the Portuguese city of Lisbon is a phenomenal and colorful creative masterpiece, reflecting the individuality and authenticity of the owners' style, the particular aesthetic appeal of the furniture set and the old ornaments that fill the living decor.

Interior photography courtesy of Master Rodrigo Cardoso (Rodrigo Cardoso).