Houses with a flat roof - modern trends and ways of

Private houses with a flat roof, and, more precisely, their projects, came to us from the southern countries of Western Europe. It was there that the first cottages and villas with similar structures began to appear. Contrary to the popular belief that it is rather difficult to take care of such a roof, you can safely argue that this is not true at all. It is worth noting that the flat roof in any case has a slight slope, fluctuating from 2 to 15 degrees. The use of special materials, for example PVC membranes, when covering the roof, will provide good waterproofing and relieve owners of problems associated with care, and snow that collects on the roof during the winter season can be melted quite easily with the help of special heating elements.

How beautiful and original houses with a flat roof can be, photos in our catalog show the best way. This kind of construction was especially widespread in well-off people, whose financial position allows them to keep pace with the times and build their homes in modern styles (high-tech, modern, etc.). Another advantage of a flat roof is the possibility of obtaining additional space by placing a recreation area, a swimming pool, a sports ground, including a tennis court, or a decorative garden, thus saving the space of the adjacent territory. Consider some projects of houses with a flat roof.

Single-storey houses with a flat roof: photos of the most original projects

Projects of houses with a flat roof are full of their diversity and uniqueness of architectural forms. The owner of the site where construction is planned, it is necessary, before the construction starts, carefully weigh the pros and cons, and it is very important to take into account in this decision the financial side. Quite often, especially in the city, one can find one-storey houses with a flat roof. Such buildings require significantly less money than, say, two-story buildings or houses with a tent roof. In addition, they are quite simple in the construction - for their erection often used building materials such as gas silicate blocks and large-format ceramic bricks.

Particular attention should be paid to the roof - it can be used quite rationally. A good idea will be equipment here for recreation with a barbecue or barbecue. You can also use the area to build a sports ground. Often, lovers of nature create on the roofs of the real gardens, which contributes to direct sunlight. Such use of roofing space is a good help for owners of sites with a small area. Some projects of single-storey houses with a flat roof can be seen on the photos presented in the article.

one-story houses with a flat roofone-story houses with a flat roof фото

Two-story houses with a flat roof: what we pay attention to

Projects of two-story houses with a flat roof, in their variety, are not inferior to one-story houses. As a rule, the first floor is a multifunctional zone on which there is a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a bar, a bathroom, and the second floor is reserved for a sleeping area.

The construction of such structures will require much more time, building materials and, therefore, financial costs. First of all, special attention should be paid to the foundation - the foundation. When building a two-story house, reinforced concrete floors will be used (especially if the project of a house with a flat roof assumes its arrangement), and the object will create a huge load on the bearing walls and foundation.

In some cases, the roof performs its main and only role, protecting the premises from rain and scorching sunlight. But projects in which the roof serves also as a recreational zone are much more interesting. Today you can find modern two-storey houses with a flat roof, equipped with a tennis court, a garden and even a swimming pool. The latter is, undoubtedly, a stylish design solution that allows you to enjoy beach rest without leaving home. In this case, it is necessary to take care of the competent calculation of the supporting structure, as well as the system that feeds and discharges water.

two-story houses with a flat rooftwo-story houses with a flat rooftwo-story houses with a flat rooftwo-story houses with a flat rooftwo-story houses with a flat roof

Frame house with a flat roof

Special attention should be paid to the type of construction, which is so common today, as a frame house with a flat roof. Its popularity is based, first of all, on the ease of construction, and, more precisely, on assembly, and relatively low cost. There are quite a number of variants of frame structures, which include "Finnish", "fachwerk" (old German), "Canadian" and others.

Such houses are built on the basis of a frame, the material for which are metal or wood, or sandwich panels. Then lay a layer of insulation made of polyurethane foam, basalt or mineral wool, which, in the end, is sheathed with cement-particle boards or plywood.

After the construction of the structure, its walls are treated with facade plaster. The disadvantage of having a frame house with a flat roof is the ease of its construction. Such buildings, in most cases, are built with one-story and rarely two-story buildings. The roof can also be multifunctional, which should be taken care of before the construction starts and provide a strong foundation (the most reliable - pile-gravel). On the roof you can equip a small recreation area and plant plants. Experts do not advise placing bulky objects on roofs of frame houses, such as a swimming pool or a tennis court.

frame house with flat roofframe house with flat roofframe house with flat roof

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Houses with a flat roof: we equip a recreation area

As already mentioned, a flat roof can serve as an excellent additional area. Depending on the lifestyle and preferences of the owners, you can place various recreational areas here. The main requirements for any flat roof, where people are supposed to exit is good lighting and curbs. Let's consider some successful projects of houses with a multifunctional flat roof, namely:

  • House with garden on the roof. Here you can distinguish two main options - the design of the "green" roof using only lawn grass or planting a full-fledged garden with rose garden and flower beds. An important nuance is the material from which the house is built, since the garden planting will be rather weighty and it is desirable to place it on the roofs of concrete houses, while a green grass lawn is capable of withstanding any structure. You can also decorate the paths and arrange garden furniture. Plants should be chosen with bending stems and resistant to hot sunlight. Usually they are planted in containers and already in this form is placed in the desired combination on the roof. Also, the equipment of greenhouses and "mini-gardens" is quite common.
  • Houses with a flat roof, equipped with a terrace. One of the modern and rather favorite ways of roofing equipment. In this case, you need to pay attention to the coating, for which you can apply a terrace board. It is also worth taking care of furniture - it must be practical and moisture resistant, as it will be exposed to natural factors in the open space. When equipping the terrace, you can also draw "green" islets with trees and shrubs that create a shadow in hot weather. It will not be superfluous to install a barbecue or barbecue, allowing you to have a pleasant time with friends at a barbecue.
  • Projects of houses with a flat roof, equipped with a beach area. Pools and artificial ponds on the roof of a private house, nowadays, have already ceased to be a curiosity. Usually, this technique is used on a site whose area is small. Pools on the roof can be built in any shape, as well as open type or closed. The basic requirements - the supply of communications and the strength of the house. Near the pond, as a rule, there are sun loungers and canopies that protect from direct sunlight, and you can also supplement the environment with green plantations.
  • Private houses with a flat roof, equipped with a sports field. Very topical option in our time, when the tendency to exercise and keep yourself in good shape, is growing every day. Any sporting activities require a certain space, which can often be missed on the site. Here and then a flat roof will help out. The platform of the house with a flat roof can be equipped for games in volleyball, basketball, tennis. If desired, you can place simulators, horizontal bars (have the disadvantage of being very hot in the sun), design a treadmill - it all depends on the personal preferences of family members living in the house. In any case, it is necessary to take care of the coating - it must be elastic, wear-resistant, absorb moisture well and have a certain degree of roughness in order to avoid unnecessary falls. For this, rubberized coatings, rolled materials with artificial grass or natural lawns may be suitable.

Various projects of houses with a flat roof can assume many options for its arrangement. The article only touches on the fundamental options. It is entirely permissible and various combinations, where, as they say, you can combine pleasant with useful. For example, by placing a treadmill in a winter garden equipped on the roof.

wooden houses with a flat roofflat roof housewooden houses with a flat roofflat roof househouses with a flat roofhouses with a flat roofhouses with a flat roof проекты фотоhouses with a flat roof проекты фотоhouses with a flat roof фото

Modern houses with a flat roof: photo projects of houses made in different styles

Flat roofs allow you to make the exterior more diverse. In this case, they perfectly complement any style in which the basic construction is sustained. There is an opinion that houses with a flat roof are being built in newer directions, such as high-tech, modern and others, but this is not entirely true. In the following article, houses with a flat roof, whose designs are executed in a wide variety of styles, will be considered, and this photo is successfully confirmed.

Classical style is often used in the construction of country houses and villas, as it carries a reminder of the culture of noble manor houses - rectangular or arched windows, columns, symmetrical facades, decorative carvings and stucco moldings. It would seem that the flat roof can complement such an exterior. It's very simple, and the photos show it clearly.

houses with a flat roof фото

House with a flat roof is one of the components of the French architectural style of art deco, which is inherent in chic, sweep and shocking. When constructing houses in this style, only natural materials are used. Most of them are stepped constructions with towers.

projects of two-storey houses with a flat roofprojects of houses with a flat roof

Minimalism is the most progressive style in our time. We can say that houses with a flat roof are a peculiar attribute of this direction.

projects of two-storey houses with a flat roofprojects of houses with a flat roof

Modern is a style in architecture that presupposes rational constructions. As building materials, reinforced concrete, glass and ceramics for facing are widely used here. The structures also use frame molds. A flat roof is, to some extent, an innovation in this direction, but, already proven from the positive side.

projects of single-storey houses with a flat roofсовременные houses with a flat roof

And, at last, we will consider the project of the house in high-tech style. This direction originated in the second half of the last century with a period of the beginning of the development of innovative technologies and, to our days, gained immense popularity. High-tech style in construction and design implies the use of materials such as metal, glass and plastic. It is important to observe straight lines and shapes, which can best be emphasized by a flat roof.

проект современного houses with a flat roofa high-tech house with a flat roof