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Interior of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

It's hard to believe how spaciously you feel in this tiny one-room studio apartment. Probably, this feeling arises from high ceilings and huge windows all the way to the south. This room simultaneously serves as a living room and a bedroom.

Thick walls create deep niches for window openings and enough space for the window sill. They are faced with black marble, and their width allows them to be used as shelves, or on occasion as a desk. Batteries create coziness and occupy the entire space under the windows.

Interior of a small apartment in white color

In the passage there is a small storage room, and in the mirror in the silver frame the wallpaper with a pattern from stylized birch trunks is reflected.

Interior of a small hallway in white color

Wide windows pass light well, and light colors in the interior further strengthen it. Wooden floors are painted with white paint. The walls are covered with ivory plaster.

Correctly selected furniture complements the situation. A long, modern sofa on low legs of chrome is lined with gray corduroy and a white tweed. A minimalistic bed is located between the sofa and the shelving. However, and a wider bed or even a bed with two tiers would also perfectly fit in the interior.

Sleeper in the living room Home cinema in a small apartment

Kitchen because of its small area wins in usability, everything is at hand. The stainless steel worktop is framed with a thin stripe of wood. The interior is animated by several drawers, closed lockers and open shelves made of etched and dyed wood.

A folding dining table is able to provide space for four people, a cooking space and even a place to store food or household items.

The walls, lined with shiny tiles, and the floors, covered with small squares of marble, give the small bathroom an impressive look. Also, you should pay attention to the dressing table with an ivory ivory top and a concrete sink.

Interior of a small kitchen in white color Dining area in a small kitchen Arch between the kitchen and the living room in a small apartment Interior of a small kitchen with an arch The layout of a small apartment