Figures for the birthday - examples and ways of decorating

The figure and garlands are decorated with pompoms of napkins

Children's birthday refers to the category of memorable events that you want to make the most colorful and unforgettable, so that the child is happy, having fun and remembering what a wonderful holiday was arranged by the parents. Therefore gifts are given, surprises are made, friends are invited, the birthday cake is bought, all sorts of decorations with festive symbols are invented. Of course, you can go to the store, buy balls or invite home professionals who quickly and qualitatively decorate the house. But you must agree, this is not at all interesting! After all, it's not the scenery themselves that are important, but the process of their creation, as well as the wonderful memories left over from the holiday and pre-holiday preparation. If you are considering options for decorating a holiday party, pay attention to these step-by-step instructions for decorating figures on your birthday with your own hands.

Decorating figures with paper flowers

If you want it to be larger than A4, you need to do the following:

  • Find on the Internet a picture of a large resolution;
  • Print a picture on two / three (depending on the size) A4 sheets on the printer;
  • Gently cut each part;
  • Connect all parts to the butt, fix with adhesive tape;
  • The resulting pattern of figures should be attached to a pre-prepared sheet of cardboard of the right size, traced along the contour;
  • Follow the resulting contour you need to cut out the figure;
  • If the birthday girl is more than 9 years old, this procedure should be repeated also with the second digit. For example, if a child is 10 years old, cut the numbers 1 and 0.

A number decorated with flowers from corrugated paper

Thus, the skeleton of the flat digit is finished. You can go further and make a volumetric digit. To do this, it is necessary to perform several additional steps:

  • After tracing the stencil and cutting out the first part of the product (frontal), you need to perform these actions again, having obtained a similar 2-nd figure (back).
  • Next, we cut out the third figure, placing it in the end part of the product (forming the volume). The width of the tape corresponds to the width of the future figure. And the length should be equal to the perimeter of the figure (it is better to take it with a margin). For figures with closed interior spaces (0, 6, 8, 9), you will need to cut out additional side pieces of the desired width.
  • After that, it is necessary to connect three parts of the figure (the rear and front figures are located at the sides, the end band in the middle), and fix them with adhesive tape. It is better to use enough scotch so that the product does not fall apart during the decoration.
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Decoration letters with paper stickers

Important advice: The easiest way (if the width of the cardboard allows) is to cut out one long tape that will encircle the figure in the end area, bending at the corners. This is much more convenient than cutting individual pieces under each fold, fastening them together.

Multicolored figure for the birthday

If there is no desire to glue anything together, foam or foam rubber can be used as a base. In this case, you need to take a single piece of foam (foam rubber) of the desired width (corresponding to the width of the finished figure), apply the stencil of the figure, circle it, cut it out along the contour. Thus, we get a volumetric digit. For cutting foam rubber, you can use scissors. You need to cut the foam with a sharp knife.

Variants of figures decor with step-by-step instruction

When the base is prepared, you should choose one of the options for decorating the product. Choosing the method of decoration, it is better to rely on their own capabilities, the availability of a number of necessary materials, as well as age, sex, preferences of the birthday.

Number 5 of paper flowers

It is worth noting that the decor will largely depend on the shape of the product (a flat or bulk figure). We hope that from the presented options you will find something that you will like.

Decoration of numbers by colors


In case of decorating figures with paper, you need PVA glue, paper of different colors (textures), a prefabricated frame, a little imagination!

Decoration figures with flowers from paper

Flowers from napkins for birthday with their own hands

Of the napkins are wonderful homemade flower buds. For manufacturing, we take ordinary paper napkins, we form them with a few napkins in each, add up the stacks of the accordion, tightly bandaging the thread in the middle. Both ends are straightened and rounded. We begin to separate the napkins layer by layer, turn out their ends, forming a kind of flower buds.

Decoration of a skeleton of figures from color napkins

The resulting buds are glued with the help of PVA glue to the frame of the figure, trying to make sure that the cardboard does not shine between them. The color of napkins can be chosen any, but preferable shades of pink, because thanks to the pink color, the similarity with real colors will increase. Of course, this option will be more appropriate for the girl's birthday.

Volumetric frame decorated with flowers

Important advice: The more napkins involved in the formation of stacks, the more lush and bright buds are produced.

Napkins can be folded like a roll, slightly narrowed at the base and extended in the middle, giving them a resemblance to the buds of roses. Fasten the buds to the hot glue as tightly as possible to each other, so that an association with a lush bouquet of roses formed in the form of a volume figure. To make these rolls comfortable to twist, it is worth wrapping them around the blunt edge of the pencil. This technique was called "facing". Effectively will look pink and red shades of paper.

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White-pink flowers on the figure

Paper flowers can immediately be cut out of napkins on a stencil, fasten several pieces of thread in the center, and after spreading the layers, creating a voluminous flower. Or there is a way to cut a thin ribbon from a napkin in a spiral, and then tightly twist it into small charming buds of different diameters. As a frame, the base made of foam rubber is perfect, since it is convenient to stick buds from paper with ordinary English pins (only firstly fix the buds with glue or threads so that they do not fall apart). Each of these options is good in its own way, they all look very gentle and feminine.

The figure for the 8th birthday of the child

Corrugated paper fringe

Of corrugated paper, cut by narrow strips, we get a pretty figure "in frills". To create such an effect, it is necessary to cut the corrugation with pieces of suitable width, after stitching the paper strips onto the product stepwise, beginning with the bottom row (the next layer should be higher than the previous one, covering its middle). As a result, you will get a semblance of a pleated skirt, in which the figure will be "dressed". This option looks very elegant. If the product is voluminous, each layer must be completely wrapped around it, fixed and then taken over the next level.

Flowers origami on a skeleton figures

For a greater visual effect, you can pre-cut the ribbons from the corrugated "grass", making each piece of paper a kind of fringe.

Tip: If the new layer is made different from the previous color, this option will be original and vivid, which, of course, will appeal to children. You can decorate the figure in the form of a rainbow of 7 colors.

Number 1 for the baby's birthday

Out of the corrugated leaves are wonderful flowers to decorate the figures for the birthday of their own hands. Step-by-step manufacturing instructions:

  • Cut the paper strips (approximate dimensions - 50x3 cm). On the resulting strips, veins should be placed vertically, having a height of 3 cm;
  • We stretch the ribbon from the upper side, creating original waves;
  • We bend the upper "wavy" part by about 5-8 mm;
  • We hold the tape for the bottom not wavy part, we begin to slowly spin it;
  • Gradually it becomes noticeable that the lower part (1.5-2 cm in height) begins to form in the likeness of a leg, and the upper part - into a flower bud resembling a rose;
  • The final stage is tied with a thread (a thin rubber band in the color of the paper) part of the flower between the stem and bud so that it does not unwound;
  • The resulting rosettes of corrugated paste on the frame.

Composition from flowers on number 6

In addition to napkins and corrugated paper, you can use tulle (organza). Then the image of the product will become softer and airy. In general, these options (buds, pleating, fringe) can be made from different types of paper, according to your preferences.

Yellow digit made by own hands

the cloth

If a party is celebrated on the street, and you are afraid of rain, or simply do not like paper fakes, you should pay attention to these stunning ways of decorating with cloth.

Number 2 of fabric

Butterfly from bows

This wonderful way of decorating the figure for the birthday not only looks creative and stylish, but also very simple in performance:

  • We take the fabric of the desired color;
  • We cut the fabric into ribbons of medium width;
  • Ribbons we tie in bows (too long narrow tapes to do it is not necessary, as bows can turn out "flaccid");
  • The bows are fixed to the base of the figure with hot glue (it is necessary first to wrap the frame with a cloth in the color of the bows, so that the cardboard does not show through them).
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Stitched from felt

Your figure will look as if it is a flock of colorful butterflies.

Fringe from thin ribbons

Thin and not long ribbons can decorate a figure, making ribbons fringed. For this, in the middle of the tape, you need to tie a knot and glue it to the base. It should be noted that the nodules must necessarily be close to each other to create a continuous multi-colored coating of fringe.


Satin flowers

This option looks amazing, and it's quite easy to make. Step-by-step manufacturing instructions:

  • From the satin fabric (satin ribbon) cut 3-4 circles (each should be slightly smaller than the previous one);
  • We light the candle, lightly flame it with the flame of the edge of the tissue circles, so that they do not fringe and look like flower petals;
  • We put the petals one into the other so that the smaller one is in the center;
  • Inside the resulting bud, you can stick an English pin, attaching them to the frame (it is most convenient to use a foam base).

Satin flowers на цифре


To create this original image, you will need a cardboard base and a tangle of threads for your birthday. To create it, you need to take the threads, fix them on the basis of double-sided adhesive tape or PVA glue, after copiously wrapping them around the figure so that you can not see the cardboard gaps. You can give complete freedom of imagination: use different colors, in any number and sequence, create patterns from threads or even inscriptions. You can use gradient threads (changing color as the tangle unwinds).

We wrap the skeleton of the figures with coils of thread

Also an interesting option is to create a figure by braiding the threads of small carnations, hammered into a wooden board. Carnations form a skeleton of a figure, and with the help of threads, its contour and inner color filling are created. In this case, you get a real picture made by yourself.

Example of manufacturing figures from cardboard

Other materials

Remarkable decor of the figure can be made from family photos, which depicts the birthday boy and his family. This is one of the simplest, brightest and most emotional options in our collection. All you need to do is paste real or printed on the printer and cut out the photo on the figure skeleton.

Decoration of figures by photos of family and friends

You can even attach photos to the wall with pins in the form of a number. The main thing is to choose truly happy and joyful pictures, where there is a smiling birthday boy.

The figure for the birthday of the photos

You can make a figure from what the child is addicted to. For example, create a base from the Lego constructor, decorate it with balloons, fresh flowers, buttons, stamps, coins, in papier-mache technique, using dry leaves or flowers (if he likes to collect them for the herbarium). The main thing is a creative approach, a desire to surprise and please a loved one. By the way, such a gift will appeal to both the child and the adult.

Decoration figures with buttons

The figure with their own hands will be an excellent gift for the birthday of parents, brother, sister or close friend.