Living room in wenge style - 100 photos of ideas of stylish

Now the Wenge color in the design of the living rooms became fashionable. Why did African exotics and a new tone in interiors become popular in Russia?


Among the usual directions new shades of wood turned the standards of colors, and allowed designers to embody the bold ideas into life.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Where did the new color and style come from?
  • What furniture to choose?
  • Lighting
  • Photo design of the living room wenge

Where did the new color and style come from?

A new color called "wenge" appeared, thanks to valuable tree species brought from Africa. Wood of unusual color is obtained from tropical African trees (from Mozambique, Guinea and Congo). Also, the "wenge" is a pink tree in Africa or a Congolese rosewood.


Wenge is a group of certain trees, which differs in most shades: from dark chocolate to almost violet. The main distinguishing feature of all "wenge" trees is the outer layer of wood for several tones lighter than the inner one.

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The texture of the wenge is rough and unusually large with rich shades allows to produce furniture of unusual colors, so the new style quickly acquires a popularity.


Creation of living rooms wenge - an indicator of the style of the hosts. Designers like to use oak "milky", but in combination with "wenge" you can create masterpieces of exotic sophistication and luxury.


A unique atmosphere and stylish aesthetics can be created by using these materials if the living room is designed in a modern style, and the furnishings will be laconic and strict, without excesses.


Floor decoration

The palette of saturated dark shades of African wood is leading among indoor floorings. Living room with a large area will look impressive when using laminates wenge.


The tone of the dark chocolate will give the space depth and special charm, against the background with light-colored wallpaper or without bright large patterns, so as not to introduce a discord into the mysterious atmosphere. Laminate is not subject to minor scratches and damage, practical, has a long service life.


Parquet wenge with the high cost of African wood will serve for many years, preserving the primordial color and unique structure.


Laminate and parquet of this color makes dust more noticeable, but regular maintenance will hide a small defect.


How to choose a door?

Living room in wenge color needs a stylish door from the same wood. The dark coloring gives the luxury and solidity of the front door.

living room-in-style-modern-01

Interior doors of dark colors can be fashioned with stained glass and frosted glass. This will bring originality to the interior of the room. The living room in one color scheme with a door and furniture looks finished design. Excellent quality, durability of wenge and unique beauty pays off.


What furniture to choose?

The wenge tree has two opposite qualities: furniture items acquire sophistication and luxury, but also laconic forms, even some asceticism. The combination of strict contrasts creates the charm of Wenge furniture in the living room. Other materials are absolutely different from African wood with its texture and a rare color.


Very impressive looks wenge wall. Designers also advise the combination of wenge wood with oak "milk". Beautiful inserts of light colors in monolithic furniture emphasize the contrast.

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A lucky and stylish combination is a furniture set of Wenge color, and a door made of "milky" oak. The game of these shades is most successful.


The color of the wenge in the interior of the living room is the harmony of contrasts. Furniture in dark colors should be with wallpaper of light colors. The floors of chocolate color should be covered with white-beige and gray carpets.


Furniture wenge will look better if you decorate the walls with imitation of shale stone. It will give exotics and a sense of wild jungle in the interior.



Chandelier wenge - an excellent addition to a single design solution. Luminaries need a laconic and even austere look. A classic of the 1960s, a dark-colored tree with frosted glass, will do.


There are interesting lamps of this direction with a flat surface, where the lamps can change position. Now a lot of sizes and unusual shapes, with which you can highlight different areas of the room from the console.

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A lucky option will be a floor lamp wenge with a clear geometry, it again comes into fashion. The soft light of the floor lamp will create a comfortable atmosphere and home comfort.


The interior of the living rooms in wenge color is rapidly gaining popularity. Knowing the nuances of style, how to competently combine the different shades in decorating the room and choosing furniture, you can create a unique exotic style of the house.


Photo design of the living room wenge






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