But in meters is happiness? reflections of a tedious aged

Interior of the luxurious living room

In our country, the mentality is that if there is money, it is necessary to use the goods of the company IKEA (even if it is at a distance of 500 kilometers), buy gold toilets and build a cottage at least three floors. Does it really promote happiness and prosperity?

Naturally, for a broad soul, a place is needed where to clear up. But I am not a fan of such walks and decided to share my point of view about the number of square meters of living space. I am deeply convinced that a house or apartment should have such qualities as modesty. Here are a few reasons to think so:

1. Modern household appliances is rapidly losing its relevance

If you have 5 TVs, then in a year or two you will have to spend a lot to replace them all.

2. The need for cleaning has always been and it remains to this day

If you are closely engaged in business or live in such a large city as Moscow, then there is usually no time for this. Of course, you can hire a housekeeper. However, the owners of palaces and castles, it will cost a pretty penny. It's up to you to decide: either you relax in your room, read your favorite book and communicate with friends, or clean all free evenings.

3. Any room sometimes needs repair

It's one thing to change the floor area of ​​40 squares, and quite another - in 750 or more.

The list of arguments can be continued indefinitely. But it is already clear that a lot of dimensions require a lot of work and money. Although if you have a magical wallet, in which the cash does not end, then this is no longer a problem.

Personally, I somehow like the studio. The rest I advise you to use this formula: for one - 40 square meters. m., for two - 60, and on three - 80. Pay attention, wealthy people in Paris that's exactly how they live:

Interior of a compact studio apartment Interior of a compact studio apartment Interior of a compact studio apartment Interior of a compact studio apartment

And in New York too:

Paintings on the wall in studio apartment Living room of a compact studio apartment Bedroom of a compact studio apartment Dining room of a compact studio apartment Kitchen compact studio apartment Cabinet of a compact studio apartment

In general, do not waste yourself on what adds problems. Be happy with what you have, everything else is complexes!