Design curtains for the kitchen - 80 modern options

White kitchen interior with gray curtains

Curtains in the interior of modern cuisine play a significant role. They do not so much protect the owners of the house from extraneous views, how many are an integral element of the decor. At the same time, properly selected curtains can visually change the space, increase the apparent volume. Therefore, the beauty of curtains is considered only one of many factors when choosing a decorative product. About how you can interestingly design the interior of the kitchen, in detail we will tell further.

Light curtains in the kitchen

The aesthetic qualities of the chosen model correspond to the general style of the interior. Thanks to the right selection, such an item will decorate the kitchen area with an accent decor. Among the principles of choice, which are based on, the following are distinguished:

  1. In the color of furniture;
  2. In the color of the walls;
  3. Accent option.

Curtains of different colors in the interior of the kitchen

Attention! When using contrast, it is desirable to take care of the color companions for curtains. For example, a decorative accessory in the tone of the product.

Determining with the model of curtains, give preference to natural materials. In demand are silk, linen, cotton and modern fabrics made of polyester. Cotton and jute can also be used in combination with polyester.

Beautiful kitchen interior Rolling шторы на кухне  Kitchen with modern design  Beautiful curtain in the kitchen  Curtains and tulle in the interior of the kitchen  Curtain with flowers on the kitchen window


There are a lot of curtains. Thanks to a good choice in the market, the owners of apartments have the opportunity to write this or that model in the overall design of the kitchen. Among the popular ones are the following:

Straight curtains and tulle

The usual design of curtains for the kitchen implies the use of classic straight curtains. Sometimes they are complemented by tulle, which is also attached to the window curtain. The advantages of using direct curtains often include the versatility of the decor. The folds form an authentic coziness in the interior of the house, which is also highlighted by a special ribbon. This distinguishes classical products from ultra-modern panel or blinds. Dozens of fabrics to choose from allow you to adjust the decor at the discretion of the owners.

The drawbacks include the severity of matter, as well as the burden of care for curtains. The fabric quickly becomes dirty, the fastener is not friendly with the eaves.

Tulle in the interior of the kitchen

Council. Long curtains are only used in large rooms with a balcony door, and short ones in small rooms. Also, do not hang products near the stove. This can lead to a fire.

Direct curtains in the kitchen Kitchen with modern design  Beautiful furniture in the kitchen  Table-island in the interior of the kitchen  Transparent chairs and table in the kitchen  Room with kitchen and dining areas


A draped combination of synthetic materials is called a French curtain. The application is appropriate only in large rooms. Luxury products fill the Baroque style with a festive chic. The elegance inherent in draped fabric is due to the elasticity and volatility of matter. The ceremonial view is compensated by refined waves on the surface of the curtains. They harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen-dining room.

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Beautiful kitchen interior Hacker in the kitchen  French шторы в интерьере кухни  Beautiful curtains on the kitchen window  Kitchen interior with beautiful furniture  A dark table and light furniture in the kitchen


The name of these products reveals the principle of action. The cloth is attached to a special guide, which twists it into a roll. Among the advantages of this model, curtains mark the variety of fastening (on the sashes, above the opening), as well as the masking of the roll in the cassette. The fixation of the expanded fabric guarantees no effect of shimmering curtains. This is convenient when windows are often opened at an angle. Budget products are easy to fit into a modern interior. Actually, they will look in a small kitchen space, made in Scandinavian style. Often there is a combination with the classic version of curtains.

Attention! They are adjusted independently, when windows are characterized by non-standard sizes.

Rolling шторы на кухне

Minimalist design is accompanied by a bonus in the form of ease of cleaning. However, dark fabrics should not be chosen. Too obvious in the end will be stains. Therefore, it is important to purchase material that is prudently impregnated with special compounds.

But there are drawbacks in rolls. Models fixed on the doors prevent the window from being fully opened. Aesthetics of artificial material is far from satisfied with all. And washing is possible only manual. These disadvantages, coupled with a laconic design, have led to a relationship to roll curtains, both to office.

Bright kitchen design Suspended chandeliers in the kitchen  Kitchen with modern design  Dark curtains in the bright interior of the kitchen  Dark curtains and light kitchen furniture  Bright curtains in the kitchen


These canvases rise to the top, like the previous version of the curtains. The lifting mechanism helps to form an even harmony of folds, recalling the principle of the action of the blinds. The product can be fastened both to the window leaf and to the opening. If the window is too wide, it is recommended to use several canvases. However, they are often used for narrow windows. Among the advantages are minimalist design, ease of care, as well as the ability to combine with the classics. Laconic curtains look harmonious in all interiors.

Among the shortcomings are a lifting mechanism that is capable of breaking. The washing is complicated by the guides, which each time have to be removed. Sometimes canvases prevent open the windows open.

Roman шторы на кухне Interesting decor in the interior of the kitchen  Suspended chandelier above the table  White furniture and colored curtains in the kitchen  Lockers on the wall by the window  Built-in kitchen sink


All ingenious is simple. To create an Austrian model of curtains, it was enough to take the best from the Roman and French varieties. A characteristic feature of these products is universality. Thanks to a decorative lace, the straightened canvasses are assembled into amazing folds. Beautiful effect is possible at any height. To produce a long cut of fabric, natural materials are usually used. However, in recent years there has been a boom in synthetic. In many respects this is due to the fact that the owners wanted to enter their choice in the existing conditions. The most suitable style for the Austrian curtains is considered to be the decoration under the country. This creates a homely home without too much gloss.

Austrian занавески в интерьере кухни Beautiful furniture in the kitchen  A colored curtain on the kitchen window  Beautiful kitchen interior  Calm kitchen design  Striped curtains in the interior of the kitchen


Nitian curtains attract users with their unusualness. They are made both from fabric and from beads. Lightweight products are usually used in interiors that preach the style of "ethnics", as well as "art deco." The variety and exclusivity of the appearance of the models allows you to perfectly fit the curtains into any designer kitchen.

The shortcomings of the muslin are attributed to its fragility, as well as the danger to a young child. The latter can easily tear easily tearing curtains, and then swallow a small beads. The same can be said about animals. If there is a dog in the house from the muslin, it is better to refuse immediately.

Hissa в интерьере кухни Beautiful kitchen design  Multicolored curtains on the window in the kitchen  Curtains on the kitchen window  Lamp on kitchen wall  Red curtains and furniture in the kitchen


Latexes made of textiles or other materials have long acquired a loyal audience. Many people are attracted by the possibility of using natural bamboo or another tree. Others prefer metallic or modern plastic designs. However, the essence of this does not change. The mechanism still rotates around the axis, adjusting the rays of ultraviolet rays to the kitchen.

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From fashionable bamboo usually produce horizontal models. Vertical means the use of synthetic matter. This allows them to impregnate them with a special composition from dirt and grease. Easy care and adjustment of daylight compensates for a laconic, office appearance of products.

Red blinds and white furniture in the kitchen Suspended chandeliers above the table-island in the kitchen  Kitchen with a beautiful interior made of wood  Kitchen in the style of minimalism  Suspended chandeliers in the kitchen  Wood in the interior of the kitchen

Japanese Panels

For the operation of these chic curtains, the minimalist style of ultramodern high-tech is most suitable. Sliding panels from long narrow strips of matter act on the principle of the sliding doors of the closet. Special guides allow you to close the window tight enough with minimal material consumption. The variety of choices on the market is complemented by the opportunity to order any ornament.

Japanese Panels в интерьере кухни

The advantages of Japanese panels include the possibility of using in small kitchens with large windows. This is also true for rooms where there is a balcony door. Also, the disconnection by means of panels of kitchen space on separate segments has found popularity. For example, kitchen-living room. Simplicity of curtain management is in the remote method. In many ways, this is why they are rarely used in classical interiors. The length of the eastern products allows you to visually raise the ceiling in a small room, and the absence of characteristic folds for curtains - only emphasizes the minimalist modern design.

Beautiful interior design

Care is extremely easy. This is due to the presence of antistatic impregnation. You can do only with a damp cloth.

Kitchen with modern design

Choose style

When you design a modern design, every detail is taken into account, not to mention the color and material. The choice of curtains should be based not only on the aesthetic properties of the product, but also on the practical qualities of the material. Often, designers find a compromise between these aspects, as the curtains need to be added to the decor of the interior. It's quite difficult to do everything in a single style. Therefore, the skilful interlacing of style trends has long been a trend. The most popular solutions that owners use when decorating a kitchen are the following:

  • Classic style curtains;
  • East style;
  • Provence;
  • Country;
  • Minimalism.

Kitchen with modern interior

Let's consider each of them separately:

The classical style is distinguished by the harmony of its color solution. Noble lines of products poured pastel shades of brown, olive and cream tones. Sometimes even black is used, when it is necessary to emphasize the colorful texture of a furniture set made of wood or natural parquet. The decor of such curtains in the kitchen implies the use of lambrequins.

  • Eastern style seems more refined than the aristocratic gloss of the previous version. This is due to the brightness of the paints of luxury materials. In the course of such fabrics as silk, satin, organza, etc. Riot of color is complemented by exquisite ornamental patterns, designed to cast mirages about the plots of life in the east. A variety of accessories attracts many designers the opportunity to experiment. They can use in decor tassels and beads, massive drapes and a weightless veil, fringe and tulle, lurex and rhinestones.

Kitchen in oriental style

  • Provence is a symbol of the sunny south of France. Heat, which is able to give the owners an amazing decor, is not comparable to anything. To embody the style within your own kitchen, you need to purchase a fabric made from materials of natural origin. It is important to use exclusively light pastel colors. Preferably cream shades. Only a small presence of a symmetrical ornament is allowed. Combining monophonic fabrics is also possible with floral motifs. A simple form of curtains can be supplemented with festoons and folds, associated with the rural comfort. Bows are also welcome.
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Kitchen interior in Provence style

  • Country is also considered a village decoration, which came to us from America. It implies the use in the kitchen of many decorative elements of textiles: various capes, colorful napkins and, in fact, curtains. The color scale can be quite bright. However, the main emphasis on it should be an interesting design. This can be any story from the village life: from the image of flowers - to the life of domestic animals. The curtains never fall to the floor, stopping at the level of the windowsill. Only occasionally the tulle can reach the floor covering. However, in the kitchen this is not welcome. Light and transparent matter can quickly lose its light color when neglected care.

Kitchen in country style

  • Minimalism denies the use of extra accessories, weighting the interior of the kitchen. Window decoration does without decoration in the form of heavy curtains or lambrequins. The use of materials of both natural and synthetic origin is allowed. The color scheme is carried out in monochromatic or achromatic coloring. The combination of white with other colors is possible only in combination with the rest of the kitchen decor. Suitable for this style of products are Roman and roller blinds. Japanese panels without bright prints are also used.

Kitchen interior in minimalism style

In the kitchen-living room

In the presence of a large space, due to the lack of a partition between the kitchen and the living room area, the owner is given the opportunity to show his imagination. The only wish of professional designers is attentive to the structure of the window. If a large double-glazed window is not divided by a partition, then it is permissible to use the same invoices of classic curtains in combination with tulle. If the barrier is available, then the use of different materials is recommended. The contrast is created not only by the texture of the fabric, but also by the color palette within the measure.

Curtains for the color of the kitchen-living room interior Interesting design of kitchen-living room  Suspended chandeliers above the counter  Kitchen-living room with bar counter  Beautiful ceiling with lighting in the interior  Beautiful interior with brick walls

Curtains on the balcony door

The asymmetry of a balcony door with a kitchen window often makes it difficult to choose products. In addition, the opening of the interior is affected by long curtains. Therefore, designers recommend using short curtains or picking them up with special ribbons. Such a curtain design allows you not to cling to the door when you open the balcony door. Under the condition of unleashed pick-up, such a curtain guarantees privacy of life. Because it tightly closes the window opening.

Kitchen interior with curtains on the balcony door Red furniture in the kitchen  Beautiful kitchen interior  TV on the wall  Ceiling with original lighting  Furniture of a steel color in an interior

Windows in the bay window

Most often they are found in the living room. The design of such windows protrudes beyond the walls. This fills the space with volume. To preserve the spaciousness of the panoramic view, a competent choice of curtains. Harmonious combination with the interior looks stylish and aristocratic. However, there are drawbacks to the bay windows in the kitchen:

  • The need for time-consuming cleaning;
  • Acquisition of additional accessories for decoration;
  • Difficulties in choosing the cornice.

Kitchen design with bay window

However, this is not a problem for designers. They use profile cornices with an easily curved profile. Decor is made with the help of short or rolled curtains. This provides ample space for cooking. However, the fabric is also used for decoration. If in the living room there are products made of velvet or silk, then in the kitchen cotton fabrics with synthetic impurities will be appropriate.

Attention! If the windows with a bay window face south, it is recommended to buy blinds or dense matter.

Wall Mural on the Kitchen Wall Dark wood furniture in the kitchen  Kitchen with modern design  Shelves in the kitchen wall  Built-in ceiling lights in the bay window  Beautiful design of the kitchen with a bay window


Arrangement of the kitchen area rarely does without decoration with stylish curtains. At the same time, the design of curtains varies, depending on the prevailing decor in the interior. Hosts have the right to choose any material that meets practical goals and own aesthetic preferences.