Creating a design of a tiny apartment with the right

Design of a tiny apartment in black and white

Design of a tiny apartment in Hong Kong

Space is very much appreciated in the modern world, and in this article you will learn how clever the design of a tiny apartment can visually increase space, while not cluttering the area of ​​the room.

In order to create a single space, many of the original rooms were demolished, leaving only the bearing walls. By minimizing space, designers have created the appearance of a more open living space with separate areas for reading, relaxing, dining and bathing.

The living room is next to the kitchen and dining room on one side of the apartment and with a bed and a closet on the other. Opening the cabinet, you can see a compact kitchen and bathroom. Large windows perfectly illuminate the living room and bedroom. The bed is partially separated from the rest of the space by a sliding black panel.

Living room and dining area in a tiny apartment

The dining room is next to the living room

Design of a living room in a tiny apartment

Large windows and furniture in a minimalist style

The space on the roof was transformed into a terrace with a small garden, a grill and a spacious seating area. Tropical plants - palms and bamboo - and muted lighting create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

Rest area on the terrace

Terrace with small garden and sitting area

Tile in the bathroom

Unusual tile design

Bathroom design in minimalism style

Minimalist bathroom interior

Tiles in the shower room

Shower cabin in black and white

Original mosaic in the design of the bathroom

Inspired by a computer game bathroom interior

Layout of the apartment before renovation

The initial layout of the apartment

 Layout of the apartment after renovation

Apartment plan after renovation