Sliding glass shower doors: 35 photos in the bathroom

Shower cabins in our time - a thing quite popular and in great demand, and sliding glass shower doors can be found in many modern living rooms. And this is completely justified. Mankind has appreciated the convenience of using shower cabins, and every year new solutions are developed in the world of sanitary engineering in order to make them as functional and comfortable as possible. For those who decided to install sliding glass doors in the shower, let's see what they are like, what are their positive sides and disadvantages.

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Sliding glass shower doors: main features

First of all, I would like to say about the advantages of the shower cabin itself. Its compact dimensions often help the owners of small apartments, where a small space is allocated for a bathroom and in order to save space, they often resort to installing such structures instead of standard baths.

Nowadays, shower cabins are equipped with modern plumbing, allowing, in addition to the usual procedures, to enjoy even more options. For example, hydromassage or in a hot day take a "tropical shower", using the necessary nozzle. Here you can buy in the swift streams of the waterfall and "get under the rain."

To ensure that such pleasant water procedures were not overshadowed by the subsequent cleaning of the bathroom due to spilled water, the cabins are equipped with special doors that are made of different materials.

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Advantages of sliding glass shower doors

What is the advantage of sliding glass constructions? The answer to this question will be their main characteristics, namely:

  • sliding glass doors in the shower can be installed indoors with any area, since they practically do not occupy space, which is very convenient for small bathrooms, unlike swinging or pendulum constructions;
  • glass is not susceptible to the harmful effects of moisture and temperature changes, is not deformed, is not subject to clouding and retains its aesthetic properties throughout the life of the device, hence it is practical to use;
  • glass does not require the mandatory use of special detergents - it is enough just to wipe it in time;
  • The features of manufacturing glass doors ensure their safety for the person. Glass for doors in shower cabins is specially processed and is very durable;
  • glass doors sliding glass visually expand the space, since the transparency does not make it heavier;
  • This system, with proper care, has a long service life;
  • aesthetic properties of glass, of course, are undeniable - they allow to fit such a design absolutely into any interior, regardless of the style chosen. They are especially suitable for modern high-tech, modern, minimalist, etc. With the use of various finishing materials, as well as engraving or sandblasting techniques, glass doors can easily be decorated.

In the article's photo collection, you can see how beautiful the glass systems look in the interiors of the bathrooms, decorated in modern styles.

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Disadvantages of sliding glass shower doors

In addition to the positive characteristics, sliding glass shower doors also have some drawbacks. They need a very careful attitude. Using doors, open and close them is a smooth movement, so as not to loosen the mechanism and extend the life. Since dirt between the profile and the glass will sometimes accumulate, which can lead to the formation of mold, cleaning in these areas should be done more carefully. This, perhaps, and all the shortcomings that are not so serious as to cover up numerous virtues.

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Glass doors in the shower sliding in the interior

Glass doors in shower sliding in eco style

Sliding glass shower doors to order, photo

What do the sliding glass doors do in the shower?

The basis for any glass structures is a glass, due to its increased strength, but it has its own versions, depending on which the glass shower doors are divided into the following types:

Doors made of organic glass

The construction of this kind is inherent, perhaps, the most affordable price, although the plexiglass itself does not have a high strength, which is a significant drawback of this type of material for sliding doors in the shower.

Glass doors for shower from a triplex

The glass doors of the triplex are manufactured according to a special advanced technique. As a result, so strong glasses are obtained that they are used in armored structures and in the design of facades. Glass doors in the shower sliding, made of a triplex, will cost a lot more, but safety should be in the first place, especially if the house has children;

Shower doors from tempered glass

Doors for the shower cabin, made of tempered glass, whose name speaks for itself, is made by alternately processing very high and low temperatures. Consequently, it has high strength characteristics.

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Depending on the number of panels, of which the sliding glass doors consist in the shower, they can be two-, three- and four-section. Their number directly depends on the width of the cabin itself. Two-section doors are used, in most cases, for installation in a niche.

According to the design features, shower sliding doors can be frame and frameless. The first option determines the presence of profiles that are mounted around the perimeter, and the second (frameless) - provides for fixing the panels to the floor and walls.

Depending on the shape of the shower cubicle, the sliding doors can be linear or rounded. Semicircular doors for a shower cubicle are recognized as the most ergonomic form by which you can achieve maximum space saving.

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Doors for shower, sliding, semicircular

Doors for shower glass sliding: what to look for when choosing

When choosing doors for the shower, you must pay attention to some of the nuances. The shower cubicle is used regularly, and therefore it is important that the fittings are of high quality without the slightest flaws. If a film finish is provided, you need to make sure that it is adhered to the surface tightly, and there are no air bubbles, blisters and cracks on it, which, subsequently, can lead to complete deformation of the coating.

In models where the glass shower doors are painted or matted - the application of the coating must be absolutely uniform throughout the plane. This is only the first step - then proceed to inspect the structure. The first thing that deserves attention is the density of adherence of the glass sheet to the frame and the closing of the leaflets. If there remain at least the slightest gaps, moisture will penetrate beyond the shower enclosure and about no tightness, in that case, there can be no question.

The best option is to purchase a shower enclosure in a complete set and assembling it by professionals. If the decision is made to do everything yourself, then it is worth rechecking more carefully.

Sliding glass shower doors to order in a modern style

Shower doors with your own hands

Shower doors with your own hands в интрьере

Stylish glass doors for shower cabins

Glass door for shower: care rules

As mentioned earlier, sliding glass shower doors do not require complex maintenance, but some cleaning steps are still necessary. The water that falls on them during water procedures can contribute to the appearance of streaks and the formation, over time, of calcareous deposits. In order to avoid this, just wipe the door dry after water treatment. Experts advise to purchase one of the modern compositions for the care of glass surfaces (now there is quite a large variety of them on the market), having processed the door once, it will be possible for several months to forget about the apparent errors of use, such as tarnish.

Sliding shower doors - option 1

sliding doors - option 2

Sliding glass shower doors in the bathroom interior

Glass is the material that is used to design the bathroom in any style direction. Even being just transparent, it can give the atmosphere a peculiar beauty and elegance. However, if there is a desire to decorate the interior as much as possible or to hide the interior space of the shower enclosure from prying eyes, it is possible to make sliding glass shower doors to order.

Now there are quite a few technologies that allow to apply various images to glass surfaces, such as: photo printing, using special colors; engraving or imitation with aerosol paints; deposition of a polymer film, by means of which it is possible to obtain both a matt layer and an original pattern; sandblasting. Any of these techniques is capable of making glass doors in the shower sliding the most original and modern. With various examples of such designs can be found in the selection of photos.

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To summarize, we can say that sliding glass shower doors are an excellent option for decorating a bathroom that will help it become the most comfortable, presentable, original and stylish, which, undoubtedly, will please its owners.